Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Renovating my green space

Greens have always been my weakness. Every time I visit a  friend or a relative, i unfailingly carry back seeds or plants.  Till a few week's back, all my plants were arranged on the floor and inspite of having a terrace balcony the space looked almost full.

Now, we have a customised metal rack made in two levels and that houses all the plants, thus freeing the floor space. Since, they are neatly arranged in a line, it also gives the plant a kind of volume.
You will notice that the little accessories amidst the plants appeal more than ever now

Also, it is easy to maintain the floor and they are devoid of mud or water stains.A little change goes a long way...

Have a look at the pics...

An L-shaped rack fulfills my requirement. It holds pots of various sizes and some much needed accessories in between.

Take a closer look...

A ketli converted into a planter and a shell holding cactus

Grasshopper adding some colour

Another ceramic jar converted into a planter...

Painted stones adding some more cheer!

This pot holds a dried stem picked during walks...

Another stone with painted prayers on it

Do you notice the bells in this pic Both are cowbells, one a replica from the famous Bollywood movie DDLJ, another one from a small village near Dandeli. I remember me and my cousin sighting a cow grazing in the field with such  a bell tied to its neck and how we didn't leave the town without getting some from the local market there!

Now, I wish I would have got some more so that the whole length could have been covered with these cute bells.
Yet another...
Some animal figurines...

I love the cascading effect of this plant. A friend moved to the US of A and I was the lucky one to own this!
A wall covered with knick-knacks

We come to the end of the balcony tour.The vertical arrangement has really helped me in organizing all the plants neatly.
 Would soon come up some more interesting posts. Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tackle the exposed nails on the walls in style !

Am sure, every decor lover has this constant tussle with their partner over drilling nails on the wall! And to top it, as we change the decor scheme, the nails pose a concern due to allignment issues of the new frames or hanging on the walls.

This happens with me quite often and a particular frame hanged on to the wall doesn't expose the nail head but then as I change the frame which I keep doing quite so often, the nail head is exposed..And yes, it looks baddd....

I have now found a simple solution to this...Have a look...

The exposed nail head...


Cleverly concealed using a butterfly magnet...you can opt for the magnet that best suits the hanging!

Again, the same ugly nail showing it's head!

A butterfly glittery sticker does the job here...
And it can be removed easily, without leaving another ugly mark...Now, I know you have seen those marks on the wall as well...My darling kids had pasted something on the wall and when it came off, the plaster came along too!
This is how I have tackled them!

Sometimes there is already a nail on the wall and then you decide that you are going to swap the frames on the wall, what happens is this...

Here again, do you notice that small butterfly between the frames, yes! That conceals another nail head!

These are small but nonetheless botherations that come along which we can easily tackle.
Hope this brief post did make some sense!
Stay happy and blessed!

Friday, July 13, 2018

That cosy,dreamy home!

 I have always been very selective about the homes that we feature here on sajavat. Spaces that convey the personality of the home owner are my kind of spaces! The home that I bring for you today, drew my instant attention.
Asha's home has a strong Indian element to it but somewhere I could see that she has a very global approach when it comes to designing her space. Asha currently resides in the silicon vallley of India.
Being an avid traveler, nature lover and a decor enthusiast her design style is earthy and nature inspired with a love for unique, hancrafted artifacts and textiles.She believes good design be truly global where art and craft from all over the world blend seamlessly. 

Let us invite ourselves to her abode and you will appreciate how she has kept it simple, a no-fuss decor simultaneously creating a zen like atmosphere for her loving folks.The home boasts of a traditional Kerala style architecture

Her living area  has a very beautiful earthy feel to it with sofas made of banana fibre. The wall decor has a striking mural with the wooden spoon holder on either sides.  A tribal art (mask) adorns another wall. If you are a keen observer you would have noticed a Buddha head, Madhubani basket , a bowl with some green arrangement placed on the shelf in the corner.

Another beauty that caught my eye is the wooden palankuzhi, a traditional game placed on the centre table.Asha says it has found an alternative use and she decks it up as a tea light holder too!

Her furniture are a mix of earthy, rustic wood and natural materials like cane and bamboo.

Her textiles are a collection from their various travels across Indonesia, Thailand, different places in India and good old Ikea. As you can make out Asha loves dhurries and tries to use them wherever possible. These kilim cushions she tell me, are from AmazonIndia

This home is very well laid out and Asha and her family have the luxury of  a central courtyard and a lovely garden and beautiful verandahs with red oxide flooring. She feels blessed to have found this place that has embraced their furniture and her design sensibilities.

Now, isn't that a wonderful piece? I had seen this boat shaped furniture piece used as a  seater in a hotel in Tanjore recently. Here Asha has used it as a bar cabinet.

A very Indian baithak . The coffee table that you see is an old door that has been re purposed.This whole setting gives a very zen like feel. As is evident by now Asha loves pottery and collects them in all shapes and forms.


I remember drooling over the next image when I first saw this in Pinterest. These cushions are from Chiang mail in Thailand.

 The next few images are from her verandah and outdoor spaces.They are sure to cast a spell on you. The thatched roof, red oxide flooring, greens and other knick knacks in the form of pottery, masks,wall art and the plantation chair, (how can I ever miss mentioning that! )are all tell tale signs of the classy decor that Asha enjoys in her home!

I wouldn't mind sitting here all day, doing nothing but day dreaming! I know, you all want to join me too!

Again, the Buddha here is a very special one, made of stone and  bought from Singapore which travels with them whenever they move houses.

I love her bedrooms with fabrics taking the centre stage.If you are lucky enough to own a four poster bed, you need not accessorize your bedroom with anything else! Who else agrees with me ?

With this, we come to the end of this post.Craving for more?
I have been going over the images again and again with endless rounds of tea and coffee, that's the kind of magic, Asha's home had on me!

You enjoy the tour and see you all real soon with  more such endearing posts.
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