Monday, May 30, 2016

Kokedama- Japanese art of planting

Kokedamas is a Japanese method of growing plants without pots.These are hanging in nature and
very easy to make.I just saw a you-tube tutorial and thought will share the info with you.

There are so many variations which you can implement once you know the actual technique.
Join me with your favourite brew or a glass of aam -panna for that cool and refreshing feel and come let's get started.

Select a plant of your choice.I feel it is better to start with a succulent since they are relatively maintenance free. Also use coco peat as the soil medium.Make a ball, the size you would prefer to hang.Place the succulent firmly inside it. and wrap it with a moss sheet.That's it. Now to hang it and make it attractive ,tie the moss ball in strings.The strings can be colourful .Make 5 or 6 of such moss balls and hang it to form a string garden or each one suspended freely.

Hanging moss plants by Mister Moss. These. Are. Awesome. According to Apartment Therapy, they are DIY, too! Take a clump of soil, cover it with sphagnum moss, wrap it in colorful string, and pair it with a coordinating (or contrasting) plant. When your ball feels dry, simply dunk it in a bucket of water.    This is something that is happening.:

Watch this video to get a better understanding.

I will just leave you here with these images.You can try out your variation with plants other than succulents. Insert certain decorations along with the plant inside the moss. Make a horizontal string of Kokedamas and create your own curtain of plants.Ideas are many.You only need a little push and motivation to try out new things.Meanwhile, let me try my own kokedama...

Friday, May 27, 2016

Re used & Re cycled Furniture

As more and more awareness in environmental issues arise, we do come up with solutions to match the problems. The Three R ’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the first step towards it. Many organizations have come up with brilliant ideas to work around this. Even as an individual one can contribute to this cause and take baby steps to save mother Earth from unnecessary damage.
Today let us have a look at some Recycled furniture pieces that are in no way inferior to their new factory made counterparts.
We all need furniture that is sturdy, looks trendy yet one that does not dig a deep hole in the pocket. Apart from all the regular furniture that we need in our day to day lives, are those that we seek as décor accessories. Storage shelves, display shelves, centre tables and side tables are certain furniture pieces that we can even do without. But to induce an aesthetic appeal to our home, we do include them in the list of must haves.
Long lasting and value for money are the two prime factors that we look forward while deciding on a furniture piece. The idea to follow here is to go for a DIY. There is nothing flashy here, just simple designs that work in a variety of ways and complement a variety of styles, such that you can utilize them in different corners of your home. This concept is widely popular in western countries and is even catching up fast here in India. You need to have a basic idea of the stuff you are about to make, (may be a picture) basic carpentry skills and loads of patience apart from the raw material required for each project.
Let me take you on a DIY ride across some furniture pieces that are basic, simple and easy .By using a little skill and creativity one can have multipurpose usage of the same items.

An old door converted into a coffee table

Isn’t this a masterpiece? I loved the idea and the effort to put it together is minimal. You might have one of your own doors that you so badly wanted to give away but saved it as an afterthought or you can always buy one from the local’ kabaadi’ store who sells second hand doors & windows. So with the top of the centre table ready, you only have to fix the legs. 
Now, what you can do to source the legs is, visit the wood work shop in your area. Even if they don’t have it ready they can always make these legs for you. Isn’t this fun? And you have a sturdy table ready. Not only will it last for a lifetime, you now have the satisfaction of recycling your old door and putting it to good use.

A book shelf with casters

This can be a multi utility furniture piece. It can be used in your bedroom as a night stand or as a bookshelf too. You have the choice to keep it anywhere in your home and it will look stunning. These are just wooden planks of various length and breadth assembled together. Go ahead and make them your conversation starters and when your guests realize, it is not a branded pricey stuff; they will admire you for your ingenuity.

Coca-cola crates put to excellent use

This is a brilliant example to reuse these coca cola crates. The idea is definitely a must try. Collect four such crates. You can assemble them yourself or source a small time carpenter. Buy an appropriate sized glass top to cover these crates but do not forget to fill the crates with some of your best travel souvenirs. Attach legs and you are good to go!

For a better effect still, give a fresh coat of paint so that the crates are lifted from their raw appeal to an awesome décor piece and then probably a coat of varnish too, to protect the surface.
It is completely your call, whether you want your furniture bold and bright or like to give them a distressed look.

Do you want to see more of this fun stuff? Okay few more …Let’s look into some garden furniture.

A pallet swing

Do you get the idea here? This swing is made out of wooden pallets and is ideal for a lazy afternoon outdoors. 
According to Wikipedia, ‘A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiency. Goods or shipping containers are often placed on a pallet secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap and shipped’. This makes it cheaper and easily available too.
Just make the frame with pallets a little bigger than the mattress. These pallets come cheap too! Some clean bed spread over it. Pep it up with cushions and give yourself a good time.

A DIY Planter.jpg
Pallet as planter walls
This is relatively a very easy way to use a pallet to make a planter. Sometimes you only need a strong idea to back it up with your experiments and make unique and interesting furniture. You can even hang these pallets in your patio walls with hooks and you not only have an interesting way to place your pots but it also gives a new look to your walls.

An ideal outdoor table
Everybody may not want to spend heavily on furniture pieces that are for the outdoors. In such cases too, a DIY or an assembly of used wood planks or pallets may serve as a useful option here. This coffee table is also large enough to accommodate for food and drinks for your guests too!
Recently I came across an extremely useful Eco Friendly online store for DIY furniture enthusiast. It is Bangalore based but they cater anywhere in India. Here is the link. Just in case you would want to check it out.

Once you get started with this DIY furniture activity, there can be no stopping you. Have fun and stay tuned for the next post.

Image source: Pinterest 

**** This post was written by me for a community /online forum of designers, technical experts and creative masters engaged in the field of decor and interiors called Designerboard

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Of flowers, succulents & a bonsai...

The weather in 'namma Bengaluru' is slowly returning back to normalcy.After days of sultry weather and unbearable heat which is very much unlike Bangalore's awesome climate, it is starting to get better.

So, what can be better than spending some good time in a nursery.All green thumb enthusiast, today's post is on plants.Yesterday, I went to Lalbaug nursery and bought some companions home.

Wanted a shoe flower since long..Finally the wait is over

Adenium and Jade...
Hope I don't kill it this time!

This is an old mandir which my mother had bought from Sahranpur. With time as we moved places,it was no more in use. But my mom never had the heart to give it away. Always loved the carvings on it.Now it has come to my place and I intend to keep a Tulsi plant inside it.
 For the time being placed a bonsai, again an attempt by my mother which is turning out to be successful.

A wooden carved mandir...
The peepal tree Bonsai...

So, this is how my terrace looks at the moment. Did you check out my last post on Facebook? A post on Moroccan decor. Do you like what you see and read here? Let me know.
Will you see you all soon with some more interesting posts.Till then, enjoy the last leg of the summer vacation.

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