Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Living space with an Indian touch - Home tour of Gayathri

When you put your heart and soul into your home, it shows! As a new entrant into Instagram, the very first few homes that pulled me towards was, the well put together abode of Gayathri.

Gayathri's home is an amalgamation of modern comforts and the traditional treasures of yesteryear. Almost every item around the house has a story and a memory and that's what makes it beautiful !

Gayathri is an internal auditor by profession,settled in Dallas with two kids aged 5 and 2.5 and when she is not running behind them, she is immersed in decorating her house.

Gayathri's home has a traditional South Indian feel with lot of Kerala influences.You will find variety of thoughtfully assembled brass artifacts and artworks making  their mark in her home. Apart from that Gayathri is very talented and is also an avid DIYer.

As you scroll down the images, you will realize that you would want to simply sit and stare at the previous image without actually scrolling down!!!
So I urge you to read this post at leisure, enjoying every moment of it!

Let us begin by taking a look at her  enviable brass collections...Most of them were handed down to her by her parents or in-laws and that makes them all the more special.
Many of these brass/ bronze pieces are traditional lamps that are lit on special calendar days.
Elephants and elephant Gods are always the most popular!

These are traditional pieces and each has its own significance

Kodams and urulis placed on the chest below are mini versions of utensils used in earlier days
In earlier days food was cooked in huge urulis and what you see on the image above are just mini versions of it, now primarily used for decorating!

The Ganesha Tanjore painting that you can see below is actually a stool which Gayathri has brilliantly secured on to the wall.Her home truly is a collector's paradise!!!

रामाय रामभद्राय रामचन्द्राय वेधसे 
रघुनाथाय नाथाय सीतायाः पतये नमः ॥

Another noticeable element in Gayathri's decor are the walls in her home. Catch a glimpse of the various ways in which she has made them look strikingly different from the rest.
One of her walls has these masks that depicts characters from our Indian epic Ramayana. Now, isnt that simply amazing?

Where the walls speak a thousand words...

Next are these wooden Kavadi panels that she has used on the walls.'Kavadi' is a wooden arch with a wooden base and is used as a means of showing devotion to Lord Murugan or Subramanya.

The marapachi dolls( wooden dolls of a couple..some believe it to be Shiva Parvati!) are made of Rosewood and must be around 65 years old which belongs to her MIL since the time she was a little girl!

I loved the manner in which these frames of Gods and Goddess merge effortlessly with mirror and other photo frames.

Gayathri  is no less than an artist herself. She has stenciled these patterns on the wall.

Gond pattern on one of the walls

The elephant motif on the wall is so adorable!
Now that you know that she uses her creative side to its maxim,have a look at some of her other creations.

I love the fact that she has turned everyday objects phenomenally into pieces of art!

Let me show you around her home...the various bedrooms, certain cosy nooks, her kitchen, kids room and the outdoors.Each one laid out remarkably well.

There is no over-dose of colours or patterns in Gayathri's home. In fact the subtlety is striking!

Swooning over the kettle...

Simple and stunning, the bedroom filled with natural light

One of the bedrooms with folk arts in animal theme...

Colour coordinated cushions

Greens inside!

Yet another verdant corner full of distinct personality!

Gayathri says that living so far away from home makes her want to decorate every corner with a memory that reminds her  of home back in India.

I think she has succeeded in her efforts and people from the foreign land visiting her place get the true picture of what India is all about! Rich in art and cultural heritage,the Indian warmth spreads & breathes in every corner of Gayathri's home!!!

This home tour was like experiencing the perfect blend of style and elegance in one go! What about you? Let your thoughts pour in too!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beauty in simplicity !

These days I prefer to style my home with simple accessories and subtle colours. As summers are in peak in many parts and monsoon knocking at the corner, colours like greens and blues with neutral shades of cream and white is what am eyeing these days!

Apart from colours, subtlety is also another aspect. To make an impact without creating much drama is an art. What do you think?

The bold is always beautiful is passe!

 Do away with layers! Bring about some newness in design and today let me tell you about products from Tuni interiors.

Tuni interiors is all about styling your home with simplicity yet at the same time their accessories are one of a kind!

Launching their website recently, they have also opened a part of their studio for people to come by to view collections, place custom orders and take homes styling services.

In love with these colours...

The mix match of yellows,greens and blue...

Those frills from the byegone days are making a comeback!

Loved the idea of Marigold runners

Again a new approach ...Tie and knot cushions

Lending a fresh appeal!

I found these products very eye catchy. Simple ideas but creating a strong impact is what i would believe Tuni interiors is all about!

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