Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diwali Pics

Just sharing some pictures taken at home during Diwali.This time we focused more on outdoor activity than being indoors. On Diwali night, took a tour of the city. The city was of course was bursting with crackers, colours and lighting. But the rains  I guess, played spoil sport. Anyway, some images taken from my phone. ( Not great quality, I know)

The last image is of a traditional game called PALLANGUZHI. (click here for more info on this game) We played this game as well with kids during Diwali. My maama gifted it to me recently. Here I have also used it as a  decor element.

It feels as if  5 days of festivities ended too soon. Also teamed up with my daughter for some DIY candle making activity which I will share with you all soon.

Keep watching this space. Coming up next is an online site feature... Till then take good care .

Friday, October 17, 2014


There are homes we admire from a distance and then there are homes where we feel we are right at home. They have natural cohesiveness that invites us in, no matter what their particular style is.

Niharika Jilla and Pooja Shah have designed a weekend home in Pune. After the last post at sajavat about these talented architects, you must be now familiar with them.

We will now let the duo speak for themselves.

"The clients were open minded and involved at every stage of designing which gave us a free reign in exploring the space and following our sensibilities with regards to the space.

Space being a privilege in Pune the vacation home has been spread over an area of 1300sqft in Baner locality amongst green peaceful serene view and residential buildings.

The house welcomes you to a geometric contemporary designed grey grill door. The space invites you to a warm feel with random patterned tiled wall. The continuity of the tiled wall is further broken with the veneered wooden door with its brass handle sourced and made from Chorbazzar. The Casa grey marble bench with its teak wood legs invites a person to the take a seat in the space. The highlight of the space is the black Moroccan lamp sourced from Chor Bazaar which adds a different sense and feeling to the entire space creating a spectrum of patterns on the ceiling in the late evening hours.

                                                               (ENTRANCE AREA)


The main door leads to a large living room cum dining space with its open kitchen surrounded by the other rooms. The idea was to make the house look different from the other flats in the building. The most obvious difference is the ethnic orange MDF jalli partition that breaks the living area from the entrance thus giving it its privacy and also breaking the monotony of the teak brown that lingers and creates the dominant colour in the space. This ethnic partition rests on a contemporary design dual purpose unit, the shoe unit with its panelled facade on one side and the plain yet straight lined storage unit from the living area side.
On entering the space one is welcomed not only by the partition but a contemporary console accessorized with an Indian theme with a back splash of subtle wallpaper.
The living area with it’s a minimum seating and orange furnishings in combination with wood creates a very warm and a cosy space.
Experts say that light green is a subtle reminder of nature and it makes you feel healthy and happy thus making it an ideal pick for the room.
With a splash of green in the form of greenery and a cosy seating overlooking the terrace with its mountain view adds a different feel to the corner space.
The TV unit is kept simple with its shelving unit and veneered panelled look thus not making it too heavy and crowded.
The dining area being a part of the same space with its wooden look green furnishings and a modern yet contemporary splash of wallpaper adds the yellowness to the space.

                                               (LIVING, DINING & PASSAGE)


The open kitchen setup in the space was refurbished in terms of its aesthetic look. The veneer matching to the rest of the space in the house and glass cabinets with its warm lighting add the necessary break in the space.
Going deeper into the house the passage way leads to the Guest cum entertainment room, daughter’s bedroom, master bedroom and the guest bathroom.


We live in blue jeans, white button – downs and navy jackets. The look is modern yet raw and it translates from fashion to interiors successfully.

If there is any room that can reflect your taste and personality, it’s most definitely going to be the bedroom. But there is no end to what is available in the market to style the space or the room which renders all that decision making incredibly tricky.

Evoking the sea and the skies with a few perfect clouds a blue and white palette brings comfort and style that’s cool, calm and collected. Soothing white walls and blue accessories in combination with brass hangings and lights take centre stage in this particular room of the vacation home.

The daughters’ bedroom has been designed keeping in mind her liking and tastes towards modern Victorian furniture with Mediterranean colours.

White has been used in the form of distressed whites thus adding the rawness to the space.
The room consists of basic furniture needed in a vacation home which was finished in the distressed white in contrast to the soothing white of the wall and the ceiling colours. The daughter was inclined in having a four poster bed which was designed and added to the look of the room. The posters where designed with mouldings on the top thus adding more characteristics to the bed. The posters on one side where accompanied by mirchi lights sourced locally which gives the entire space a chic look.
The white distressed on the panelled wardrobe and the side tables was further broken with hand painted floral wooden handles which have been added in the form of cushion on the bed which was sourced from a restaurant in Bombay. These floral elements also added the chic look in the room.
The carved mirror placed as a standalone added the distinct look to the room which was sourced from a local carving person from the streets of Mahim.
Thus with simple accessories, magical mirrors and twinkling lights, the space will surely give you a peace of mind. The result was a bedroom that was inviting and invigorating.


The daughter’s bathroom has a very chick look. The colour palette is white and purple along with hues of purple bisazza. The ledge, niche and bisazza cubes add a different dimension to the bathroom with a free standing basin.


The guest bedroom which also acts like the entertainment room was designed by creating a number of mood boards and sketches. A very cheerful look was given to the space with its wooden day beds with a distressed tile cladding in the front thus breaking the monotony of the woody look which runs across the entire room.

The cantilevered TV unit with its MDF jalli shutters adds an unusual character to the space.
Further a splash of wallpaper on the back wall has been designed in 2 equal panels thus leaving the centre space empty which gives the clients an opportunity to add an element of personalisation.
This was done in order to create a different dimension to wallpapering rather than doing up an entire niche in a clinched type.


The guest bathroom which acts as a powder bathroom flows with the colours and look of the whole house. The yellow Jaisalmer stone used as cladding on the front wall broken with accent tiles gives the sense of warmth and grandeur with the adjacent wall as an accent wall with pretty yellow flowers etched on a black tile


The master bedroom was designed keeping in mind a very matured look to the space. With its old traditional Indian beds and wooden wardrobes with fabric sandwiched glass adds the warm earthy look to the space which the couple tend to imbibe.
The room is kept very simple, subtle and sober just the way the clients are.


The Master bathroom has been designed in a very contemporary way breaking the flow from the room to the bedroom. The accent wall and show stealer of the bathroom is the casa grey marble used, which has been complimented with white flooring and dado tiles with a hint of grey in them. Another piece that adds character to the space is the rough stone finished wash basin which adds a charm to the grey Italian marble.

The apartment has a fresh, cheerful, serine and warm vibe which is achieved with a keen understanding of space, balance of colours and design aesthetics. While it is devoid of extravagant furniture pieces or expensive art, a comfortable and inviting ambiance lingers in the house..."


To design a warm and welcoming vacation home in Pune, while keeping it fun and colourful.


Matt finished walls, stone finished tiles, pattern tiles, MDF jalli, Vitrified Tiles, Casa grey Italian marble, Jaislamer stone


Project Name: Weekend Home
Location: Pune
Area: 1300sqft
Principal Designers: Niharika Jilla and Pooja Shah
Project Duration: 4 months

Here are the Contact details of the architects, Niharika Jilla & Pooja Shah.You can contact them for any assistance in Interior designing and planning.

 E: niharika.jilla@gmail.com              m: 9833742522
 E: pooja_u_shah@yahoo.co.in          m:9920171046

It was a delight to feature the aesthetically planned and beautifully designed, weekend home by Pooja Shah and Niharika Jilla. All the very best for all your future endeavors.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Architects: Pooja Shah & Niharika Jilla

Today let us meet two young, dynamic and talented architects from Mumbai... Pooja  Shah  & Niharika Jilla.

When I received their first mail regarding publishing their work on sajavat, I was just curious to know more about them. As I started interacting with them, I realized these young girls have huge potential. They are freelancers and call themselves amateur designers. But according to me their work speaks volume of their capabilities.

Let me introduce them, to all of you.

Pooja and Niharika have graduated from Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design. They share a common passion for design and detailing.
Their practice is dedicated to meet the requirements and the needs of the clients.  They Strive to achieve the best possible solutions that result in functionally, aesthetically and economically build the space which in turn is tailored to fulfill the needs and requirements of the clients.

Their expertise lies in Space Planning, Interior Designing and Furniture designing and Styling. The services comprises of Residential Design, Commercial Design and Retail Design.

 Together, they manage all aspects of the projects that are from designing level, selection of various materials, and attention to various details so as to achieve the final product.

Thinking out of the box and retaining a contemporary and traditional outlook is what they have always believed in...  With experience in space planning and passion for creativity they take pride in designing and planning spaces that are ergonomic and reflect the taste of the client more than the designers.

Pooja and Niharika try to build upon client's brand value, offering a space that will connect to the people thus creating dream spaces for work, life and play. Their ultimate aim is to transform every space into a stimulating environment. Also their common passion for design and detailing leaves an everlasting impression on the clients.

Let us hear more about them


Niharika Jilla born and educated in the heart of South Mumbai has received her Diploma in Interior Designing from Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design in the year 2011.

 After completing the course she worked with a well-known Architect on a wide variety of projects in Mumbai and Pune.
Her expertise lies in understanding the needs and requirements of the clients and thereafter fabricating the space to meet those specifications at the same time taking into considerations the surroundings to create a perfect fit.


Pooja Shah, born and educated in the heart of South Mumbai, has received her Diploma of Interior Designing from Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design.

Post the completion she worked with a well-known architect on a number of residential, commercial and retail projects including duplex houses in Lonavala and Pune.
Her understanding of the nature of the practice helps her to manage all aspects of the projects right from designing, attention to details within the time limits so as to achieve the final space.


Client Name: The Mehtas at Tardeo , Mumbai                           Residential Design         Completed

Client Name: The Shahs at Opera House, Mumbai                    Residential Design         Completed

Client Name: SKP office at Bangalore                                       Commercial Design        Completed

Client Name: Mr. and Mrs. Jilla at Baner, Pune                           Residential Design         Completed

Client Name: Mrs Neelu Merchant at Walkeshwar, Mumbai       Residential Design         on Going

Client Name: Mr Gidwani at Worli, Mumbai                                 Residential Design      on Going

So young an age, a promising career and great team work. I know they are going to make it big. Next post will be on a weekend home that they have designed in Pune. So stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


INTRODUCTION : Pepperfry is India's leading furniture and home products e-commerce market place. This online company was started by Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah (both ex-eBay employee) in  January 2012 .

It is one of those few e-commerce in India that ships products overseas and customers from 12 countries have bought their home products from Pepperfry. Based in Mumbai, Pepperfry now has warehouses in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkatta and Jodhpur.

One interesting piece of information is that the first product,  the company sold was a vintage clock for Rs 609/-

RECOGNITION:  Pepperfry was the recipient of the '2012 Red Herring Asia Top 100' award which honours the most promising private technology ventures from Asia.
They also won the 'Pure-Play eRetailer of the Year' at the Indian eRetail Congress 2014 that recognizes outstanding performance and innovation in retail.

I was asked to review pepperfry and I assure you, it is going to be an honest one.
So this is my experience of buying a product from them.

Page Layout:  The Pepperfry site is neat and well laid out. Even for people who are new to online shopping can easily navigate through their page and order the product of  their choice.

The Products are grouped into Furniture, Home Decor, Furnishing & Lamps, Bed and Bath, Kitchen ,Appliances,HouseKeeping, Pets & Gardening. The variety of products available under each category is also amazing.

Before purchasing the product ,you are asked to complete the registration process which is quite simple. It has its own benefits. Once you fill in the details, you automatically become their preferred customer so that the next time you do not have to go through the hassle of providing your contact details again.

Also at any given point of time they have various discounts and promotions available on their site  which you can make use of. Another attractive feature is that of Free Shipping and the cost of the product is also inclusive of taxes.

 Selection: So, there I was browsing through various products. After going through the entire range of products I zeroed down on 2-3 items. Also I would like to mention that it doesn't take much time for the page to get loaded unlike many other sites.

you can also sort the items by price or shipping time which is an added feature to make your buying process easy and time saving.

while I was on this task of selecting I really felt that they have a vast collection of items, also good enough for gifting. So folks, remember, the next time you want to gift your dear ones, do peep at Pepperfry.

 Jharoka, a vintage clock and a leathered lamp  had caught my attention.
Finally I settled on the Jharokha.

 Then comes the part where you need to inspect the product once again before making the final order.
Complete product description is available for the product. Dimension of the item, brand, material used, its image, (which can be zoomed to get the minute details) simplifies the decision making process.

Also another striking feature is that the  opinion of an Home Decor Expert is available. You can seek online help at any stage of purchase if you face any doubt.

After zeroing on the product you would have to click on the Buy now tab.

Payment options: Payment options are multiple. Pepperfry.com  accepts Indian credit cards & Debit cards, International credit and debit cards, net banking,  Paypal and cash on delivery. All the online payments are secured through payment gateways which are highly dependable and secure.

Here I must also mention that products above a certain value also can be purchased through easy EMI options.
After making the purchase I got  confirmation through mail and sms too. Now I was eagerly waiting for the item to arrive. I placed the order on 15th September.

Shipping & Delivery: Delivery of the product under normal circumstances is done within 10 days of placing the order.

Once you place the order,you can also track your shipment. In case, due to some reason you want to cancel your order the same can be done. They have a return policy too, though its always advisable to check your product before you actually place the order.

Packaging: The jharokha arrived on 22nd Sept. 2 days earlier than their specified date and I was  truly happy. It  had four levels of packaging material.Very well bubble wrapped so that there is no damage whatsoever.

Here is a first look at the Jharoka, I ordered.

Some more pics ...

I intend to hang it against this highlighted wall. Feel it will get the required focus on that wall.

So this was what I call hassle free shopping at the click of a mouse. I am happy with my purchase from PEPPERFRY.

My overall experience of purchasing the product from Pepperfry would earn 8 points out of 10.

This review was based on my true experience of purchasing the said product from pepperfry and is not biased.

Interesting fact:  Pepperfry was named so because of the following reason.

Pepper is honest and a spice that is proudly Indian.
Fry stands for fun.

So its a brand that embraces Indian  talent, craftsmanship and business acumen which reflects in their merchandise selection and the habit of going the extra mile for their customers.

Also they would like the  pepperfry journey to be enjoyable for all its employees, merchants, community and business partners.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Festival Time

Ever since we moved to Bangalore from Mumbai, Navraatri has been extra special for us. Kids have vacation during this period and I get good 15 days to visit my parents home in Mumbai.

It was fun in Mumbai with nine days of endless festivities. Time just flew by. Mornings and evenings were occupied with visits to relative's place who had kept these awesome kolu (display of dolls)  Durga pooja pandals were another major attraction, what with exhibitions and stalls put up outside the pandals, for someone like me it ensured great outings.

We worship Ma Lakshmi,Goddess Durga and Saraswati Devi during this period.
This time we went to a pandal organised by the Bengali association. The sight was beholding.
The people of  Bengal believe that Ma Durga comes back to her home after punishing the demon Mahishasur (Mahishasuramardhini) with all her children.(Ganesha, Karthikeya, Lakshmi and Saraswati.)
Thus goodness wins over evil.

Now that I am back there are many posts lined up in the weeks to follow. Coming up next, is the work of two dynamic young ladies Pooja Shah and Niharika Jilla. Let's celebrate women power in Sajavat too, taking a cue from our  festivals.

So folks, do keep visiting Sajavat  for some great insight in the world of interiors.

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