Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brass on my mind today...

There are days when I want to just take it easy. Eating & sleeping..I know you are smiling... who doesn't want to spend an afternoon this way. But yesterday, I spent my afternoon in Brass love! Yes, you read it right..not only arranging  and admiring brass ware but  polishing  and then changing its location from its recent place.

I enjoyed my time truly. As you polish the piece, it losses the dullness and radiates that shine ,the glow that comes on the surface makes the arrangement come alive.

This Peacock thaal is from my mother's collection. I am in love with this piece, the way the peacock has curled himself, I can see a look of pride on his face & that makes me proud to own it too.

I think am sort of crazy for brass and bronze, since every time that am in a shop of antique, I look forward to own  a unique piece.

Some manjaari kuru to give company to Lord Ganesha. Notice the shine on these seeds. A bright red..awesome colour, I feel.

The fishes and the peacock on the either side belong to the artwork of the bastar tribe.

This  brass pot is a recent gift from my lovely sis S. I, so much liked the two peacocks on either sides of the stand.

Also the Shivling and Nandi. on the neck and the lotus engraved on the body.So very traditional isn't it?

This is another piece I heart. But I guess it may be difficult to own. Simply because it belongs to the royal patronage. Maybe, some replica some where and if I can find one, I will be  so so happy.

This is a lamp at the base, held by the horse and a chain which is attached at the ceiling. This lamp finds its pride at the Padmanabhapuram Palace.

Another post on more brass and my love for this metal will follow soon, as another long desired piece has found its way to my home..but I will reserve that for another day.

What comes immediately next is a sure shot way to give your walls an instant makeover. So keep visiting ...I will be back next week with another interesting post.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The flora, fauna collection from the Coppre Studio

I am eyeing these boxes from coppre. Do you like them too? The right mix of traditional meets contemporary.

The Coppre Studio states...

The Indus Flora and Fauna Miniature Box Set is here! It is our ‘utilitarian’ reinvention of the ‘Bhatukli’, a form of handcrafting miniature kitchen toys for children. The motifs on the lid of the boxes add a charm and an Indianness with the the native species Tortoise, Pisces, Owl and native flowers Lotus, Jasmine, Hibiscus. 

They are like the, owners pride,neighbor's envy.Perfect to own and ideal to gift.Am going to get one soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Smart storage solutions in kids room

Efficient storage in kid’s room is an issue and challenge in itself. We have all dealt with this at some point or the other. Toys, books, sports gear, clothes, other knick knacks, all need to be organized properly so that there is less mess and clutter. This way kids too, learn to enjoy their space without invading into the living or their parents’ bedroom.

Some ideas for storage that has worked well with me are,

Furniture & storage:  always opt for furniture that has adequate storage options. The kids cot can have storage space inside to store extra blankets, pillows and cushions. Bunker beds are also ideal when the space has to be shared. Do not let the space around the cot go waste. Custom make the cots with pull out cabinets.

Furniture which can be dismantled is perfect since when not in use they can be stored away easily. Flexible furniture gives you the freedom to turn them into pieces to suit the kids growing requirement. As in cots, that can turn into a bed as the child grows. Even beds that can be extended to accommodate two kids at a time.

                                        Pull outs below the cot that can store daily wear items.

                                                                Colourful bunker beds.

When opting for study desk, it is advisable to have drawers and cabinets built around them to take care of their books and other school necessities. This kind of desk ensures work space as well as ample storage for books and recreation.

Such cloth pouches around the table is an excellent way to organize kids stuff without actually taking up extra space.

Store away, night time story books and soft toys in these hanging bedside organizers.

Make use of wall space: Floating shelves are ideal for storing knick knacks and books. With decorative book ends they look cute too. Thus they free up cabinet space.This kind of decor is  organised  as well as attractive.

This arrangement is good for grown up kid. The wall is provided with towel rods/ hooks and baskets to store the essential craft supplies.

                                        Yet another example that also acts as a decorative piece.

Baskets to the rescue: When the child is young, the toys can be stored in baskets. These baskets when stacked, can be then slided into the slots provided in the closet.

These baskets come in various materials. They can be marked to avoid confusion and listing the items in each basket makes it easier to access. You can go for weaved baskets for a more sophisticated look.

Discover Hidden space: Sometimes it is left to our keen observation to identify spaces that can be ideal for storage. The insides of the cabinet door can be fixed with hangers and organizers to hold the essentials.

These are certain ideas for a better and organized kids room.

Image courtesy: Images are sourced from the pinterest.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Winners of the Purple Turtles giveway

When the lamps give out a warm glow &  you have some music for company, the evenings are spent in solitude, it  is  a time well spent for me. Yesterday, it was one such day. With kids out at play and hubby busy at work, I had a lovely time for myself. 

I love this brass lamp. Gifted to me by my mother, it becomes all the more special.

Well, now to announce the winners of the Purple Turtles giveaway, the lucky ones are

Neha agarwal, Shashwatee Raut Neha Kulkarni

 Heartiest congratulations to the winners.

Please do share your address on my mail ID . You will soon receive your gifts from Purple Turtles.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Safal Chitre - A talented Warli Artist

Warli art originated in rural Maharashtra.It was practiced widely by the tribals of the region to decorate their mud houses. In fact this art gave them the freedom to express themselves.

I have written about this form of art in many of my earlier posts.Some of them you can read herehere and here.

Today's post is dedicated to  a talented artist Safal Chitre,  currently residing in the United States of America. she is a self motivated artist.The simplicity yet the elegance of this form of art impressed her. She learnt Warli and since last 4 years has started her artistic journey in this field.

She says," Apart from traditional warli style, I am trying to give modern look to it  by adding colors on various mediums. Having started as a hobby , I want to take it to Professional level."

Let's have a glance at some of her work...

A Busy Day in Warli Village

warli coasters

A palkhi in procession

warli wall art

The perfect gift for mothers!... warli spatulas

Links where readers can see  more of her artwork and contact her :

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