Saturday, November 23, 2013


2013 is coming to an end. Now that we are looking forward to a brand new beginning, I thought I will do a
post on YALI. It's kind of a DRISHTIMUKHUT.Generally it's hanged near the entrance of homes to ward off evil.

I understand that it originated as a mythical creature in Hindu temples mainly in Karnataka. Often sculpted in the pillars of temples and believed to be even powerful than lions or tigers.

It comprises of 5 sheshnag,2 peacocks and elephants,one Lord Ganesha and a yali figure to ward off evil.

So let's have a brand new beginning without any obstacles.may the YALI figurine protect us.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Ganesha has marked the beginning for all festivities to follow.

(Ganesha made by me on Ganesha Chaturthi with rice paste.)

(Rangoli in our building reception area)

Onam just passed by.(festival associated with flowers and colours)POOKALAMS -Rangoli with flowers is a sight to behold in all keralite households.

(Floral rangoli or pookalam made by my cousins)

Next in line is navratri,soon to be succeceeded by Diwali.
The dandiya raas,Durga puja ,bommai kolu and sarswati pooja all mean Navratri in different parts of India.One country and  various ways of celebrating the same festival.YES!It happens 'ONLY IN INDIA'

Images of Navaratri Golu or Hindu Gods idol arrangment for Dasara Festival

(Bommai kollu as part of dusshera celebration in South India)

(A merchant selling his wares)

(Dandiya raas)

(Durga puja in full form -Calcutta)

Beautiful sky lanterns made of colorful cloth for sale for the Diwali festival in India.

(Lanterns and colours that signify Deepawali)

File:The Rangoli of Lights.jpg

(lights,diyas,rangolis,flowers mark DEEPAWALI)

File:Sivakasi fireworks1.jpg

(Sivakasi Fireworks-another feature of the festival of lights)

I know cleaning,arranging, rearranging,decorating and beautifying every nook and corner of your home has started in all the households.Brass artefacts polished.New torans for the  front door.
Rangolis,floral arrangements,candles and diyas all to give that extra special touch to your abode.
The pooja corner is the brightest, lit with the special silver lamps that come out of the lockers for the special occasion.

Ganesha altar

Festivals mean not only decorating our homes but also taking a peep into our wardrobes.Those gorgeous six yards have to come out of the closets.The traditional kaanjipurams,paithani,chanderi,maheshwari,tussars... vow am speechless..India has so much to offer.Not to forget  jewellery.Painstakingly bought and reserved for such occasions,women dress up from head to toe.How beautiful it looks!!A women adorning neckpieces,rings and earrings,nathni or the nosepin,anklet and toering...I know they need a seperate post..
(from my Saree collection)

Food finds a special mention here.Those mouthwatering sweets and savouries.

These are our childhood memories of a home filled with little girls,boys men and women dressed  in their best traditional attire,sweet aromas of food and flowers filling the air...

I know our generation also tries its level best to keep the traditions alive.Let their young ones also bathe in the beauty of these festivities and savour each and every moment .

So here is wishing you all a happy festival time.Enjoy every bit.keep blogging and posting and another thing....If you like what you find here in SAJAVAT,let me know your opinion.
Please do comment.I would love to hear from all of you.Share with me how you celebrated these festivals,(loaded with pictures) and I will post them on my blog.

(unless mentioned all images are sourced from the internet)


Friday, August 23, 2013

Sanskriti Museum Delhi

Sanskriti Museums are a set of three museums namely, Museum of Everyday Art, Museum of Indian Terracotta and Textile Museum.

I came across this wonderful museum accidentally and I have made a mental note to visit the place, next time for sure,when Iam in the country capital.


Terracotta has been around since the early days of civilization.A potter can be found in any village in India. from the earthen pots to store water to pretty figurines, terracotta has come a long way.At SANSKRITI its also a regular practice to invite artists from around India to display their work at the museum.

The Sanskriti Museum of Indian textiles was inaugurated on the 4th January 2009 by the Hon Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs Sheila Dikshit.

The Museum intends to serve as a resource for the study of Indian textile traditions.After a glance at these marvels we can be proud of a varied heritage.let the pics below be a window to the enormous collection they have at sanskriti....


These are the usual objects that one can find in many Indian household.The craftmanship of these objects are to be appreciated and SANSKRITI makes it possible.Objects used throughout the cycle of life from childhood to old age are exhibited here.

This was only a peek into our tradition and culture.The ultimate experience would be to visit the museum. Iam sure all art enthusiast would not give it a miss. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Batua and A Kantha Embroidery

Last month on my anniversary,I got some valuable gifts..two of which I want to share with all of you.It will be the most treasured ones..always.

They are handmade by my mother...that makes it all the more special..

Intrestingly,the mirrors on either side of the batua are recycled.they are taken off from the handheld plastic mirrors that one often gets in all our haldi-kumkum functions.(I wonder do people really use them!)

Kantha Embroidery on the front panel of salwar kameez

She is always been my inspiration and source for instilling in me  decor sense. With whatever we had, her hands used to make it appealing. I remember the times when we used to move places every 4-5 years and we had this big wooden boxes or trunks.she would cover it with the best bed spread.keep some cushions on it and lo! it changed into a seating.

Many people appreciate my sense of styling in our home and today I want to attribute and give these credits to my loving Ma.

Friday, July 5, 2013


 We had been to ooty and coonoor last holidays. In Ooty we saw the most ancient settlements of the Toda tribe.They belong to the Nilgiris in Tamilnadu.

The Toda embroidery is very fascinating. Todas always use black and red thread on a white background.

I also got the opportunity  to interact with toda women at work.Apart from the usual toda shawls,cushions,pouches ,mufflers they also make these embroidery on bedsheets and pillow covers.
 The black,red and white is such a wonderful really  will fall in love,the moment you set your eyes on them.

They also serve as a unique gifting option.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dreams come true...but it takes time and effort and the belief in yourself to move forward in life,in the direction of your dreams.
I have a dear friend MEGHANA BHIDE who has taken baby steps into the world of creativity and art.

Her collection includes:

Torans, made of jari cloth, beads and dry leaves.
 Wooden gift and home decor items from Banaras, handmade and painted by karagirs.
 Kitchen organizers and kids' room organisers

 Purses, clutches, utility pouches, bags in silk, cotton and jute with superior quality and in varied designs for daily and festive purposes.

In her own words...
A note about my venture...

My first ever realisation of my creative inclination and abilities came along when I designed and stitched a evening gown for myself when I was 15. Since then for around 15 years, I never visited a tailor as I would stitch my dresses myself. Then friends started giving me orders for designing their suits, baby frocks, quilts, etc. I also tried my hands at other home craft items all along.

Then i started designing stationary items like files, folders, notepads, pen stands made of cloth and hand embroidery, etc and also started taking part in exhibitions during my college days.

I still preserve that hidden wish to have my own boutique but somehow did not have enough courage and mindset to take up the challenge.

Six years back, when I took a back seat from a full time job of editor, and got into freelance profession, the creative juices started oozing out again.

Since then have been enjoying the process of creation as well as trying to venture into a business, because it's not just a hobby but it's my qualification and wanna be profession which I always dreamt of to be in.

Now, to give my own creations a platform and a boost, I have joined hands with some other creative people, contributing to their products with my designs and promoting their products through my brand.

I wish her all the success.May she enjoy the process of bringing up her baby and the rest  as they say will happen on its own!!!
If any of my blog readers wish to contact her,can do so by dropping her a mail at


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