Friday, October 28, 2016

Lamps from Baaya designs for the festive ocassion

Lamps are most unique to the festival of Diwali. In my last few posts, I gave you some ideas to brighten your Diwali decor with some Do-It -Yourself lamps.Now for those of you who are looking to buy some brass lamps here is the latest from Baaya Designs.They are just the type to give you the very traditional feel.

So why wait? Here is their latest collection...

The lantern made with a rustic and antique finish which gives out a vibrant feel to your space. The word Netra inspired because the shape of the lantern depicts of a human eye.

I have always loved Moroccan lights.The base and frame of Moroccan candle lantern are dark coloured metal.  The metal has been perforated to create a stunning effect when the candle is lit inside. The lantern has a handle which can be used to hang the lantern or carry it. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use as the candle is enclosed within the lantern.

To create a serene and peaceful environment at home go for these Buddha lights. The lanterns feature intricate cutouts forming an image of Buddha. The lanterns have a unique finish that is sure to complement most any decor and they make a lovely gift.

Lotus pond t light which can be used as a decor item which showcases its beauty when lit up with a tlight. The structure of the lotus plant gives it a additional beauty for your indoor lighting decor.

Leather foldable lamp with artistic images of lord Ram. Images are created in a very colorful way so that when the lamp is lit up it gives out out a lighting which is very colorful and different from others.

A splendid collection.For more details you can always get in touch with them here.
 Baaya design studio and also through their Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Make your Diwali aromatic with this easy rose potpourri DIY

This is the last post on Diwali series for this year.Do you remember, I spoke about how to also have an awesome smelling home during the festival season. This is a very simple DIY and you only need to have the necessary  materials in hand for the same.

One thing that is common during all our festivals are flowers.Recently last week, we had been to a rose farm .I bought an enormous quantity of red roses.Even after being used I did not have the heart to throw it away.So that's when I stumbled at making a pot-potpourri from them,that not only acts as an amazing centrepiece but also gives out a very soothing aroma.

 I tried this in my own way and yes the roses give a light, relaxing aroma , which is what you would need after a busy week of Diwali preparation and all the running about. So let's get on with it...

Initially, let the rose dry naturally and then remove all the petals.Spread it evenly on a tray and leave it as it is for a day or two!

You need to keep in mind that once it dries, the petals will shrink and therefore the quantity will reduce.

After two days ,these are the ingredients that I added to the dried petals.Most of them were available at home.

1.cinnamon powder and cloves- half a tea spoon each
2.fixative for locking the aroma about 1-2 tbsp for about a dozen roses
3.essential oils from any aromatherapy range or your favourite perfume can act as a substitute.
4.An attractive container for displaying the same

On the rose petals just sprinkle the ingredients and keep shaking the jar every 2-3 days.You can  display the potpourri in a glass jar or in sachets.Make in small batches and enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Diwali inspiration

Amidst all the DIY frenzy, lets gather some Diwali inspiration from around the world.There is no better way to decorate your home other than flowers and lights on Diwali.They bring freshness and colour into your decor.In Indian aesthetics they are considered to be  auspicious too! So, here you go...

Image credits: All images are from Pinterest

Friday, October 21, 2016

Diwali celebration with candles and roses.

So, we are at the third post of the series.Have you read the other two?If Not,you can do so here and here.
Long back,there used to be a serial on T.V 'Best out of waste'.Did you watch them as kids.I can still remember the anchor though I have forgotten her name.Anyway, I thought little about the program when I was young but now seriously I have become hoarder of sorts.

Had collected Pista shells in enormous quantity not knowing what is to be done with them exactly but since they did not occupy much space,they were stored away happily in a corner.This Diwali I have put them to good use.That's what I would like to think!!!

You would need only pista shells (about 50 of them) and a T light candle for this amazing lotus shaped DIY.

This one I kept in natural colour but you can always colour them and add embellishment too! For more details and step wise instruction view it here.

And another tip, to make it a floating candle.stick a circular piece of foam at the base.This way it will float in water .

So, if you don't have pista shells,this Diwali, as you munch on pistas do remember to store it and you can create a warm glow during Christmas or New year.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Diwali decoration with quilling and T-lights

Did you read the last post on adding that extra little on to a T-light and making it attractive.?If not, read it here

Now, again a very simple idea for those who know quilling. Quilling is the process of coiling coloured strips of paper and giving it the desired shape.To learn the basics of quilling go here.

In this post what we are going to make is a quilling base for your T-light candles.The base can be as big  and colourful according to your choice.

 So this is the one for this year's Diwali...

Design achieved by sticking many quilled coils with each other...

Doesn't this look neat and glam?
Such bases can look very pretty when displayed as a table top decoration.It enhances the beauty of the T-light too!

Are you finding the series interesting...well we have more here. Make sajavat a daily read ! Am eagerly waiting to hear your comments too!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Diwali ideas for a beautiful home!

Hi there, how have you all been doing. We are gearing up for  the favourite festival of the year, Diwali or Deepavali- The row of lights.

Today, spent the whole day thinking of ways to decorate my home in a special way on Diwali night.Yes, preparations have to start way ahead so that we can be ready on time and Diwali doesn't stop only at having a great home but it has to smell awesome too! Not only the aroma of delicacies wafting from the kitchen but also your home in general.So, we have some exciting way to make your home smell great too!
How do you ensure everything is perfect and the way you would want it to be?

Let me help you all in my own way...First in this Diwali series would be a simple idea and a DIY for illuminating your home...

T- light candles

T light candles are very handy when it comes to lighting your home on Diwali.Just, do not keep them plain.A simple ,easy  DIY is to light as many as possible in a row but after prettying them up a little!

Here is the trick...laces, glossy finish tapes,washi tapes,gold  ball chain, sequins and kundans all come to good use! Just stick these tapes ,laces or whatever decorative embellishment you have on the outer edge of the T-light holder...Here you go..

Plain T-light

Covered the edges with glitter tapes

Gotta patti and chained golden beads too!

Keep as many of them as you would like in a row and in case of T-lights there is no mess of oil and wick as in case of earthen ones.

we have more ideas for you.Keep coming back and leave comments, that makes my day!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Navratri Navrang with Oasis Tiles India

The whole country is gripped in Navratri spirit with celebrations soaring high. People are in their best, colourful attires joyfully dancing to the tune and beats of Garbha and dandiya, offering prayers and worshipping the Goddess.
Navratri or the nine nights symbolizes power, wealth and knowledge. Navratri also calls for celebrating the importance of colours in our life. Be it in the dresses you wear on these auspicious nine days or in the way you decorate your home with colours.

Oasis tiles India has gone a step further and puts in an admirable range of tiles in designs and colours that are to die for! The tiles fit into the spirit of Navratri with colours which also are the colours for this Navratri season or come in designs that complement the Navratri colour fever too well!

OASIS Group has become a formidable force in the Indian tiles and sanitary ware sector within a span of 10 years. Labelled as one of the fastest growing group in India, OASIS has stormed into the top 10 CLUB of the ceramic tiles companies in India.
Colours brighten the life around us and if these colours are within our homes nothing more to ask for. The tiles from Oasis Tiles India complement the 9 colours of happiness this Navratri.

Day 1: Pratipada is the day of Red colour

Red symbolizes power, the strength of Ma Durga or the endurance of the women in our lives. In a very striking similarity, Kriti Sanon the charming Brand Ambassador of Oasis Tiles India  complements their new range of tiles, Maxima .It is a heart whelming combination of beauty and  strength.

Day 2: Dwitya, Royal blue the colour of the day

A décor fit for the royals is what the colour royal blue aims at. Can there be any better way than implementing the presence of these energizing colours in the form of tiles from Oasis Tiles India?

Day 3: Tritya Yellow colour

Yellow is said to be a cheerful and auspicious colour. Yellow, hand in hand with this gorgeous range of tiles sets the mood for festive occasions bringing merriment in your décor too!

Day 4: Chaturthi Colour green

Green is the colour of growth, a new life and the colour of nature. Surround yourself with freshness and youthfulness of green coupled with the beauty of tiles from Oasis.

Day 5: Panchami is the day of grey colour

Grey is the colour of the day on Panchami. It is a subtle colour but when accentuated with the rightful accessories can make the space look bright and spacious. On this auspicious day of panchami, Oasis Tiles India prays for your protection from all evils.

Day 6: Shasti Celebrate with the colour orange

Orange is a vibrant and vivacious colour. Look how the tiles enhance the colour on the upholstery lending an understated elegance like no other. The Bold and the Beautiful…just like the colour and the engaging pattern on the tiles.

Day 7: White colour on Saptami

Have you noticed how a white decor can bring about peacefulness and relaxation in your daily life? There is simplicity in white. Simplicity also leads to comfort. That is precisely how the tiles evoke their magic in your décor scheme.

Day 8 Ashtami pink

The colour pink marks hope .The wide range of tile collection from Oasis and the colour pink on Ashtami sends you hope and cheer for new beginnings.

Day 9 Navami Sky blue

The colour blue is said to bring calmness into our lives. It is a feel good colour and rejuvenates the atmosphere.
As goodness triumphs over evil, may the right decor scheme with tiles from Oasis, make you happy and contended.

Have a blessed Navratri and a happy Dussera!

For more info on their collection hop over to

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trinket holder DIY

Are you planning a get together or a haldi kumkum during Navratri? Do you intend to hand over a small thoughtful gift for the women folks or the little ones who accompany them? Here is a DIY that will hold your gift and  make for an excellent packaging too.Read further for the complete DIY.

Materials required: colorful cardstock, CD for marking, attractive laces and accessories for decoration

Step 1: Draw a circle on the cardstock with the help of a CD. Mark the diameter from both the sides.

Step 2: With the help of CD mark arc on all the four sides as shown. Now using the arc on the lowermost side, draw another circle using the CD.

Step 3: Similarly draw arcs on this circle too.

Step 4: Cut out both the circles as shown.

Step 5: Now, slowly pinch all the arcs on either ends and bring them closer to form a box.

Step 6: store your trinket inside the box and secure it using attractive laces. Decorate your box with satin roses.

One more in another colour, another design..make your own...Do tell me when your guests like it!

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