Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ExclusiveLane - Store Review

A plethora of online decor shops have opened up in the last few years.Some have really created a niche for themselves.When a buyer shops online, there are various criteria by which one judges the store.
The collection of curated products, of course has to be outstanding. Apart from that, there are factors like  quality of products, range, variety available under each category, ease of navigation, payment mode, delivery time all of which  have to be taken into account.

ExclusiveLane is one such online decor and accessories store. I have a recent experience to share with all of you, regarding this online store.

I needed a table lamp for our bedroom. And, so my search began...Starting with some of our popular sites, I finally, landed at ExclusiveLane.

 There was an instant liking to the new site, that I had discovered. Wonder... why I say this?  To say the least, the home page is captivating. It makes you want to explore more. And it finally so happened that, not only I found a lamp, but also ended up, buying another accessory.

Let's have a look, from a buyer's point of view, certain criteria that compels us to buy products from an online store and my judgement about ExclusiveLane.

Design of the website: The layout and design of the site should be such that it holds you for a while and makes you take a peek at the collection.

    Here, the categories are mentioned on the top. Extra fields such as hot sellers,collection and deals are added, so that for those with shortage of time, can directly check them out and get a better idea.

Also, what attracted me towards their site was the large sized images of their collection displayed attractively on the home page. Also their is a separate section for the latest arrival.

This is how the home page looks...

Variety and Range of products: 

The main categories available with this store is Decor, lighting, Furniture & kitchen related goodies. I must mention that their furniture range is classy and on the premium side.

I would like to see an expansion in terms of corner stools and shelves. Although, as I am writing the review today there is an  addition in the wall shelves range.

Lighting..Yes, that is what I intended to purchase and they have a wide variety. It covers wall lamps, lanterns, floor and table lamps.. available in materials like terracotta and wood.
I was really impressed with the lamps section. Also the same lamp that I have purchased from ExclusiveLane comes at a discounted price. Thus,found it on the lower side when I compared it with the same lamp available at another popular online site.

I loved the parrot collection that are on display.For me it was something new. You can view it under Home>>collections>> Parrot collection.
In this category they have small organizers with drawers, tea light holders, condiment boxes,jar sets,lamps,photo frames and coasters.

Look here for more inspiration...

Fell in love with them instantly!

A large collection of Dhokra and warli decor is also available. Do check them out. Again, here I would want them to include more in garden and bath section. Not an impressive collection in this section.

Selection, Navigation & Payment

It is easy to navigate through the site. After selecting your item, you can get a good description and multi angled view of the selected product.Various details of the product such as its dimensions, rates, discount offered, colour, material can be noted down by just clicking on the item.
Payment is simple. You have all known methods of payment.Cash on delivery option is also available.

These are the products I chose for myself.

1.A 17 inch tree of life Parrot Lamp
2.A parrot Photo frame

Packaging & Delivery:

The delivery took 4 working days.It arrived neatly and snugly packed without any damage.
Once you place your order, you receive a confirmation through mail. Since I had chosen Cash On Delivery option, the day it arrived I received an sms, well in advance. so that I can keep the money ready.

Now I can vouch for the quality of the product.
The lamp is handcrafted and has the handmade appeal to it.The six little colourful parrots add to its beauty. The shade is a green coloured cloth wrapped around plastic frames. A complete Tree Of Life Lamp. Have a peek...

The parrot Photo frame is made of Sheesham wood .It is designed with  floral and leaves pattern engraved on the four sides. The four parrots add to its charm. It comes with a stand to be placed on the desk. It is a sure Decor Enhancer!

Completely satisfied with my purchase.

Parameters                         Ratings Of ExclusiveLane

Design of the website                                             *****

Variety and Range of products                              ****

Selection, Navigation & Payment                          *****

Packaging & Delivery:                                            *****

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Japanese art of Imperfection: Wabi- Sabi

Do you know Wabi-sabi?

 It is quintessential Japanese aesthetic. A form where in you try to see the invisible..Perfection in the most imperfect things. It is the beauty in accepting the incomplete, impermanent or imperfect things.
To tune your mind in seeing and believing, that might not be the most perfect.The Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi offers an inspiring new way to look at your home and your life.

A wedding gathering...

There is a legend behind this. There was once a young man, who wanted to learn the various set of customs known as the way of tea. He went to a tea master.The tea master wanted to test this fellow and asked him to clean the garden. The learner cleaned up the fallen leaves, raked the ground till it looked perfect. Then, just to make sure, he shook a cherry tree which caused a few flowers to spill randomly on the ground.

Ha, so now do you get the connection? It was perfect wabi-sabi...An art of imperfection like those fallen flowers on the cleaned, perfect garden ...yet one that looks perfect with the imperfection on it.

The young man was Sen no Rikyu and to this day he is revered in Japan.With all the lavishness and luxury in home decor, when you try to blend it with rustic and earthy tones that is wabi-sabi.

 A crack ...some motifs..hand drawn

In the decor world, it can sum up as being that raw beauty, the crack in a pot, those flea market finds, that lonely abandoned hut in a faraway place among all the sleekness, mass produced mall shopping artifacts,the well done up luxury penthouse etc.

Do you get the picture? Sometimes the ultra modern, sleek and luxurious decor stands no chance against the rustic, weathered and ancient humble abode. But that is wabi sabi...
 I truly loved this term and bringing about a post on this too. It has a very deep meaning not only in the aesthetic world where we tend to measure everything but also in real life.

Terracotta and paints...couldn't stop myself from painting them...
You know now, exactly why handmade is beautiful,right? All things handcrafted may not meet all the quality standards but that's  what makes it precious!

Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder!

*** The images are mine from a recent DIY activity and even the crack in the earthen uruli, did not stop me from painting it.Do you see beauty in it? It is my tribute to this Japanese art of practicing wabi-sabi.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wall Display Panels

There are various ways to highlight a wall. Look at these  wall panel options from MyHomesol.

 This pattern will go well on the walls of your dining space or even in your bedroom. Can you visualize? May be just above your headboard. An interesting element to experiment  with.

Similarly, I liked this pattern.It has that quirky creativeness to it. Would love one on a wall near my desk space. I feel its a perfect choice for an artist's wall.

These are wall decor panels, made of either wood, fiber or leather. Homesol mentions these are off beat, stylish,durable and can be a welcome alternative from the regular designer paints and wall papers. They are easy to install and can be finished with any paint of your choice.

Looks like worth a try! What do you feel?

I feel that with a little creative thinking,these panels can be incorporated in the existing decor scheme.

This one will look good, if utilized to highlight a zen corner or in the bathrooms too.

Let me give you some more ideas...have a look at these pics,where they make a statement.
Leather display panels

Adds a classy touch to the room

Image courtesy: Homesol, glowood.co

So the next time you are thinking of  adding a glamorous touch to your walls, go for these decorative panels...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Home tour of a Duplex In Mumbai

Let me take you into the artistic abode conceptualized by Unmesh Bholay & Associates.

As per current trends, white interiors have become synonymous with elegance and good taste. That is why Unmesh Bholay, Principal Architect, Unmesh Bholay & Associates, was pleasantly surprised when his brief for a duplex house came with a firm request to refrain from using white!

 The challenge to create spaces with aesthetics that suit the client’s character, without compromising on functional aspects is what defines an architect. Keeping this requirement of the client in mind, the duplex has evolved beautifully with the extensive usage of wood. 

The home we are about to tour is a 3500 sq ft duplex in Mumbai. Mind you, this is going to be a image heavy post.So sit back with a hot mug of coffee and  enjoy the feel of this traditionally done up home.

This is the entrance to the residence. The door is beautiful with wood carvings and gives a rich feel.

As we enter the living area, is a wall unit which is classy yet does not crowd the available space.It is well utilized as a pooja unit.I especially loved the idea of hanging the brass lamps on either side of the unit. The uruli with the floating flowers lends a traditional touch.

The entire set up is done with wooden cladding on the ceilings. The wall colours fuse well with the wood work.This entertainment area is a good place to unwind and relax. The traditional and contemporary existing in perfect harmony...

I have a weakness for the niches that has been  provided in the walls. The area below the staircase otherwise is a dull one but here it  has been well utilized, in terms of adding  decor value to the  available space.

The tiled stairway leading to the upper floor is an interesting concept.

Lamps and lights brightens up the space.The overpowering wooden impact is made lighter by adding subtle shades of green by way of fabrics on the sofa and the arm chair.

This area adds lots of character to the entire home.Notice that just below the wood worked ceilings, runs a very intricate border design.This covers the entire stretch of this room which is the main area, where guests are welcomed and entertained.

The chandeliers add a warm glow and makes the space inviting. The design that occupies the central part of the flooring negates the need for a carpet or an area rug. Perfect for Mumbai weather, I must say!

One of the bedrooms of this duplex...Love the four poster bed.Gives the pleasure of reminiscing in  the days gone by. Especially the loved the feel of lying in the bed and gazing at the  ceiling which is again very thoughtfully designed .

 Below are the images of the rest rooms,well done with bathing cubicles. I love the mirrors with such ornate work on them and the bigger the size of these mirrors,the better it is!

The kitchen has ample ventilation, so the walnut coloured cabinets go well with the entire scheme of the home.

 This was a  home that has been well designed and executed with great detailing .

Hope you liked this tour as much as I  enjoyed presenting it to you.

This guest post was written by DezignGenie a curated platform of interior ideas, products & professionals to design your dream home. You can contact them here for all your interior & decor needs.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


The walls in our homes speak a thousand words. Highlight your walls and the whole ambiance at home, comes alive isn't it true?

The wall in my kids room was plain and bare except for a frame. My daughter often complained but somehow we never got the time to do something about it. I had very often heard of wall decals. At the same time I was a little wary of installing the same. I somehow had the impression that it would be a tedious task, what with sticking all the motifs with perfection on to the wall.

All these myths were dispelled,when I experimented with a wall decal from Kakshyaachitra.

KakshyaaChitra wall decals is one of those sites, wherein you are spoilt for choices. There were many decals that I truly fell in love with. We were actually scouting a befitting design for my kids bedroom but there were so many other awesome traditional designs that, I was prepared to search a wall for them.

Kakshyaachitra wall decals have various categories to choose from like Nature, traditional, kids, people, modern graphics etc.

Look at some of these amazing decals

Want to have a serene and calm setting at home? Ideal for study and meditating corner.

Ashoka vatika...Sita palying with the peacock.
 A simple one but sure to highlight the bedroom wall.

After much thought, I finally settled for one decal for my daughters room and yes, she was beaming!

Her room  wardrobe is done in  all greens and butterfly design. So we chose a design that would go with these theme. Birds and leaves decal

Now the process here is real simple, go to their site, place an order. You get a good description of the product you are about to buy. They have three sizes(small,medium & large) clearly specifying the dimensions. And a range of colours to choose from. Go for the one that will best suit your wall. Keeping in mind the colour of the wall, you can select the decal in a contrasting colour.

Payment is not an issue at all as they accept all major Credit cards, Visa and Paypal services too.
So I chose mine and was all  excited for my first decal experience.

My parcel arrived 4 days after placing the order. Meanwhile they had already provided me the details of the courier company and the tracking number to keep me updated with the status. It arrived neatly packed with an instruction letter and the best part was it contained a sample wall decal too.That was really helpful and thoughtful of them I must admit. 

This is how it arrived.

My suggestion to all those who are doing it for the first time, read the instruction carefully.The process is simple if you follow the guidelines.Use the sample decal first and if you are not sure, how it will turn out, install it on a wall that is least visible. 

As for me, the sample was pretty too. I wanted to utlise it, appropriately.
Typically there are 3 layers of paper in the decal.
The transfer paper, the design and the base paper.
 As you peel off the transfer paper, the base paper comes off whereas the design remains stuck to the transfer paper.

Now carefully position it on the wall of your choice and start peeling off the transfer paper, the design automatically gets transferred on the wall. you can use a card to smoothen the surface as you transfer the design on to the wall.

The idea of providing a sample is very helpful. This is the sample I recieved. After installing the sample design you are confident of doing the same with the actual design. Believe me it was super easy.

Also I had this impression that, the complicated the design, the tougher my job to place it properly on the wall.  But no....the whole design is on a single sheet and it gets transferred as it is. Not complicated at all..(smiles...)

After installation of the sample.


The next step was now super easy. I was in fact enjoying the process and so were my kids. This is how the wall looked earlier. Plain and boring to say the least.


If you have already selected the wall to be highlighted, the whole process, may be takes not more than 15 minutes to be precise.
Again, I would like to mention that with an helping hand,the process is simpler too.My sweet hubby helped me with this.

So this is the image of the wall after installation.
 We have positioned the decal behind the headboard of the cot in the bedroom.

A close up look of the decal. You won't be able to make out that there is another surface on the wall. The decals are fine and of good quality.

I thoroughly enjoyed the installation process. In fact, our study room wall needs some highlighting too. Couple of Lord Buddha decals on this site has caught my attention.They are in line for my next makeover .

If your walls need some decor therapy head over to

Kakshyaachitra Arts                  
Outstanding Designs... Amazing Results...
Website:      www.kcwalldecals.com .
Blog:            http://www.kcdecals.blogspot.com
FB Page:      http://www.facebook.com/KakshyaaChitraArts

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