Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Malgudi Vatika

There is something in the name 'Malgudi Vatika' that beckons you right? Yeah I know most of you will remember the name for the serial Malgudi days.Well just on an impulse, we visited the place some time back and didn't regret it one bit. Now to tell you all, Malgudi vatika is a restaurant on the Mysore road. We were there for lunch but came after evening snacks. I loved everything about it.The food of course and also the interiors and the wide stretch of outdoor lawn and greens that it maintains.

Malgudi Vatika has a rustic charm.You will find many antique stuff and am sure those who are the interior ,decor lovers like me, will want to visit it again and again. Let me take you through certain images that will do justice to so much of hype that I have created.

Such prettiness all around...

The outdoor sitting area...

Didn't mind waiting here at all...

Reminds me of my school desk...

Old but Gold...

Do you remember these?

Tic-tac-toe and Pallankuzhi...

Copper carafe and tumblers.

This is their menu card...

There can be more images but nothing like visiting the place and seeing it for yourself. After all seeing is believing!

I gathered that one need not visit luxurious spaces to feel happy but true content also comes from revisiting memories associated with our childhood! In this case, the trunks,gramophone,the white brown 'barnee' and various other pretty artifacts casually displayed within the interiors did that for me.

Food was good and I would definitely recommend it to all. Bangaloreans book your seat for the weekend. As I mentioned  earlier it is on the Mysore Road about 1 Km after Wonder la.  

P.S : Some of the images are from their website

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Some quiet moments with greens at home

This is a very simple post but an activity that gave me immense satisfaction.Since some days my money plant( pothos ) had a miserable appearance.I was in no mood to buy the moss stick .So finally did what I had seen my mother do in all these years.She would just scout for a stick and wrap our humble coir around the same.

Last week we went to farm and that is where I found this bark.Immediately I knew, where I would use it .So this afternoon trimmed the plant,inserted the thick stem into the pot and wound the coir around it and then gave the same treatment to the money plant.So as the pothos grow ,I will only have to give it a direction around the coir wound stem.

Looks clean right.what do you think? Now for those of you who do not follow the Sajavat facebook page some more greens from my home.Have a look.

Nothing is spared at my home.Not even my son's toy truck.Anyway you enjoy the monsoon and the greenery around.We will see each other very soon!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Kantha Embroidery

Kantha embroidery... A stitch that comes alive

Can you make out the fine running Kantha in the bedspread?

Kantha embroidery is one of the oldest embroidery and in simple words it is nothing other than running stitches.It is a widely practiced art in the state of West Bengal and Orissa and is believed to exist since 500 years. Originally rural women used this form of embroidery to re use old fabrics and sarees by stitching them together in layers.Quilts were often made from old saris when they used to give away but now a days due its popularity Kantha is a much loved embroidery form among all needle and thread lovers.

A quilt...

Now, this I must say is innovation!

These days apart from clothing, Kantha is used in home furnishings such as bed covers, quilts, furniture and furnishings too!.Kantha stitched with multicolored threads can be a treat to the eyes.It has captured the interests of global audience and finds popularity among the designers in U.K and Japan.

Oh! love this Potli...
The motifs used to embroider Kantha are simple everyday objects, flora and fauna and folk scenes.It
is an affordable, practical yet mesmerizing form of embroidery.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Swing, Hammock, oonjal, jhoola and lots of fun!

A childhood pleasure that continues as a desire even now is to have a gala time in a swing. Isn't it?

A swing can momentarily lessen your burden and sway your worries away.

Lilac branches tied to a garden swing ... Full details on Modern Country Style blog: Outdoor Living by Selina Lake: Book Review:

and an outdoor one at that takes me to a different world...

tires as swings.  These are cute. someday maybe i'll get to put one of these in my front yard.:

Make a simple one as these for your child or for the kid in you and you will be lost in a world of giggles and laughter.

Black Hammock:

A hammock is no less...I can see myself snoozing away in this.A side table would serve better.A mug of coffee and a book for company...Chai and pakoras is a nice idea too!

Carved Jhoola from India.:

And something like this...oh truly contended...

If space permits, have a jhoola in your courtyard,balcony, terrace or even in a small area at home. It will be elegance personified.

This one totally took my heart away...within home ...

dress your home - Indian design, handloom:

A very traditional feel...a style that am too fond of...Enjoy the post...Keep swinging...
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