Monday, October 29, 2018

Diwali themed decor

Hi lovely people, gearing up for the most awaited festival of the year? Confused on how to give a festival vibe to your home! 

Well,  I have created a simple Diwali theme for you all, mostly using elements I already had! 

Hope this will at least give you some ideas for your own home. You can always add new elements to what I have suggested and create a happy space this Deepavali.

Firstly, gather all stuff related to the festival that are considered auspicious like Idol of Lakshmiji , Ganesha, earthen diyas, lamps, candles, rangoli stickers, kundan rangoli, kalasha , bright runners etc.

You can design this theme on a shelf, console or a table. 

 Here, I have used a duppatta as a runner. It is a bright pink, yellow and golden one  with beautiful embroidered motif of a flowerpot.The other personalised addition are the earthen diyas that I hand painted. This way I choose my own colour scheme for them.

Apart from these, Diwali is incomplete without sweets but instead of traditional sweets I have kept cupcake moulds filled with chocolates. This arrangement is specially for the kids. The cupcake moulds also lend a colourful and cheerful twist to the theme.

At night with just the lights on...

Ideally, you can create this decor in your entryway welcoming guests and Goddess Lakshmi blessing them with health, happiness and  prosperity .

Hope you get ideas from this post and yes I would really love to see how you have come up with your own versions...

Happy Diwali my sajavat family! Enjoy and have a safe one!

A simple makeover (gone wrong and then rectified )post coming up soon...

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Breathing life into spaces

Every home has a signature style of decorating which the homeowners find comforting. Every now and then one might bring about minor changes by moving around furniture or by creating captivating vignette according to the occasion but that's about it!

Now, today I want to stress upon the effects of Indian bhaitak or low/ floor seating options. Recently, I created a floor arrangement one day at home at the spur of the moment and would you believe it , if I told you that it became an instant hit!

My hubby and kids and even their friends found the arrangement very convenient and novel. Yes, novel because we are so used to sofas and chairs that the floor arrangement was appealing.

Sharing with you certain images and ideas worth considering from my Pinterest board. These homes belong to different people and are really very interesting and inspiring!

So, this festival season, go beyond the normal and create such cosy warm spaces that help free flow of conversation and laughter... You can use up the smallest of your available space and ready up corners where you can stretch your legs, relax and enjoy the moment!

A day bed plus the option of sitting on the rug laid out on the floor sorrounded by elements one loves!

Another, casually laid out space...

Loved this arrangement. Back support too guaranteed. A little above floor level but according to your liking, you can always have this directly on the floor too!

Now, this is something I loved!

Large cushions sortounding the main seating area can also be explored for those who want best of both worlds!!!

I find these futons or box type beds the perfect if you can designate a particular space for this. They help to have a relaxed atmosphere

This is such a readers nook I feel. Have coffee,read a book, chit chat with your friends and the merry  making never stops!!!

Trying to bring more relevant posts for you readers, anything in particular you would like, do let me know and I shall work towards it.
Festival days are meant to have fun, so do not get stressed. Instead plan everything well in advance and have a hassle free time with family and friends.
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