Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Festive vibes

Ganesh Chaturthi wishes to all.🌸🌼🌸

Every year I try to create a special Ganesha corner in my home during this time.

This year I gave form to Him using rice grains.

This is my way to thank Him for all the million blessings in my life. 

The process is simple. You can take any wooden base, ( here I re used an old roti maker) line rice grains in the form of Ganesha, use his favorite flower like the hibiscus to enhance his trunk and line up the space with lamps and more flowers.

In this way, nothing is wasted. After the festival is over you can use the same rice for cooking too.

Are you enjoying the image? Tell me in the comments. Shall wait to hear from all of you.

Another simple manner, to create his presence is thru rangoli or kolam. We usually draw rice Paste rangoli. This is my representation of Him πŸ™

Some more Ganesha corners in my next post. Stay tuned. Happy festivities everyone 😊

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