Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A very pleasurable diwali to all of you.
DEEPAVALI is a good time to decorate your house with Rangoli,diyas,water candles,flowers..the list is endless and also a time to remember the supreme power and thank him for his love and blessings.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Night Bazaar

We were at this night bazaar in Hyderabad.It was amazing to see so many artisians at one place.
I bought whatever my pocket would allow and there I made a note in my mind,instead of buying from Hi-Fi shops and malls,I will try and buy intresting stuff from such places and encourage these artists who take so much pain,come from various states across India and exhibit their wares.

Truly Incredible India!!

Come on lets take an effort and not let these beautiful art forms fade away.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Buying cards for your loved ones is easier.
Making one is a whole lot of fun!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


I have learnt Embroidery from my mother. As a kid, I remember my mother spending her free time engaged in this beautiful art. So this is something, that came most naturally to me. Yet, only recently I got a real feel of it.

I made the bed spread( the one with peacock) when my daughter was about to be born. Guess it was time well utilized!
Then it kind of became a passion to gift her one, each birthday. She will soon turn four and I think its time to take up the next project! what say?

Spicy Stuff !!

I had to empty the seeds that remained from the red chilly container and my 3 year old daughter helped me.
We emptied the contents into the pot in our green patch of our balcony.

and the wonders of nature!

Look the chillies are in full form.

shall I pluck some more??


Navratri means nine days which are celebrated with much fun and enthusiasm all over India.
Different people and different culture but these nine days are meant to worship the Goddess of Wealth,Power and Knowledge. Laxmi,Durga and Saraswati.
In most Indian homes 'Haldi-Kumkum' is the main feature.

Decorate your Thali as you please!! May be in nine different ways!

In South India People give Betel leaves along with Haldi Kumkum'Vethala Paaku'(betel leaf & Supari).
I found a novel way to decorate a corner of my home with these betel leaves.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Colour Delight!!

It was a lazy afternoon, the rains pouring heavily outside.I was sitting with a glass of hot filter coffee and going through 'HOME' magazine.
As I was leafing through it I immediately knew what my next post should be.I couldn't take my eyes off it.Look at the colours!!
Purple,red green ...hmmm,should I finish my coffee and drift into the sleep mode??

Mirror Mirror on the wall,who is the loveliest of them all?

Porcelain Timeless Beauties

Could not help but capture some of the porcelain ware from various magazines.
Believe me,they are a must see.

They dont age with time and can be passed from one generation to another.Think Porcelain and what comes to mind is the delicacy and the subtelity with which it is crafted.

It is one of the oldest decorative item known to man.They can be dinnerware,figurines,vases,wallplates,clocks etc;

It is made from a mixture of two ingredients Kaolin and Petuntse.China first created porcelain ware.
Porcelain is still treated as luxury item but ask me they are a must for every home hence aptly said "Owners pride neighbour's envy"
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