Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home decor tips- entrance or foyer area

So...A year almost coming to an end.How do you intend to welcome 2011?
With a big bang of HAPPINESS,LAUGHTER and of course a clean,pleasant and a stunning HOME.
Starting this week I plan to dedicate a separate post to each and every room in a house.Hope you will enjoy this house tour.

where do we start?

Right at the entrance of the house.The entrance to any home can give a wonderful insight to the people residing inside.

what do we do to enhance the outer portion of our home? In a place like Mumbai people live in flats and they are deprived of a garden or a courtyard in front of their homes.But a rangoli or a flower arrangement can work wonders.

A beautiful peacock rangoli to welcome your guests at the entrance.
(My neighbour's creation)

some floating flowers..

Rangoli design made by my mother(with rice paste),some flowers ,and a diya or a candle...

Step inside for a beautiful interior and into a wonderful 2011!

Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Missing the blogging world!

So much has been happening in the world of blogging and I have been missing them terribly. At the same time life could not have been better for me. Iam now mother of a little boy too! So with two kids around, things are moving with jet speed. Now I intend to hit blogging again!
Just thought of sharing this wonderful news with all of you.

Take a look at the gorgeous kids room.
Iam now thinking of a makeover at my home.

Have a cheerful day!
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