Saturday, April 11, 2015

A reason to celebrate...My home turns ONE!

It's been a year since we shifted into our present home. Recently, I celebrated the birthday of my home! Yes, you heard me right. Really wanted it to be a memorable moment. And it can't get any better without gifts.

Having your own sweet home is a dream shared by millions. After purchasing your home,you want to leave no stone un turned in decorating your abode.Now, having spent an year in it, I wanted to add  pieces that would be conversation starters.

I was a little short of time to scout around various shops and buy something that will not only be functional but also enhance the decor value of my home.

Flipkart came to my instant rescue. I have always loved the products at Flipkart and the home segment of Flipkart has always been my personal Favourite. They have  offers on the go, on most of their products. 

It's so easy with Flipkart, to choose products based on category and brands.The pricing always has been very reasonable. In fact, I feel affordable pricing, to suit all pockets is their USP.

I was  clear that the products chosen, should be liked by all my family members.  As a family, we spend more time in our terrace and Bedroom. Also, when  many guests arrive, the kitchen is where the excitement is. So the items had to be from these segments. That's how I zeroed down upon the following  items from the home section of Flipkart.


4. A set of planters

All the ordered items arrived at the scheduled time in good condition. My happiness knew no bounds,receiving them.

Comforters can be an ideal companion especially in Bangalore weather to snuggle inside with your family members and may be watch a movie together. How about an interesting book read, all curled up inside a comforter.Quite an appealing idea isn't it? Well that's how we spent the better part of the day.

Have a look at the one, I chose for myself and my home .

My little one...curled up  to the warmth of the comforter

Double sided....Did You like the colours?

The size was perfect. The print, colour and texture blended in beautifully with the rest of the bed elements in my bedroom.
you can choose some for yourself here...

My garden is the happiest. And... am all smiles...

We usually have our morning cuppa amongst greenery. The next set of products, I adored  was a set of  yellow planters and a cute hen shaped watering can.I fell in love with the can, as soon as I set my eyes on it.Such a unique piece.I kept on arranging and re-arranging the planters with various plants, until I felt this was the way for it to be.

Garden accessories perk up the space and something like these colorful ones are sure to lift up your spirits, every time, you eye them. Such a nice corner it has turned out to be. Do you agree?

They have so much to offer to all the green thumb enthusiast. Pots, artificial plants, planters, watering & spray can, gardening tools and so much more.. Not only are they useful but also a decor enhancer. Look here for more eye candy.

Yellow planter...pretty isn't it?

On the D-day, that is, when our home turned one, I had invited some friends for a small tea party.I proudly displayed the last item I had ordered from Flipkart. A whistling kettle.

so many colours are available in this category. I preferred the one in orange.Ideal for making tea with a capacity of about 2.25 litres. I could see my friends turning green with envy. That was a show stealer!

My day was made. All thanks to Flipkart for making my home special. Even today the celebration continues...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Green Therapy

Summer is here for good now. Even Bangalore is not spared this time.It is during these months that we truly realize the importance of trees, plants, flowers...greens in general.

The empty land that our balcony faces was empty for quite a long time.There was a confusion as to what it would turn out into finally. But just last week, work has started there.Now I understand, it is going to have a mini amphitheater and some landscaping. Really looking forward to the transformation. At the same time, yesterday a truck load of various plants have arrived. It was an awesome sight.

 These days its so easy to convert  an empty space into a green land. Nurseries have plants of all kinds and sizes.You just have to get and plant them in the soil. Regular maintenance and within no time the place is transformed into a mini garden Truly loving all the activities taking place.

My son had a great time, posing for all the pictures. Few minutes of outdoor activity,being among nature is a wonderful feeling. In our own capacity, we can grow plants at our home, make a herb garden whether it is about ornamental plants or one for your kitchen requirement, garden therapy is truly magical. 
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