Monday, August 20, 2018

DIY Bio Friendly Rakhi

 Today, we have Sabitha Sahu from coloraaga with a post on making rakhi with natural materials.

Lets get started right away!

 “Going Green”….”Eco-friendly” are some of the growing buzzwords these days. Its not only the time to understand the true meaning behind this but also to implement them in our own way. Well, I am here today to make “Bio-Rakhi” for the coming festival.I believe this could be like a small effort claiming reduction, minimal or like a simple action for doing no harm upon  the Eco system or the environment. Happiness is always handmade and when you choose handmade you choose true happiness. Let’s make a clay Rakhi, to celebrate the divine and beautiful bond between brothers and sisters. 

For this you only need natural clay and any decorative thread.

Step 1
Roll the clay to ball shape and make a hole at the centre with the help of a pencil

Step 2
Take any seed of your choice to fill in the hole, here I have taken some seed of  the sacred plant Tulsi and filled the hole with these seeds.

Step 3
After this, I have taken the dried flower like pod of plant and fixed this ball on to it. Then secure the clay ball (one with the seeds) with another clay ball using adhesive.

Step 4
Now attach the decorative thread below for tying the rakhi and Lo! it’s ready. You can also color them or have it in its natural form.

The final rakhi looks like this. 

It’s a natural one with seeds that the brother can sow in the soil. As the plant grows, the sis will always be remembered fondly!

That was a lovely post Sabitha. Thank you so much. And, folks that’s not all, we have a beautiful painting print from Sabitha as a giveaway too! The rules are real simple…

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Hope you will try this fab idea for making an Eco Friendly at home. As the festivities begin, we will be back with more posts soon!

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