Saturday, November 22, 2008

Patta Chitra Art

Iam continuing my earlier post on nightbazaar in Hyderabad.Though I have come back to the hustle-bustle of Mumbai life,am kind of still captivated by the beauty of all the handicrafts.

PattaChitra is an age old tradition of making miniature paintings with religious themes originated in Orissa. It is made by hand on specially treated cloth known as patta.
Now a days artists also exhibit this beautiful art form on palm leaves,the themes depicting their village culture.


Art on an Envelope.
Artisans  have tried to create maximum use of their art by making gift envelopes. I must say what a novel idea!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kitchen Ware

It is said that the best kitchen is not only the one that brings to you
lip-smacking dishes but one that houses the appropriate utensils and containers.Hence today's post is on various types of storage boxes like these Ceramic ones in which our grannies preserved jams,murrabbas and pickles..

Dahi or Butter anybody??

Spice containers

On the table..

Sindoordani or box of Pearls?

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