Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today's post is on pebble /rock painting.Sometimes it is quite challenging to decide on the subject that you would choose to paint on a rock.Of course we do have endless possibilities.It can be a doodle, a graphic representation or based on the shape of the rock one can choose the subject to paint.
Now you might wonder why the subject Sanjivani for a post on rock painting. we will soon come to that.

Very recently stumbled upon a rock.It was actually my daughter, who saw this piece and pointed me towards it.By now my family is quite aware of my fondness for rocks,pebbles,twigs and the like.
So it was a good one and I took it immediately.

After pondering for sometime on what I should do with it, I chose to do this.I already had this painted lady rock with me( I gave her a slight makeover for this post) and now on the recent treasure that I picked up, I painted a tree.Not an ordinary one.A Sanjivani. Since I want to pair both of them together, this is the way to be! What do you think?

Don't you think a tree for our nature and the ladies in our home are our sanjivani. A sanjivani is said to possess the power to revive even the dead.That's why we say ...Mother Nature. such an apt name.( Mother & Nature go hand in hand)

Some more of my painted stone collection.Have a dekko. And this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon, infact a rainy afternoon... tea/coffee, some munchies, may be even your favourite music.So take out your paints and collected rocks and give a  facelift to your balcony too! Hope you are enjoying the monsoons and my post.Stay tuned folks.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Vessels for everyday cooking!

My grand-mother-in-law once told me that half the battle in the kitchen is won if you have the proper utensils( not that the kitchen is a battle ground!) but often I realize the truth in the so - casually made statement.

The ladle -the one with holes in it, my mother had one in which she used to fry 'boondi laadoo'

When we cook for a family of four which is often in my case, you get  hold of the quantity of item that will suffice for the small family but what happens when there are guests.How are we supposed to measure? Again the size of the vessel plays a huge role.Take the vessel that you think should be sufficient and yes this tip will ensure that your dish is not less for your guests !

Serve-ware-so fascinating!

Such enamel ware were a craze in the 90's

Another useful and mindful tip is that one must enjoy whole heartedly the process of cooking.And for this if you use vessels that appeal to you and looks interesting, you will make yummy food!Believe me it works.

Oh! those ladles,fork and spoons!

And last but the least if you are one like me who loves everything vintage,antique,passed-on, rustic( call it by any name) you are sure to create magic in the kitchen just like your grand-ma did! Cook meal in those utensils from the past, associating yourself with the memories of an era gone by and be ready to accept appreciation graciously, for the food you served your guests.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

DIY with newspaper

Let us see how we can use newspaper to make a basket and some pretty coasters.Once they are made they become very sturdy and the best part is we get to make them with something as simple as newspaper.
So let us get started...


Materials required: Newspaper, glue, paint colours of your choice

Step 1: Take an A4 size newspaper

Step 2: start rolling diagonally from one end to make paper strips.

Step 3: Now roll these fine strips in the form of a circle. Roll the strips tightly one over the other. You will need ten or more such strips to make the circular base. Glue each strips firmly with fevicol. You can spread the fevicol a little lavishly for firm binding. Do not worry. Fevicol will become transparent once dry. Also make such circular rolls for the sides. Depending upon the diameter of the base, the number of circles on the sides will vary.

Final step: Glue all the circles on the sides, next to each other on the base. Let it dry. You can apply a coat of varnish as protective layer. Mix equal parts of fevicol and water to prepare the varnish. Apply it generously on the basket which is now ready. This also gives a shine to your basket. You can even paint it with your choicest colours and make it prettier! Add embellishments like mirrors, buttons, sea shells for added effect.

Tell me,did you find this interesting?

Now for the second DIY it's pretty much similar to the basket that we made just now.

DIY Coasters

You have to follow the same instructions till the 3rd step in the above DIY . You roll the newspapers in circles and make it as big as you need by rolling and attaching more newspaper strips.Then you can paint pretty designs on the coasters and yep! they are ready.Give a generous coat of varnish by mixing fevicol and water in equal amount. The varnish acts as a protective layer.You can make a circle with large diameter and use it as a place mat too!
Here are two coasters that I made.

These DIY are part of the DIY series  that am engaged with at the moment for Asian Paints. You can have a look at their Pinterest board here for more DIY's from me.Let me know what you think of them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The 'Bath' rooms...

How do you make your Powder rooms / rest rooms or in plain terms your bathroom interesting? Well, I know for sure this is one of the most neglected space in our homes.But a little effort here and a little thought there and you can have a bathroom that will also be at least as much talked as the rest of the house.

Let us start with the basics .So the hardware is all there, but pay a little more attention to the decor in the restroom.May be an interesting element such as these lovely Rajasthani jodis that are hung on to the mirror ...what say?


Adding some accessories in the dry area should also attract more eyeballs...

Inspire Bohemia: Bohemian Bathrooms:

I know this looks rustic but the copper pots and buckets and the wooden mirror is a sure crowd puller or if you want to go for sophistication it is

bathroom ceramic wall tile CHINOISERIE Cheryl Hazan mosaic, lovely:

Also, let us have a good mirror there.May be one that is large in size.Well you know, size does matter many a times!

You Sang To Me:

And how beautiful is that laundry basket.I love the green and may be also some plants or a pretty flower arrangement to complete the set up!.

Then one could always opt for a washbasin like this .... Gives a vintage feel. Isn't it ?

Munnu Kasliwal's Farm house on the outskirts of Jaipur : Country living Indian Style @ Artnlight with Vineeta Nair:

Or customize our very own 'Uruli' to a basin...

Linkasink bronze bowl with handles. A metallic wash basin inspired in Indian traditional cooking vessel.:

But this according to me is a dark space so one would have to play with colours here to make it more cheerful.May be something like this..

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and let us not forget the storage...Some Indian wicker baskets can come handy here.

Pool Towel Storage:

Now for some more inspiration...

The mosiac backlash tiles are so pretty...Would love to have something like this in my bathrooms.

Indian-Inspired Mosaics Backsplash Gorgeous:

And in the company of rose petals I would never want to come out of the bath.

- Arab Life pictures: home decor, love it, got to be a future project for my house ..:

this sink!:

Colorful tiles are everything.:

Take your pick and choose the one that works for you and enjoy the much needed 'me-time' in the cosy confines of your rest room.

Image courtesy : My pinterest board
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