Monday, February 27, 2017

Glimpses from the abode of Veena Murali

I have always maintained that every home gives out the personality of the home owner. When you enter a home for the first time, the feel and appeal of the place says a lot about the people residing in there.A warm and welcoming space can give you positive vibes like none other! To soak in that energy a complete house tour is not necessary. A certain peek here and a glimpse there can do the needful.And that's what precisely we are about to do today.

This home that we are about to enter belongs to Veena Murali and her lovely family!

This is her take on Home and interiors...

Home is where we all feel comfortable. According to me, it shouldn't be considered just as the place you sleep at night", but should have a theme and  neatly arranged irrespective of  whether the home is big or small. Design your home on your own to make sure it caters to your needs. For example I like lot of natural light in the rooms and also try to keep it simple in terms of the way I organize my rooms. I always strive to keep my house neat and clean (this is not easy when you have a toddler in the house) rather than stocking expensive artifacts and showpieces. A neat and well organized home spreads a lot of positive energy. 

So, so true isn't it?

Veena loves the traditional Indian style of decor which can be very much seen in every corner that she has designed.We are going to see her home in bits and pieces but at the end you will have a clear picture of the beautiful home she has created for herself and her family!

My heart swings along with the brass hanging!

Intricate jaali work on the seater...

Get a close look...

Appreciation for all things Indian is so so evident. Another aspect that I wanted to stress upon is, this is Veena's rented place and you know rented places can come with a lot of limitation.But as it is said rightly there can be no limitation to one's own creativity and ideas!

Have a look at the arrangements on her coffee table and consoles...

She encourages you to bring nature inside.In her words,"Do keep lot of greens, make it Eco friendly. There are some indoor plants available in the market which can give a very natural feel to the whole set-up. Be a keen observer where ever you go. Observations and creativity results in new ideas and designs."

The presence of  wood in her decor is ubiquitous. The dining table, the cot in her bedroom, the furniture in the living room are enriched with  Indian craftsmanship.

Once again the work on the chairs has me enthralled!

I loved the coziness that fills her space, that comes only when you put your heart and soul, while you design your home.I am glad she opened her home for me and the readers of sajavat.Hope you loved her home too!

Veena worked as a telecom engineer and resigned when her son was born. But now that he is 3 years old, she is lucky to find some time to work as a freelance interior designer, share ideas on to her blog on her travel experiences and all about decor & art. You can find more of her work on her Blog and Facebook Page  

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