Monday, June 25, 2012


Today am going to talk write about two online stores.

ARASTAN caught my attention when I was having my morning tea and reading newspaper.

"IT is an online store that curates rare and handpicked treasures from exotic bazaars along the ancient silk route.From gorgeous handmade carpets to striking objets d'art and fascinating tribal jewellery, each piece is a collectible with a story." That is how they descibe themselves.
Some of their jewels to drool at...

visit them at

Craftsvilla is an online destination for shopholics.I was most impressed by certain ecofriendly products that they offer.I have done a "pick & choose" and come out with my personal favourites.Though not sure about the pricing part but if can get the best at the click of a mouse what more can you ask for.









You can visit their site at

Monday, June 18, 2012


Let me take you all on a Home tour of Reenu Mohindra who is based in Dubai.

Reenu's thoughts about HOME.

 "For me home is a place where when your husband or kids come home they should get a homely feeling from the moment they enter the house. The  soothing colors and aesthetics combined with practical aspects of  different parts of the house should give peace to their mind and body after hectic day in office or school."

After marriage they have been living in different parts of the world including Kenya, Bahrain, India & Dubai. Also due to frequent travel because of her husband’s job she got the opportunity to see various parts of the
world. This gave her an opportunity to blend the best designs from different regions and cultures.
This hobby and passion has now turned into profession and she has been
pursuing ethnic wall arts, Lippan Arts, Kutch Arts, Mud Mirror &
Thread Panels.

Let me not make you wait anymore.

Reenu's home and her home in her words.

Drawing Room

Our drawing room is primarily divided into two sections one is ethnic
and traditional; the other is modern and contemporary. The only colors
used in modern and contemporary are contrast of black and grey with
the exception of one corner which has burgundy colors cushion sitting.
The ethnic section has influences of the famous Chowki Dhani of
Jaipur, Rajasthan both in terms of the mud wall with murals and
interior of that section.

The corridors with family photographs on one side.


The bedroom has white leather bed with attached night stand along with
sofa cum bed, white cabinet, and book rack on the wall. The wall clock
has various pictures of the family. We have purposely not kept any TV
in this room.

Dining Room

Our dining room has lot of British influences with extensive use of
exclusive white dining table with leather upholstery, picture of the
vibrant and trendy Oxford street, mirrors on the wall

Kids room

The kids room comprises of low bed for kids, sofa cum bed, two
beautiful small finger sofas for the kids. The room is full of stuffed
toys, dolls, kitchen sets, baby toy strollers, and baby cycles. Our
kids love to spend a lot of time in this room

That was a nice, cosy home Reenu!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Yes in Bangalore now. Moving places can really take a toll on you physically as well as emotionally says patty from coloursdekor and I have to truly agree with her. After all the hassles of shifting, we thought, before we finally begin a new life here, lets take a break.
So we drove to AVANTHY ESTATES near Chikmagalur. An intresting fact about Chickmagalur,The name means 'village of a little girl'. To me it sounds very romantic.

The estate is full of coffee plantations.I can still smell the aroma of coffee. hmm.. It was a modest cottage amidst good flora and fauna and had a very earthy feel to it. what intrested me most was the entire space was decorated with knicknacks. Near the cottage a beautiful river flowed and we made the most of it!!
now let the pics do the talking.

The cottage and its enterance

Our room

We sipped our early morning tea/coffee here

Intresting mirrors

Masks in various sizes and shapes adored many walls

Beautiful pot near the basin to pull out napkins!!

Lovely niches

This actually took my heart away- old yet beautiful

Enjoyed this trip and looking forward to many more.
In and around Bangalore, hopefully there will be more of such trips and those posts will follow soon.
So give me company friends. Together we will make lovely memories!
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