Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Navratri and" kolu"

It took me a while to write this post,simply bcoz didn't know  from where to start.
May be since I was away for a long time..
This post comes a little late..I know..but really wanted to share this Navratri memories with all of you.

In South, we have this custom of exhibiting dolls called kolu in steps (padi).
There are 9steps in which these dolls ranging from idols of various Gods, their avatar, processions,the famous marapachi dolls(both male and female),chettiar bommai etc;are displayed.

This navratri I visited the  SIES TEMPLE in Nerul (Mumbai).

As you will agree they were arranged beautifully.

The kolu with the marapachi(wooden) dolls on the floor(far left)

Devotees praying in front of a temple

Various Gods and Goddess

Procession in front of a temple with a couple doing the 'Namaskaram'

Ladies engaged in Villakku(lamps) puja

Beautiful appliqued lamps

such vibrant colours...

Waiting for the next big festival Diwali, to  arrive.Diwali, lets our home get a new look & people are in their best spirit.

The skyline is lit with firecrackers.A variety of mouth watering sweets. Hmm...
So see you all soon.
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