Thursday, October 19, 2017

Deepams from Sapna's home

Lights,lamps diyas, flowers, colours, rangoli, brass, silver, glitter and sparkles are all that creates the festive ambiance on Diwali nite. Today, we are about to visit Sapna's abode and have a look at her Diwali vignettes.. Come, join me on a virtual tour to her place!

Lights that illuminate all corners ...

love the shadow play

The conch lamp is an unique one..different arrangements but it brings life to each one!

At the entrance...

Cute little stuffed elephants that carry  lights on their head.The market these days are flooded with all kinds of lights but the ones that appeals to us, at the first glance comes home. Isn't it?

These were some corners of Sapna's home.How are you bringing that festive cheer into your homes? Any special tips that you would like to share, write to me dear people!Would love to hear from you. Meanwhile do check out my pinterest board and instagram account for all updates and news from sajavat.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Diwali vignettes

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festival in our country. I know most households would have started with their customary annual cleaning, done with their shopping for clothes and gifts and the lady of the Home would have put their thinking caps on as to what sweets and savouries should be made! Now, as we entertain family and friends during Diwali we would like our cosy nests to be decked up too!

Sometimes it is more or less a challenge to give a different and unique look each year. I have put up some vignettes around home which is a little special than those on regular days.
Rangoli or kolam, flowers, garlands, brass & silver artifacts are stuff that goes with the spirit of festival of lights.

Have a look at these arrangements and with a slight twist you can create your own look for the year!

 The humble rangoli frame in a new avatar:

The rangoli making frame is so useful to design pretty and colourful artwork on floor. As in my case, I have used it as a tray to hold my diyas. I have styled my dining table ( which sure is where all the action happens!) with a colourful runner, gathered all the pretty brass and earthen diyas and arranged on the frame. Use battery operated T lights or the regular T lights on these diyas so that there is no hassle of cleaning up either! Now off you go ! The dining table with all the lip smacking traditional goodies is all bright and lit up!!
Believe me it will be a novel idea... Try it out...

Decorating with deities:

The duo of Ganesha and Lakshmi are worshiped on Deepavali, so it only makes sense that you dedicate portions of your home to invoke their blessings.
If you observe the above vignette it includes idols, sticker kolam, metal balls of light and a coconut candle. The coconut candle holder is an interesting and an easy DIY.
As you break the coconut into half and use the fruit in your cooking,scrape out all the residual from the shell.Now you can fill each half with wax (in molten form) which is easily available in market.Place a wick inside the wax before it sets. There you have a coconut shell Diya. Isn't that unique?

A closer view of the coconut shell lamp...I have placed some rose petals inside and drawn a simple pattern on the outside to enhance it.

DIY's are fun because it indicates your level of involvement.

Add silver for the festive touch:

Diwali is also about  bling, sparkle and glitter.Do not hide your silverware in your wardrobe. Time to bring them out.
Remove the accumulated tarnish on the silverware, arrange them together and you have a pretty vignette.
I don't light up all my silver lamps since they cant hold enough oil but they are just too beautiful not to be used!This is my alternate use of all these pretty stuff. I display them on these special days and feel blessed!

Did you like the look of my home on Diwali this year? I hope you do! Share your home with sajavat and its readers. I will be happy to feature them on my blog.
Have a safe and happy time with your near and dear ones!

Shubh Deepavali !!!

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