Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A NEW NEST......

As I told you in my previous post,we have recently moved into our new home and today I would like to share the excitement and all the preparations that went during the Gruhapravesh stage.

Apart from all the usual chaos like the presence of carpenters inside the home,running around for last minute shopping of pooja necessities one thing that I was really wanting to do was buying return gifts for family and friends..Many options came to mind and after several rounds of various gifts and curio shops,we (me and my hubby) decided it should be useful, at the same time unique.Finally I thought JARS can be a good gifting option.

And so we narrowed down on two different shaped ones..They came in their own boxes but I wasn't sure I wanted to gift  them that way..then decided to present them in cloth bags ..

Then , since long I have liked the idea of using gift tags...so it occurred to me that I can use handmade paper to cut out tags..On one side I wrote" THANK YOU".  and on the other side various home quotes.

Found many suitable quotes about home on the net.

To give you an idea,some of these were..

Welcome...May all who come as guests  ****Leave as friends

Home is where life begins...and love never ends.

May our home be warm and guests be many..

Home is where the heart is..

Also thought of filling the jars with Rasogullas but you know our GRUHAPRAVESH POOJA was early in the morning  and I could not have bought them  and stored them the previous night.That was to say, a big difficulty for me..Though my hubby is supportive and equally excited about these things he is not mad like me..If u know what I mean.Hence had to drop the idea of Rasogulla but then had to satisfy my urge by putting a packet of kissmiss in each jars.

These tags are a common feature now a days in many western countries and it is catching up fast here too..

Another thought that I have often fancied is hanging up strings of  YELLOW AND ORANGE MARIGOLD inside home..They look so gorgeous and uplift the mood and space..

Some more pics laden with flowers and kolams (beautifully made by my MA and MIL )...

I have often wondered.. It takes days to organize things before an event and always accompanied with a lot of confusion..to do or not.. but when  the D- day arrives, things do turn out on a positive note..and so it was.. our entry into our new nest also happened smoothly amidst the presence of all our loved ones..We enjoyed hosting.. can only hope, the guests too were happy!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Official Blogger at fashion@home Portico

Hi folks,

Am now a blogger at fashion @ home portico India.

Portico is one of the fastest growing home styling solutions company in the Indian market today.
They focus on innovation at every step and it is at the heart of everything they do.
Portico tries to keep pace with the changing trends of global fashion.

So to give you all, an idea of my post...Tell me how do you fill  a new home with?

Love,warmth and lots of COLOUR.

Yes that's the subject of my post on their blog.

Do check out the following link and let me know what you think!!


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