Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Guest post- Create captivating vignettes with greens!

The last post on sajavat was about welcoming greenery into every nook and corner of your home with a little DIY twist. If you haven't had a chance to read it, go thru it here.

Sabita Sahu of the blog Coloraaga, who also happens to be an ardent reader of sajavat has sent in her ideas and ways to implement nature in your decor.
She is sharing with us some tips and tricks about styling greens and blooms indoors to give warmth and colors to your home.

Over to her for now...

One of the easiest and inexpensive way to embellish your home is choosing Plants.They will definitely make you fall in love with your home everyday.When they are placed indoors, let their freshness add beauty to your decor!
So are you the one with a green thumb? Then this will work out great for you. 

Make some fresh blooms float on water in your home which greatly lifts up the look of any space.

Add pebbles or paint them to use along with your plants.

Use interesting clay holders to place some fresh blooms on your tables.

Place any interesting branches or twigs in a coffee mug at your workplace.

You can also make use of old toys to hold your planters  for creating special look indoors.

Combine your green with some cushions with leaves and floral patterns to make them look refreshing with exuberant colors.

Use wooden artifacts along with greens to create statement piece.

Prepare your coffee table and nooks with these natural decor elements.

Remember to pick plants which don't need much sunlight.

 So start incorporating your garden greens indoors. As you have huge options in front of you, make your own choice and drape your home in fresh greens and enjoy decorating.

Thanks Sabita for the wonderful post. Am sure, the readers  are going to find this interesting and useful and shall incorporate within their home!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

That time of the year!

It's that time of the year when you start noticing the beauty of nature! When you wish to have a green space like none other, when you want to bring the plants indoors!
Yes, all of these because it is going to be summer soon and we are in that transition phase from one season to another.

Am going to share some table arrangements with all of you. Each day, for the last week I changed the set-up having different plants (read succulents) on the table top and accordingly pairing other knickknack along with the greens. But there is another twist in the story. Seeing all the succulents doing well, my heart also itched to give a handmade touch to it.
So, all the planters that you will now see also bears my stamp. you tell me have they turned out well?

I have a hibiscus plant which flowers in this shade of yellow.Such a cheerful colour that I thought of painting it on this pot.That way the hibiscus will be forever with us!

A jade plant is said to bring good fortune. Good luck or not, it sure bought happiness inside.A small "chidiya" that I saw on my dining table runner is now etched on the pot!

This plant has slight rough edges but nevertheless I enjoyed its company and to top it all, I have always loved the shape of this planter!

A south Indian inspired rangoli( kolam) design on the pot of the Tulsi plant.Since in our Indian culture Tulsi is considered sacred, thought that the traditional motif would do well!

Some floating flowers in an earthen uruli which depicts a happy village harvesting scene.

I always feel elated when I can create something and give a unique touch to the small arrangements that we keep on having at home but  you tell me, did you like these vignettes?

Any other different and interesting ideas you have, which you would want to share with the readers of Sajavat. I shall be glad to feature it.
 Enjoy the season folks with changes in your decor.Keep yourself cheerful & healthy and lead a peaceful life!

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