Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Home tour

This is the first home tour of the year. Home tours are always special because they give us a fresh perspective on housekeeping and decorating.

Today, we visit Jumpi's home. She has a background in textiles and also has a degree in Botany. The love for both reflects in her home. Most of the furnishings  at her place, have been designed by her. 

Then there are plants in various corners of her home that lend such a warm look. I have always believed that plants help in highlighting a given space, which is again very evident in the way Jumpi has styled them.

I have been following Jumpi on Instagram for a long time now and what pulled me towards her feed and home are the personal touches that she has managed to give her home by way of  various DIY's  A house becomes a home only when one takes genuine interest and efforts in the upkeep of the home.  Then the vibe is unmistakable.

These are some of the paintings done by her. She sure has a great hand.

These again are worn out frying pans which were to be discarded and given away to the kabadi waala but she saw the potential in those pans and see how beautifully they have been transformed!

Another genuinity...

These Amaltas pods have been given this vibrant look and does it look any less than an art installation?

Okay for some more eye candy corners...

The last image will sum up Jumpi's love for her space and also is the mantra for all home decor lovers.

Did you enjoy this home tour. Will be soon presenting you with another happy space! 

Till then, take care, stay safe and healthy at home  🏡 

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