Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Batua and A Kantha Embroidery

Last month on my anniversary,I got some valuable gifts..two of which I want to share with all of you.It will be the most treasured ones..always.

They are handmade by my mother...that makes it all the more special..

Intrestingly,the mirrors on either side of the batua are recycled.they are taken off from the handheld plastic mirrors that one often gets in all our haldi-kumkum functions.(I wonder do people really use them!)

Kantha Embroidery on the front panel of salwar kameez

She is always been my inspiration and source for instilling in me  decor sense. With whatever we had, her hands used to make it appealing. I remember the times when we used to move places every 4-5 years and we had this big wooden boxes or trunks.she would cover it with the best bed spread.keep some cushions on it and lo! it changed into a seating.

Many people appreciate my sense of styling in our home and today I want to attribute and give these credits to my loving Ma.

Friday, July 5, 2013


 We had been to ooty and coonoor last holidays. In Ooty we saw the most ancient settlements of the Toda tribe.They belong to the Nilgiris in Tamilnadu.

The Toda embroidery is very fascinating. Todas always use black and red thread on a white background.

I also got the opportunity  to interact with toda women at work.Apart from the usual toda shawls,cushions,pouches ,mufflers they also make these embroidery on bedsheets and pillow covers.
 The black,red and white is such a wonderful combo.you really  will fall in love,the moment you set your eyes on them.

They also serve as a unique gifting option.
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