Friday, August 20, 2010

Motifs..Of Peacocks,Elephants,Paisley designs

I have often wondered why these designs are so preferred over the others but these age old traditional motifs are so enchanting that you just cannot give them up!!

Isn't it so? Have a dekko

peacock Pendant

The picture isn't half as pretty as the pendant itself{my poor photography skills}

Traditional peacock motif on a south silk saree

Paisley design

Black and Golden Paisley designed kurta from BIBA, The famous fashion house

Silver Zardosi on a saree

What a bracelet!!

Elephants on a placemat

Elephants are huge,strong and sturdy but the intricacy of this delicate design fascinates me.I have all the mind to embroider this motif on a bedsheet.what do u think?

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