Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Warli again!

Yet another one on warli! Are you bored of so many posts on Warli?

We have a small group of fun loving girls gang and the team is called Sakhi Sanskriti.We meet once or twice a month,have fun,play games,enjoy the weather, snacking is ofcourse a part of all this and above all we celebrate each other's birthday!!

You all must be thinking why am I sharing all this with my blogger friends?
Here comes the Warli part.On each birthday we gift a warli card to the birthday girlies. Have a look!

The cards have warli design on them and while making these I have struck to a theme of one tree and two women on them.

 So here are two lovely ladies chit chatting and having a wonderful time among these trees.Trees and ladies have many a thing in common. Both are pillars of strength.one for the environment and the other in a society. Ever imagined a home without the mother? She is the lady of the house. Just like a women, a tree is also a mother.

Please save trees and respect women!!

enjoy the warli cards!

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