Friday, January 21, 2011

A makeover story

A unique experience

Hey guys am so excited!!
Got a makeover done at my home by ASIAN PAINTS.Many of you may be aware of the "SURPRISE YOUR SPOUSE" campaign launched by Asian Paints for their Royale play brand. Am sure you would have seen Saif Ali khan ad where he is a part of a makeover process.
Bad luck,couldn't meet him though!
when I saw this ad,I thought it was time to give a real surprise to my husband and a makeover surprise adds such a fun element to the whole concept.


The plain wall

well it all started with fixing "the day" for the makeover.I chose a working day so that my hubby is away for the better part of the day.Finalised the combing texture and Mango as the base coat,Glowing rust as the top coat.
I chose this shade keeping in mind the rest of the decor.The idea was that the wall is highlighted at the same time it should blend in with the other decor element which is almost beige and orange in my home.ROYALE PLAY has a variety of shades and textures to chose from,actually you are spoilt for choice here.

I chose a wall which is the most highlighted in our house so that after the makeover it gets a more enhanced look.

Asian paints were there at my place by 10 am on the chosen day.They began working first by masking certain areas so as to make sure that there is no mess in other areas.Then they had to scrape the wall to smoothen it.Thereafter applied the base coat Mango,we joked that it looks as yummy as aamras.

Applying base coat-Mango

After the first coat

After an hour or so after the first coat dried it was time for the final coat.

Top coat-Glowing Rust

Making patterns on the wall-Texture-Combing

This was the most guy applied the glowing rust where as the other guy used this combing tool to create the design and the required effect.
Lo and Behold! by 4p.m we were done.It was quick and mess free.

Final look

Now the wait was for my husband for whom we were taking all the pain.I had this butterfly feeling in my stomach.But all is well that ends well.He was surprised to no end that I could do something of this sort behind his back.

The Royale wall

The wall looks beautiful.
It really lends a character of its own and stands out.
I had a lovely experience.

You can watch the youtube video on

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Sankranti and Pongal-o-pongal

Happy Sankranti to one and all.

India being an agricultural country, harvest season is celebrated throughout our country with great enthusiasm and fervour.
It may have different names but the festival is a celebration of the farmers, their lands and cows and signifies the harvest season.In Maharashtra it is the Makar Sankranti.

open the lid to taste the pongal

In Tamilnadu Pongal wherein 'Pongal' a prasadam (made with rice and jaggery) also with the same name is made to overflow from an earthen pot with the intention that the year ahead also overflows with peace and happiness.
so lets say together Pongal-o-Pongal.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Home decor tips- Living room

For the second part in this series of home decor tips, let me invite you inside the living area

Lets step into the hall,drawing room or living room whatever you may choose to call it.
An intresting piece of information about drawing room is that the name is derived from the sixteenth-century term "withdrawing room" and "withdrawing chamber," A withdrawing room was a room to which the owner of the house, his wife, or a distinguished guest who was occupying one of the main apartments in the house could "withdraw" for more privacy.
Until the mid-twentieth century, after a dinner the ladies of a dinner party would withdraw to the drawing room, leaving the gentlemen at table, where the cloth was removed. After an interval of conversation, the gentlemen would rejoin the ladies in the drawing room.
Certain points to keep in mind before you do up your living room.
1.Always keep the area in mind. keep it clutter free.
only include those that will make the room look larger.

2.Straight line furniture goes a long way in achieving this.
3.The frames that you hang on the walls should be at eye level. can make a room look larger by using mirrors and glass.
5.Include pieces that you truly admire and not because it is seen everywhere.
6.Living room ideally should be a zone where you relax and therefore comfortability should be a priority.
7.If you prefer Indian sitting throw cushions look wonderful.
8.vibrant rugs,carpets,mats in pretty prints can be added to achieve a colourful room.
9.Try creating a focal point.
10.keep the decor changing at regular intervals by playing around with your furniture.fresh flowers,drawings by your kids can all add that personal touch in your home.
11.If its a living cum dining area,keep the dining table small.
12.Adequate lighting brightens up the space.If natural lighting is limited there is a variety of artificial lighting available in the market.This will make the room warm and inviting.
13.One can go in for light colours on the walls and for the upholestry so that the accessory chosen can be brighter.
14.white and cream looks serene but when interspersed with florals,the room will look magical.
15.let your room always be colour co-ordinated.

some pics from my sister's living room

Keep watching this space for more pics on living room.
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