Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Flowers say it all!

Flowers breathe life into your decor. There is absolutely no need to buy expensive flowers to ace up your homes. Simple, thoughtful ideas are all you need to add that extra zing!

With Valentine around the corner, you may want to express your love with florals. Yes, these ideas can be done by the men for their lady love too!

Instead of going in for those bouquets, whose prices just shoot up during February,  better to try your hand . After all, handmades are special anyday.

Scout for those pretty bottles,  jars , vases in your home. You might have not realized  but your kitchen holds all of these treasures and more.

A pickle jar and three peach roses...

Jars like these can be used all around home

On the dining table...

Contrasting colours...

Lemons to quench your thirst or for floral fixes?

Colourful display

Tamarind seeds in a clear glass base. btw it is a terrarium bowl
So, did you like these simple arrangements? Instead of one big central floral decoration, place these flowers all around your home. Your valentine will sure not miss your warmth and thoughtful gesture.
Celebrate Valentine in style❤

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

From House to Home- Manisha Kapoor's residence

A thing of beauty is joy forever! - John Keats

This rings absolutely true every time, you visit Manisha's home in Central Mumbai. From converting the house to a warm and vibrant home, it took Manisha about 6 months to do up the interiors completely. She took her time, was in no hurry because she had imagined a certain look for her home and wanted to turn her imagination into reality.

Her family of five, including her two adorable dogs occupy this space, which is contemporary but with a touch of traditional elements like brass and wood.
As, I take you, through a visual treat, you will agree that 'modern marries the traditional' is followed through out, with one area effortlessly merging with the other.

I discovered her home in a facebook group and was itching since then to showcase her space to all. So, here we go...

The entrance...

Does the not so neutral colour scheme surprise you? well...this is what pushed me, to give her home a second glance because i understand that when you choose a dark coloured wall paper, the onus of carrying off this look is not easy!

I asked Manisha,on how she finalised on this. And this is what she had to say,
"While we had always wanted a slightly darkish grey look, we only got the confidence to go really dark when we picked the wall paper for my daughter’s room (silver-black) and then the matching paint with it. We tried a lighter grey but it just didn’t look good with the wall paper. So we went dark, with a little apprehension, but once we put a patch on the wall, we were convinced how gorgeous it looked.
I went through so many pinterest  pics to convince myself, and eventually just decided to take the plunge. Am so glad because everything really stands out against a dark color. In fact, my designer who was helping me, also said that she had never done anything dark like this, and she was so glad that I took the decision. We have a lot of natural light in our home, and also high ceilings, so we could carry off dark walls very well I feel."

Moving on to the living room...

There is a bold use of colours and patterns. And a confident putting together of disparate things that go together. The final effect is impactful, elegant and inviting.  Friends and family who have visited have immediately been enthralled by the interiors, and  are noticing every single detail.

Those chandeliers...fine detailing with pearls and crystals

There is gold leaf bordering done on the wall that run through out and sandpapered to create a distressed wooden look.

Do you notice the antique finish console out there ?


Bedroom Goals  

I found it difficult to rest my eyes on one particular object, such is the impactful presence of bold n beautiful elements in all her bedrooms, whether it is the classic wooden jaali worked cots, the banana botanical on the walls or the subtly laid flooring giving a very cohesive look to the entire set up.

Vintage cot

The other areas...

Hexagonal tiles with snowflakes and lotus motifs


Brass and wood.. ever together!

Artistic ... I say!
Manisha says, "I believe that design is successful when every detail is thought through. This doesn’t mean that every single thing has to be totally coordinated as that makes things very flat. At the end of the day, a home represents your past, present and future and everything in your home should say the story of your life.

Everyday when you get back to your house, it must feel like home. Comforting, pleasing  to look at, and functional for smooth living.

I am a Bombay girl, and a brand and marketing strategist by profession. But I have always had an eye for beautiful spaces and designs. Whether it’s my saree collection or my home, everything is a celebration of beauty."

The view from her balcony... Somethings can never have a comparison and I believe Manisha's home is one such. Unparalleled beauty !

One can draw many inspirations from her home. To follow one's heart and never be too shy to experiment is what I conclude after virtually visiting her abode. Tell me what draws you to her place. Manisha and myself will be glad to hear from you.

You can follow her Instagram handle here

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