Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cherishing memories with Photojaanic

Remember the time of camera rolls? Yes...once upon a time and then technological advancement happened! In this digital age all the pictures that we click (which is every now and then) gets stored in files and folders of our high end gadgets. But for people like me who are torn between the "Guzara hua zamana" and the "Need of the hour" crave for seeing their memories in print often. So, then what options do we have?
Welcome to the world of Photojaanic !

Photojaanic helps you do wonderful things with your photos in a jiffy! It offers a multitude of services like photo books, tabletop mount, magnets, wall photo frames, collage poster and canvas lite.

Very recently, we celebrated our 15th anniversary and I really wanted special moments of our life to be captured and displayed in our bedroom wall. For this  I chose Canvas Lite.

This is a beautiful way to get your photos on to a canvas and they have varying sizes too, to suit your needs!

From one of our many travels...Before going up on the wall

Going traditional to celebrate the Big Day!

Let me give you an idea of how it works. In a series of  5 simple steps you can have your memories  printed and cherished forever on the canvas !

To begin with...

1.You visit the Photojaanic website
2. Look for Wall Art in the header and you again have a range of options to choose from.I opted for  Canvas Lite. You can even choose the size that you would want. This should be done in accordance with the wall where you would be displaying your photo art.

 I chose the 12*18 portrait size as I felt that the photos I had selected would suit the size.

3. Keep the selected photos ready with you  on your device and just 'Get Started' ! Yes! that simple.

4.Again here, you have various themes to chose from.Keeping the photo that you want to display, choose the theme. They have baby themes, themes for the newly wed, joyous moments and I went in for the Full image. A style for every occasion!

5. Upload your photo, edit it, if need be, look at the preview on offer, finalize, make the payment using all regular payment methods and now just sit back and relax!!!

Your shipment would be on its way and delivered to you safe and sound within 4-5 days.
Some details worth mentioning are:

1.Durable canvas material with gloss finish to protect your images.

2.Images wrap fully around 0.5" thin sides.

 3.Wall mount hook attached at the back for easy display on walls

These photo prints are ready to be  put up on the wall as soon as they have been unwrapped from the packaging. Canvas lite prints don't require glass and are lightweight, so they're safe and convenient to use. Let your walls do the talking!

 Some points worth remembering while you choose the snap to be printed are:

 1. A high resolution image is always recommended, otherwise you may not get the desired results.

2. There should be a sense of balance between the subject and the background

 My treasured memories are up on the wall now and this is how it looks!

Ideal for the bedroom... What say?

A closer look...

And its not only photos, it can be pictures of your home or your child's art that you would want to put up as art on the walls of your home. There are many options, I tell you! Go and check them out. Come back to me and let me know how you like it. Signing off for now .See you real soon!


Sapna said...

Looks beautiful and makes such an inpression!

squares said...

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Sangitha Aanand said...

Thank you Sapna, glad you liked it

Anson said...

Great cherished moments stored and created from Photojaanic.
Looks beautiful.

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