Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home decor tips- entrance or foyer area

So...A year almost coming to an end.How do you intend to welcome 2011?
With a big bang of HAPPINESS,LAUGHTER and of course a clean,pleasant and a stunning HOME.
Starting this week I plan to dedicate a separate post to each and every room in a house.Hope you will enjoy this house tour.

where do we start?

Right at the entrance of the house.The entrance to any home can give a wonderful insight to the people residing inside.

what do we do to enhance the outer portion of our home? In a place like Mumbai people live in flats and they are deprived of a garden or a courtyard in front of their homes.But a rangoli or a flower arrangement can work wonders.

A beautiful peacock rangoli to welcome your guests at the entrance.
(My neighbour's creation)

some floating flowers..

Rangoli design made by my mother(with rice paste),some flowers ,and a diya or a candle...

Step inside for a beautiful interior and into a wonderful 2011!

Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Missing the blogging world!

So much has been happening in the world of blogging and I have been missing them terribly. At the same time life could not have been better for me. Iam now mother of a little boy too! So with two kids around, things are moving with jet speed. Now I intend to hit blogging again!
Just thought of sharing this wonderful news with all of you.

Take a look at the gorgeous kids room.
Iam now thinking of a makeover at my home.

Have a cheerful day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Warli again!

Yet another one on warli! Are you bored of so many posts on Warli?

We have a small group of fun loving girls gang and the team is called Sakhi Sanskriti.We meet once or twice a month,have fun,play games,enjoy the weather, snacking is ofcourse a part of all this and above all we celebrate each other's birthday!!

You all must be thinking why am I sharing all this with my blogger friends?
Here comes the Warli part.On each birthday we gift a warli card to the birthday girlies. Have a look!

The cards have warli design on them and while making these I have struck to a theme of one tree and two women on them.

 So here are two lovely ladies chit chatting and having a wonderful time among these trees.Trees and ladies have many a thing in common. Both are pillars of for the environment and the other in a society. Ever imagined a home without the mother? She is the lady of the house. Just like a women, a tree is also a mother.

Please save trees and respect women!!

enjoy the warli cards!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Motifs..Of Peacocks,Elephants,Paisley designs

I have often wondered why these designs are so preferred over the others but these age old traditional motifs are so enchanting that you just cannot give them up!!

Isn't it so? Have a dekko

peacock Pendant

The picture isn't half as pretty as the pendant itself{my poor photography skills}

Traditional peacock motif on a south silk saree

Paisley design

Black and Golden Paisley designed kurta from BIBA, The famous fashion house

Silver Zardosi on a saree

What a bracelet!!

Elephants on a placemat

Elephants are huge,strong and sturdy but the intricacy of this delicate design fascinates me.I have all the mind to embroider this motif on a bedsheet.what do u think?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More of Warli art

What you see below is a set of six cushion covers made for a dear friend K.
Let me know what u feel!Any other theme that I could have added?
Pls feel free to suggest!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rains-Thank God for small mercies!

After 3-4 months of scorching heat the rains have finally hit Mumbai.
Iam so happy!There is greenary everywhere,birds are chirping,little raindrops have formed on the grills of my window in the kitchen.Today morning two pretty red roses were smiling at me in my balcony!Oh what a wonderful feeling!A nice way to start the day with!
Let me try and make your day as well.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warli on Cushions

I have written about warli before and am so stunned by this beautiful art that I want it to be everywhere!I know overdose of everything is bad but then I couldnt help myself from doing so.I have painted a marriage procession in these cushion covers.Let me know how they have shaped up!

Here comes the handsome groom..

And here is the beautiful bride..

Monday, April 26, 2010

Terracotta Art-Kumbham Pottery

I have a special corner in my heart reserved for pottery,terracotta and ceramics.
Today Iam going to let you into the wonderful world of KUMBHAM.

Jinan began his association with the artisans of Kumbham during 1992. Their joint explorations for the revival and sustainability of the potter craft helped the artisans realise their latent creativity and skills, enabled them to create their tools.designs and products.Kumbham Pottery was thus born.Located in Aruvacode, a tiny hamlet near Nilambur in Malapuram District of Kerala, India, Kumbham has attracted some 80 odd potters to affiliate with it to varying degrees, since its beginnings in 1993.

Today, Kumbham can rightfully claim to have facilitated a product range of over 500 designs, including kitchen and household ware; garden furniture and landscaping products and murals and architectural accessories. Terracotta to Kumbham is state of the art material, not the relic of an age past. Be it landscaping or interior decor, some of the best houses, corporate offices, guest houses, hotels, resorts and gardens in the country have relied on Kumbham to give themselves a refreshingly new aesthetic look.
Have a look.

Wall murals..

Some decoratives like mirror,wallmountings,lampshades,garden accessories etc;

They have also branched out into other crafts like Dhokra,Bamboo and paper craft.
Dhokra Art

Image courtesy Kumbham pottery
For more information please visit the site
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