Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Five must- have decor accessories to jazz up your home this summer

I stepped out yesterday at noon, was exhausting to be in the sun but then as I returned, my home embraced me with a warmness that was soothing.You see, I have summer-readied my home!! I realized it is important to change your decor according to the seasons.

Summers can be draining and harsh but if you have suitably modified your surroundings according to the situation, it can not only be bearable but also very relaxing. Certain decor elements can help you create a home, fit to be called a summer retreat!!!

The basic guide here is to appease your five sense organs. Sight,sound, smell,taste and feel is all that is to be dealt with and automatically calmness is restored and  your spirits are high! Now, let's get cracking on this!

Creating an urban jungle inside

Move greens inside:The plants are going to love it and that will only add up your happiness quotient. Nothing can beat the coolness that plants bring. Strategically place them in groups in various nooks and corners of your home.Good, purified air is guaranteed. Attractive plant holders can be a great accompaniment to these plants. Apart from the greens, the planters add to the colour factor. what say?

Another must have for me during this weather is flowers. I have fresh flowers  from florist arranged in vases.Buying, in fact is not necessary.Gather flowers from your morning walk and arrange them in traditional uruli or floaters. You can immediately feel your decor go one notch up.In fact decorating with greens and flowers also makes your home welcoming to say the least!

1. Accessories required: Planters, vases & floaters

'Thanda Thanda cool cool'

Am not referring to any t.v commercial but that's what the sound of water does to you! Imagine the splish -splash of water and the thought itself is so rejuvenating! You don't have to go to the beach either to hear the waves, sit right in your living room and the trick is to create a zen corner with a water fountain. Do you get the idea?

2. Accessories required: water fountain

Please your olfactory nerve

Now, that you have managed to bring down the temperature by a few degrees, add a sensory experience to it by having a great smelling home. As you enjoy a quiet evening at home or even while you have guests to entertain, (Remember ironically summers are vacation times) light that aromatic or a fruity flavoured fragrance to add to your experience of a 'cool home'.Invest in some good candle stands or the traditional 'dhoop' holders.

3. Accessories required: Candles and fragrant holders

Fashionable addition to your dining table:

Eating and drinking are synonyms with us Indians.Come what may we like to lead a good life but in summers it is equally important for you to be well hydrated. I found a quick fix recently in the form of a real, cool, glass water dispenser! Not only is it a great addition to your table ware but extremely useful in the hot humid months! Fill it up with some fresh lemonade or a strawberry drink , watermelon juice... options are many and it colours to your table as well! To top it all, your kids will be genuinely happy!

4. Accessories required: Glass water dispenser

Fabrics and textiles to the rescue:

One thing that always adds 'oomph' to your decor are the fabrics or the textiles. Be it in the way of cushions, runners, bedspreads or curtains! It is always a good  idea to have summer friendly textiles  that are not very heavy, jazzy or too bright coloured for these months.Light, airy cottons are preferred in summers. Shades in pastels like mint green, ocean blue, pearly whites, peach etc are colours that are soothing to the eyes and the skin! Our mind associates  these colours with fresh breeze, creating a relaxed and refreshed look and feel to our homes!

5. Accessories required: cushion covers, drapes, bedspreads, runners, mats etc

The products that I have mentioned are easily available online too! So, sit in the comforts of your home and go shopping!

Collage of some loveable products  for you to shop from Floma
 Reasonably priced these can add a touch of elegance to your summer inspired decor!

Floaters, vases and planters

Cool, colourful products that can enliven your space

  Hope you will incorporate these tips in your decor. See you soon with yet another entertaining read !


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