Friday, October 21, 2022

How to create a Diwali ready home

Diwali ready home is your everyday space with an extra dose of festive touch! It need not be something that is extravagant and burns a hole in your pocket.

For me, what works best is addition of flowers and lights, change of cushions, fresh bed linen and curtains. Having a clean home is anyway something that everyone aims for before the onset of Deepavali. By the way, if you haven't seen my last post on cleaning and tackling kitchen grime and dirt, do it here.

So, basically create corners in your home with love and warmth. How? Okay, look at these images below to gather some styling tips.

These are various setting created in my living room. Just a combination of elements that sends a happy vibe around your home. 

Styling tip

Colours are a big factor in home decor. How you may ask. Now, scroll to the first image. When I keep a plant on the centre table, I make sure the colour of the runner on the sofa or some other fabric is colour Coordinated.

For instance, the second setting, where in I have placed a cut work white mat on the table plus the plant and red rose petals, the cushion too is white, green and red combo.

The last setting has brass and zardosi cushions as part of the decor and both of these have a classic and ever lasting style. So, do you get the drift of how I plan my decor at home ?

Please do let me know, if you find this post useful or have any queries. I shall be most glad to answer them.

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

To a clean & sparkling Diwali

The most awaited time, Diwali, the festival of lights is celebrated across the country with much pomp and show. The young and the old, friends and family all come together on this happy occasion to indulge in fun & frolic, lip smacking food to well decorated spaces to enjoy the festive fervour dressed in their traditional best.

And a good 10 days before the actual D Day, we start preparing our homes for the festivity ahead. Declutter becomes the mantra, everyone loves to talk about! All traditional decorations like brassware, silver, diya are taken out. Cleaned, polished and various corners of our homes are brightened up with flowers and the like. The mandir or the pooja room becomes the epicentre of activity. New torans are hung. Attractive rangolis are made. Amidst all this, cleaning the entire home and especially the kitchen is a ritual most religiously followed. Afterall, the kitchen is the heart of every home.

Cleaning the gas stove, chimney, backsplash used to give me nightmares, what with all the dirt and grime accumulation. It felt like a test of my muscle power. But not anymore! Let me share with you a cleaning product that makes my ‘Diwali ki safai’ so much easy!

The product in focus here is CIF. It helps to clean tough stains like the grease from our cooking and grime accumulation, leaving surfaces shine like new!

Today, I got down to cleaning my gas stove and the wall behind. The images below stand a testimony to how easy the whole process was.


Notice the stains on the gas stove, burners and the grease on the wall. Well, now I have CIF to my rescue.


With CIF cleaner it is just 3 easy steps to a clean gas stove.

1.       Apply on a damp cloth

2.       Wipe over

3.       Rinse away

Taking a damp kitchen napkin, I applied CIF on it, wiped the gas burners, also applied on the wall and left it for a few minutes. Then you just rinse and wipe with a fresh napkin and lo! you have a clean and sparkling surface.

 New Cif Cream Lemon, with its fresh citrus scent, is packed with millions of natural cleaning particles. This multi-purpose surface cleaner removes 100% of tough dirt for a beautifully clean finish on a range of surfaces. It can be used as a kitchen cleaner to clean hobs, sinks, and kitchen tiles, as well as a bathroom cleaner to clean bathtubs, sinks, and bathroom tiles.

All you’ll need is a tiny squirt to completely remove all kinds of ugly dirt - even those that seem impossible to clean such as encrusted grease and dirty marks from walls.



Well, you sure can see me smiling, can’t you? The satisfaction of a clean kitchen is beyond words. So #Don’tJustCleanIt,CifIt

Sunday, October 9, 2022

The Diwali vibe

How do you create the vibe of any festival at home? Rituals and food to a large extent help us, no doubt. But certain decorative elements are synonymous with festivals and as we all know Diwali is nothing without lamps!!! So, just get on with it.

All kinds of lamps, big or small, brass, silver, metal and our mitti k diye...sab ko chance do!!

It will be an absolute visual treat to see your home well lit on this auspicious day.

Sharing with you many such arrangements from our home from the years gone by.

A simple arrangement on our side table with a peacock lamp inside a uruli and flowers.

This one with silverware. Please, do not keep your silverware locked inside the safety of your locker.  Use them atleast on special occasions.  The fragrance of rajnigandha and the light from the lamps create an interesting tablescape.

Now for some more ...

Just plain T lights, flowers and rangoli...

Mitti k diye as a table centerpiece 

Table arrangement 

Pooja room 

At the entrance 

Candle with food laid on the table is perfect Diwali set up

Now, I leave it upto you to tell me, which one you find the most attractive or the one that screams Diwali.🙃

Shall soon share this year's Diwali decor with you. Till then scroll through my instagram feed here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Festive styling with iTokri

I had the good opportunity to collaborate with a brand like iTokri, India's best handpicked artisanal product shop.

iTokri  crafts Initiative is involved in designing, production and sourcing authentic handicrafts products from across the country. It is an in-house platform developed by iTokri team for artisans to showcase their products. Each item is hand-picked and sourced.

The inclusivity of women, and the consciousness of keeping things environmental friendly while engaging in various crafts enables iTokri to impact the lives of 500 plus artisans and around 10,000 individuals.
Have a look at how I styled my living room with cushions from iTokri, this festive season.

I have styled with Shibori, applique cut work and kasauti embroidery cushions from their wide range of collection 

Applique cut work cushions:

An exclusive brand of authentic handmade products from desert regions of Barmer, Jodhpur, Pipad, Bikaner and some parts of Kutch.  The product range includes home decor products, clothing range and other accessories with hand-block printing, applique work, hand embroidery and handloom weaving of the region.

Kasuti embroidered cushion covers:

Intricate and artfully done kasuti hand embroidered khun fabric cushion cover. The name Kasuti is derived from the words Kai (meaning hand) and Suti (meaning cotton), indicating an activity that is done using cotton and hands. Kasuti is a the most intricate traditional form of embroidery practiced in the state of Karnataka, India.

Shibori cushions:

Shibori tie-dye cotton cushion cover are hand dyed using the shibori tie and dye technique, in which the fabric is tied using clamps or stitches in the required design and the pattern is dyed.

The living room gets a dose of freshness with these cushions from iTokri. Do tell me, how you liked my styling. Also, check out iTokri for all your handicraft requirement and much more.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Bedroom stories

It all starts from here and ends here! Isn't it?

The moment you wake up from your bed to the eagerly awaited hour after you finish all your chores and rest your tired back, the bed sees it all!

The bedroom is our den, the place where we can relax. I have always felt that the decor arrangements here should be a no fuss one. Attractive space yet that doesn't create clutter. One with all essentials within  hands reach.

Ours is a three bedroom apartment and am going to share images of all three. 

In all bedrooms, the bed and its linens, the wall right behind and ahead and the bed side essentials are what matters the most to me!

Ofcourse, all bedrooms have ample storage space and we have tried to give a neutral and earthy feel to them.

Okay, so here we go!

After seeing all these pics, do you also feel that with change in bed linens the mood of the room also changes. During dull cold days, you need cheerful prints to lift  your spirit. Summers call for lighter colours and when you are at your best of spirits everything works! Right?

Let me know which among the above is your favourite ?
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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Commercial project by Design Palette Goenka

In my last post, I featured a residential project by Design Palette Goenka, If you haven't read that, please click here.

Well to brief you a little about DPG, Design Palette Goenka is a first-of-its-kind material library and interior design studio based in Bangalore. Ameeshi Goenka founded DPG after gaining extensive experience in space design and material specifications, having worked with renowned retail design firm FRDC in Bangalore and residential design firm StudioWB in Kolkata.

Today let us look at how they undertook a commercial project and completed it successfully.


Divinity Retail Store was Mrs. Yogita's dream business. Adopting the notion of " Design for Business " to be able to launch Divinity in the Bangalore market, the vision was clear. The use of lime green and grey with a blend of natural materials like wood, jute and cane made the entire store come to life.
 All in all, the project was completed within four months and in the given budget.

Façade and signage design. Signage is made with acrylic on HPL with a hanging planter and ornamental metal support. Awning and planters cover the organic retail store entrance with lights on either side of the entrance and double hung window, giving it a chic café entrance from the streets of Europe. 

Feature wall: The store layout being asymmetric, we added a dummy beam and created a central focal element, the feature wall. First look of the customer on entering the store with low height modular furniture. Wooden rafters run along from the ground through the ceiling. Rafters are spaced out and wallpaper is used as a background.

ConceptPure and natural being the tagline, store décor with cane storage and small planters do complete justice to the concept and motto of the store!

Notable features:
Retail cashier desk and display with vertical open wooden storage behind it. The wooden pendant light above is warm and subtle. The racks on the counter prompt the customers for impulse purchase of small items.

Storage racks: Divinity has ample open storage with maximised corner usage for bottle storage. The slotted vertical members allow for modularity with respect to different object sizes and visibility. There is a provision for categorization above every individual fixture. Wooden slabs have been used for placement of products.

I felt that the design of this store has been done keeping easy accessibility of products and being consumer friendly in mind. Just what a retail store need!!

For all your interior and space designing requirements you can get in touch with Design Palette Goenka.

 Have a look at their website for more details.

You can also contact them on Instagram ,  Facebook & Pinterest 

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