Thursday, July 22, 2021

Enchancing a corner with a simple DIY


This corner does look beautiful what with the lights from the lamp and fresh gerberas and floating flowers. But the only eye sore I felt was the marble stand on which the stone uruli is placed. That does put me off! 

But is there anything that can't be tackled with a little DIY? And what better if it's a simple one.๐Ÿ˜Š

Okay so now have a look at the next image. 

Tell me, does it look pretty now? To tell you the truth the marble stand is actually a roti maker or what we call chakla in Hindi.

So how did I pretty it up. The answer is in the following images.

Some peel and stick ons left over from an earlier project.

Chose the black and red one as it would go with the vase and flowers too!

The remaining edges were painted in red colour and tada you have a pretty good looking stand ready!

Wasn't that super easy and it was ready in flat 15 minutes!

Pour in your comments,  I would love to hear from you all.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Pichwai inspired wall canvases

Pichwai is a style of art that originated in Nathdwara, Rajasthan more than 400 years ago. Vibrant designs based on Lord Krishna's life is depicted on cloth. The word Pichwai comes from 'Pichh' meaning back and 'wai', which  means textile hanging. 

This pair of canvas depicting Shreenath ji and his cow have been sent to me by "TheArtment"

Not only do these lend a very ethnic appeal to your space but also gives a calming vibe to your entire home.

A Krishna inspired corner adorning the wall canvases.

To shop for the same or similar decor pieces, check out the following link.

You can avail a 10% discount by using the coupon code, "SANGITHAAANAND " during payment. 

To watch how the Krishna corner came about, check out the Instagram reel here.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Jack fruit jam ( chakka varratti)

This post is going to be the first of its kind in my blog, solely because iam going to share the recipe of making jackfruit jam.

Now, this jam is my favorite and I always thought that it is some kind of an herculean task  to make it. Only when I tried it myself I understood its not at all difficult . Ofcourse I made a very small batch but taste was just too yumm! 

Now, as to why am I sharing this here more so when this blog is more about homes and green spaces. Well after it was made , I bottled it and kept it on my shelf . That scene warmed me up. Would you like to see how it added to the decor quotient? Scroll down to the bottom. But yes before that,  read the recipe.

Remove all the flesh from the jackfruit. Pressure cook them for about 2 whistles.  Mash it well. You can make a pulp of the jackfruit in the mixer. Now take equal and a little more quantity of powdered jaggery than the jackfruit . Mix and cook them well in a heavy bottomed pan. Add about 2 tbsp ghee  and cook till the mixture leaves the sides and the required consistency is achieved. Well, there you have your jam ready!

I used about 10 to 15 numbers of jackfruit flesh here. Accordingly you can adjust the amount of ghee. Isn't this an easy one?

So this was the image, I was referring to! 

Does it do justice to the decor part of the blog? Hope so! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Till I come up with another post, you all take care and stay safe. 

"Life is made of many ordinary moments, cherish each and make them memories of a lifetime!"

Thursday, June 10, 2021

A bunch of Singapore daisies and home decor

Hello June,

June for me is a month of abundance, what with rains in most part of our country! Rains ensure that new leaf unfurl, flowers dance in vibrant colour and there is a general 'joie de vivre' everywhere. 

The same for me is these pretty bunch of yellow Singapore daisies! It brings joy and hope. Recently, got this from our apartment garden, as it was being pruned. I rushed down to grab a few. 

On different days, they occupied different corners. Just changed the water everyday and they are sitting pretty inside a votive. Yes, no elaborate flower- vase arrangement.  Just a bunch inside water and notice how they transform the entire feel and look of the place.

Sharing images, tell me did you fall in love with them as much as I did? 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Home tour

This is the first home tour of the year. Home tours are always special because they give us a fresh perspective on housekeeping and decorating.

Today, we visit Jumpi's home. She has a background in textiles and also has a degree in Botany. The love for both reflects in her home. Most of the furnishings  at her place, have been designed by her. 

Then there are plants in various corners of her home that lend such a warm look. I have always believed that plants help in highlighting a given space, which is again very evident in the way Jumpi has styled them.

I have been following Jumpi on Instagram for a long time now and what pulled me towards her feed and home are the personal touches that she has managed to give her home by way of  various DIY's  A house becomes a home only when one takes genuine interest and efforts in the upkeep of the home.  Then the vibe is unmistakable.

These are some of the paintings done by her. She sure has a great hand.

These again are worn out frying pans which were to be discarded and given away to the kabadi waala but she saw the potential in those pans and see how beautifully they have been transformed!

Another genuinity...

These Amaltas pods have been given this vibrant look and does it look any less than an art installation?

Okay for some more eye candy corners...

The last image will sum up Jumpi's love for her space and also is the mantra for all home decor lovers.

Did you enjoy this home tour. Will be soon presenting you with another happy space! 

Till then, take care, stay safe and healthy at home  ๐Ÿก 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Love for terracotta

Rustic always had its charm over me and things made out of mud even more! Am talking of terracotta here. The potter's wheel can keep me engaged for hours by just looking at the pieces in making!

I Never miss a chance of buying such beautiful pieces wherever and whenever I eye them. Over the years, I have collected some good pieces from local exhibitions, enroute a road trip to Pondicherry and also detoured while in Goa to a place called Bicholim in North Goa, for these.  Such is the craze and am thankful my hubby supports me in all this madness๐Ÿ™ƒ

Sharing the pieces I own  and how I style them in my home from time to time. Hope you enjoy the ride thru these visuals.

Will be back soon with some more amazing posts, till then take care, stay safe!

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