Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Design palette Goenka- Project: Luharuka House

Design Palette Goenka is a first-of-its-kind material library and interior design studio based in Bangalore. Ameeshi Goenka founded DPG after gaining extensive experience in space design and material specifications, having worked with renowned retail design firm FRDC in Bangalore and residential design firm StudioWB in Kolkata.

Today, let us take a look at project Luharuka designed by them in Kolkata. It is a 3 BHK home designed in boutique style.

Client's brief: To have a simple yet stylish 3BHK home in Alipore Park Place, Kolkata

Duration: The renovation process from designing to execution took a period of five months from April to August in 2021. 

Budget: Their budget of 20lakhs was justified with the materials used and the service provided.

Design Elements: The design language follows that of a boutique hotel wherein the mood setting is neutral, shapes and forms are linear and a splash of colours to highlight certain elements in each space. The lighting is simple and a warm white tone allows the residents to feel relaxed but not lazy. The interior décor of the space is bold and vibrant but kept to a minimum.

Let us visit each portion of the home and take a look at how it has been executed.

Foyer : This home welcomes us with a full length application of bevelled square silver mirrors with comfortable furniture for sitting with a colourful patterned upholstery. A combination of natural and artificial planters gives a warm feeling and is easy to maintain.

Fabric rafters and lighting that suitably enhances it

Living room: The living room directly invites the guests to its cozy seating arrangement and a small decorative coffee table in the center. The bright shades on the cushions and canvas paintings highlight the space, giving it a chic touch. Every member of the Luharuka family is a staunch believer of Sri Sri Ravishankar which made the feature element in their living area as opposed to the TV unit in most households. Along with fabric rafter panels and elegant drop lighting on either side the celebration of The Guruji has come to life! 

Minimalistic pooja corner

Pooja: An open small wall mounted unit is created which is simple, blends with the background and extremely functional in day to day usage. With a glass surface on top, it makes it very easy to clean.

Daughter’s Bedroom: The colour white dominates this bedroom with a splash of beige shade on the bed heard-board and wardrobes. A small corner is perfectly utilized to create a productive study area too. The TV unit is quite simple and convenient and is accented by black rafters next to it.  The full height mirror in the bedroom is perfect for a lady who enjoys dressing up, additionally helps the bedroom look even more spacious than usual. The quiet dead corner between the doors is specially treated with an indoor planter and a decorative hanging light which increases the aesthetic value of the space and adds a sense of freshness and life.

Master Bedroom: The drawing factor of this room is the vintage wallpaper in a modern setting bedroom. The wallpaper is used as a back-splash of the bed with textured glass rafters on either side of the headboard. The full height laminated wardrobes and the full height mirror exaggerates the height of the bedroom. The bedroom lighting in the step false ceiling adds drama to the space while maintaining high luminescence.

Features of this project that impressed me is how well the aesthetic value is maintained while keeping the functional side intact. A no -fuss, easy to maintain space keeping the clients requirement in mind is the strength of this project designed by Design Plaette Goenka.

Certain other elements that I particularly liked is the usage of full length mirror in the foyer that gives a spacious look to the area and the pooja unit. This helps the residents to offer their prayers  but keep it simple and aesthetic at the same time.

Do tell me how you like this home and what are the features you find worth implementing. There is always some take away for all of us from beautiful homes like these!

You can have a look at their website https://dpginteriors.com/ for more details.

You can also contact them on InstagramFacebook & Pinterest 

 Shall come up with yet another home soon. So, stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

World of Ek by Ekta Kapoor

World of Ek by Ekta Kapoor is an endeavour to bring the best of India to one's home. The Indian artistic sensibilities can be seen through their well curated range of products. Apart from celebrating the varied handicrafts of India, each product has been carefully curated to fill your space with good vibes.

For example:
. Mandala is a sign for attracting balance and positivity and has been used in various EK products.

. Material such as pure cotton, copper, brass, mango wood etc have a good impact on one's well-being. 

The three core elements of Ek that impressed me was

1. Celebrating Indian roots

Products inspired by our rich heritage and ancient wisdom, created for the contemporary Indian home.

2.  Crafted in India

Handcrafted by Indian artisans who have kept age-old traditions alive across several generations.

3. Good for the users

Made with materials that are good for you and your family - a committed partner on your wellness journey

Ek has a varied product range in home linen, dining, home decor and jewelry

I chose handmade cushion covers that are inspired by the classic style of Indo-Islamic jali work. Also, got myself a ceramic mug that has become my perfect companion to have chai and coffee in my balcony.

Have a look...

 Block printed cushion cover with enticing motif

An earthy appeal to the mug...

What's not to love here?

Perfect setting...

Now, another cushion cover for a different look

Enjoying my solitude with Ek

A close up shot

How do you like these? To view more of their cushion collection, do visit World of Ek

Coming up with more recommendations in the home decor segment, so keep visiting my page and do share your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you. 😊

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Coffee bean homestay

Today am sharing glimpses of the homestay we recently visited. This homestay is nestled within a coffee plantation in Chikamagalur, Karnataka. The home is a 100 year old property and to that they have made some recent addition and converted it into a heaven for travelers like me. 😊

This region of Karnataka boasts of stone art and the property has  incorporated beautiful stone sculptures in the most admirable manner.
Have a look...

These pictures exude the charm of bringing nature right next to you  and of being closest to God's creation. Believe me, it felt peaceful and deeply satisfying to be surrounded by such beauties.

No doubt, that the homestay is surrounded by greens but to this there are added attraction of a 100 year old cactus that stands tall just outside the owners home. It had buds on it that would bloom on to give  white flowers.

The homestay had an enviable collection of succulents and other flowering trees and plants that was a treat to the eyes!

Now, for those who love succulents....

Ruchika,  the owner was generous enough to give me some succulents from her collection too.
There is a reel on my Instagram account showing off her succulent collection. Do not miss it!

Lastly, I would like to share interesting wooden doors from the property which I understand has been sourced from Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu. 
Notice the door and it's embellishments in brass...

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of this homestay. We had a blissful experience of the place not only in terms of ambience but also the food and the hosts too made sure that we had a comfortable experience at their place.

Will be back with more posts soon. Meanwhile keep in touch thru my instagram account where I post regularly.  

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