Thursday, April 11, 2019

Chairs as statement pieces in decor

The humble chair takes on a wholly new meaning when presented as an accent chair. Classy, sophisticated and making a statement,  these chairs highlight the space they occupy. You too can add character and poise to your decor by using that armchair or the lounge chair.
What are accent chairs?

Simply put these are often single chairs specifically designed and one which accentuates a designated area in your homes or even as casual seatings in your offices.
Their role is not only limited to function but serves visual interest too!

A carefully chosen piece often makes a powerful impact. Here is how you take care of the essential details, when you go for one.

Simplicity speaks:

You can make an impression even with the simplest of them. No need to splurge at all! The form and the earthy look steals the show here.

Balance is the key element:

Position the chair in a space that complements the piece.The richness of the upholstery is balanced by the neutral wall but overall the corner looks striking. Colour coordination has to be kept in mind while designing these spaces.

Mind the material:

Fabric again is a powerful player in the making of a statement chair. While the right material can help dictate the style of a room, it also impacts the price tag and longevity of the piece. Carefully choose yours!

Adding the oomph factor is the patterened textile against the royal blue wall...

Enhancing the sorroundings:

A comfy, subdued chair but wherein the arms and legs have a very regal form like this should  mix up well with the sorroundings. Juxtaposing simple, plain, lightshaded upholstery with complementing colours of the cushions, geometric pattrens on the floors and creating a eyecatchy decor with side stands and frames that brings focus to the space is essential.

Holding the space together:

Step back, look at the larger picture. All the elements here are made for each other. Sometimes the accent chair also holds up the space together. Dont be afraid to play around in such spaces. The whole look here could have been a little colourful too! That's for you to decide, whether to keep it muted or make it vibrant.

Fun with colours:

Taking a cue from the colours around, the upholstery has been suitably designed or viceversa.

So, a well designed and thoughtfully placed chair often works wonder in your decor. Form, size, shape and finish is all that is to it and thereby you can  introduce colour and character to your home. The quintessential chair thus helps define your personal style and comfort factor.

Hope the above pointers help you rock on in your new statement armchair.


Friday, March 29, 2019

Kids room decor

‘Home is where your story begins!’ And this is so true in my case. We may travel places but true happiness is finally in the countless, small moments we spend at home as a family.
The most ordinary and simple moments in our life is what gives us the utmost pleasure. Keeping this in mind, I try to embrace slow living.
As a family, we are fond of travelling and exploring places. Souvenirs especially handmade and handicrafts of a particular region often find a place in my décor.
My décor mantra is to avoid clutter, keep stuff organized and decorate with pieces that resonate with your own personality. Traditional styling combined with comfort is what works for us!
So today let me show you around our kids’ room. Decorating with naturals and all things traditional is a huge part of me.
Let me take you to my kids’ room. Orange and green are the main colour here, which are supposed to be energetic colours. The wardrobe has a nature inspired design on it. 

As you enter...

We have tried to incorporate enough storage for books, clothes, games and other essentials, keeping in mind their growing years. Nothing goes to the trash in our place without giving a thought on recycling/ reusing. The yellow chair is one such, which is now used as a place for keeping away the book they read at night. Similar is the story of my son’s small, colourful toy truck that you see below the mirror. Sometimes it becomes a planter, at other times it holds other knick knacks from balls to bey blades to hair brushes etc.

All these pretty wooden ‘vahanas’ were once my son’s toys, now merrily adorning the bookshelves. They not only lend colour and interest to the shelves but also nostalgia!

This is study cum craft desk. It has a pin up board where in my daughter keeps adding all her work. It also has some sketches and a canvas gifted by her friends and cousin.

A close up shot of the desk…

The other side of the bed…

The cross stitch bedspread is handmade by my mother and was a gift to my daughter on her birthday. Again, the fish shaped wooden pallankuzhi (traditional board game) is a customized one. I painted those fish motifs on it, inspired by our very own ‘Gond art’ from MadhyaPradesh.

So, that was it! I hope you liked what you saw.
Most of us are in the vacation mode what with the kids exams drawing to a close. So, whats your idea of vacationing? Planning a trip or going to be at home doing things that interests you? Let us know. Meanwhile keep checking this space for more!

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