Monday, September 28, 2015

British Paints… Deewaron se dil tak.

Do you know the British Paints ‘Deewaron se Dil tak’ story?

BRITISH PAINTS is a SBU of Berger Paints India Limited, with headquarters in New Delhi. It operates in the Retail, Industrial & Projects verticals.

British Paints has in its portfolio a complete range of decorative & general industrial coatings which are distributed pan-India through a network of 48 branch offices and over 12,000 channel partners. These are serviced by dedicated manufacturing units located in Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Their brands such as Glo, Expa Cool, Shingar, British, MasterBlaster, Acri-silk and many others are household names, with wide spread acceptance amongst all end users. Their product range includes interior and exterior emulsions, wood finishes, distemper, enamel paints and all products required to make a dream home. British Paints endeavors to serve its customers with top of the line coating solutions, backed by committed teams of professionals across all functions. It is one of the most preferred names in the paints industry and their experts provide guidelines and tips for beautiful home interiors through their website.

British Paints released an advertisement that is truly commendable. It’s a take on the modern girl’s choice of finding her life partner.

Watch the British Paints TVC here.

The ‘JAAN ki DAS’ TV Commercial has become very popular. The advertisement, to say the least keeps the audience hooked till the last. It shows young girls giving missed calls to an unknown person called ‘JAAN’( The mobile screen shows the name saved as JAAN ki das). The advertisement does not reveal the true identity of the jaan till the end. The ad shows the girls, lost in their own thoughts of ‘JAAN’and their dreams of making a stunning, warm home with their beloved JAAN ki das. Giving a glimpse of his persona, by showing only his hands, wearing a bracelet which is a symbolic representation of a very popular Bollywood hero. You are thereby left to assume that the beloved of all these girls will be dashing, impressive and Hero like. But contrary to that, when his true self his revealed, he is nowhere near our assumptions and expectation. But he has a ‘Home’ that is the real show stealer which has been painted using British Paints. So the ‘British paint home’ is the one for which the girls’ falls for!

British Paints- JAAN ki Das ad thus successfully establishes the fact that a classy home done up with British Paints is the choice and first preference of today’s generation girls for finding the suitable life partner! This Ad leaves you in no doubt that a well done home with great interior is the choice of millions.
Based on this TVC seeding as well as a contest around the hastag #MissedCalls, a twitter Influencer Outreach Program was executed on the 16th September which became a great hit.

This campaign aimed at increasing the  views of the ad and with the help of twitter promote the brand. JAANkidas ad is brialliantly conceptualized and it encouraged many to tweet and participate in the contest. Tweeps were asked to describe about their feelings during a missed call. They were questioned about the various excuses one makes to give a missed call to their crush. And…there were amazing replies from tweeps.

The results were outstanding and it was trending in India for more than 6 hrs.
Thus through the advertisement and twitter campaign, British Paints clearly establishes itself as a paint company that makes the dreams of million girls come true in our country.


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Hahaha.... too good the ad and its description by you!

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