Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Colours of a room - mood infuencers too!

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Colours have the ability to infuence our mood and enhance them too!They play a crucial role in the decor of a home.Have you ever wondered when you bring a little green into your decor,how you feel energized? Similarly, place a bouquet of red roses and voila you feel like doing a little jingle ! Yes, the presence of  Earthy greens, warm reds and sunny yellows perk up our mood.

Along with these colours I also use a lot of bronze colours. Fabrics too lend their colours and patterns and make a home cosy and inviting.Well Let me give you a little glimpse of my living room.I feel happy in my space with all the colours that surround me.Do the images make you happy too? Let me know.

Earthy colours such as natural wood and the golden hue of the brass pots...lined in my foyer

A portion of my living cum dining space

Some knick-knacks...

Colours through art...

It's a little misty and cloudy in Bangalore today!

This  is my favourite...I love the yellow,green and bronze combo which undoubtedly enlivens the space!

A closer look...

Implement colours in your home liberally.This year I want to experiment with turquoise blue.Married with yellow it can work wonder in your interiors.The only tip that one should adhere to, is to strike the right balance.So, Happy Decorating Folks!

This post is also a part of the Asian Paints and Social Samosa  Decor Influencer Awards (IDIA)
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Decor trends of 2016!

Every year the decor trend keeps changing.This year's trend looks so fresh, lively, calm and promising that I tried implementing in certain vignettes at home.

  • 2016 's Pantone colours are Rose Quartz and Serenity. Such peaceful colours I must say!

  •  This year we will also get to see more of natural fabrics that means lots of colours and patterns.How much we Indians love colours !
  • Handmade is priceless! Encourage local artisans. Your decor will  stand out with their art.
  • Metals in decor will be in trend this season.

  • Green homes make for better homes. Have plants indoors.They lend a cosy and lived-in feel. Up cycled products are also in vogue.Think of ways to incorporate the above in your abode.

Monday, January 11, 2016

George Clarke's amazing spaces-Tree house design

You might have watched this episode many a times but just in case you have missed it, watch one of the best video on George Clarke's amazing spaces.

Minimalism can be stylish and the video shows us  brilliant ways to design your space to the maximum!

Kudos to the age old skill of carpentry and modern machinery that has helped bring about this tree house design.Watch and you will be surprised how small spaces can be designed to be functional yet creative!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Travel souvenir and a DIY

San Juan in Puerto Rico is known for its  Spanish colonial architecture.Some of the entrances and doorways are so enchanting,that one can easily spend a lazy afternoon roaming the streets and soaking in all that the city has to offer.

Take a glimpse..
I can easily spend my entire day outside this entrance!

Reminds me of our very own Goa!

Teal and rustic red with the metal work above...So so pretty!

I loved the sun-ray design in the turquoise blue colour!

And now for the thrilling part...these door replicas are sold as souvenirs.I came to know about this through another blog. Kunjan, thanks for introducing me to this beautiful craft! Mi Pequeno San Juan is one such shop that sell these handcrafted replicas and they are made here, in front of you right from scratch. They have rubber moulds for various designs.Handcrafted and hand painted, they make for excellent souvenir item.

Mi Pequeno San Juan's collection of doors

Door replicas...(pic courtesy from Kunjan Chabra's blog)

I was so intrigued by these, that I desperately wanted to try my hands on it.I only had terracotta clay for making it.Nevertheless, spent an afternoon trying it out.Let me know how it has turned out.

Just a basic model to satisfy my urge.

Anyways guys,enjoy the start to a fabulous New Year! All the love and luck to you.

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