Thursday, October 29, 2020

Festive feels at home ~ Navratri

The nine days of Navratri and the 10th day celebrated as Dussehra was a little different this year but nevertheless we celebrated as best we could!

Taking you through a virtual glimpse of the pooja scene at home during these days.

I displayed the idols of  Tridevi i.e Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati as is the custom of keeping 'golu' down south.

The display was simple and done on a small table. Here I used a benarsi duppatta with traditional motifs and layered them with peacock feathers. Then keeping a bajot or chowki on it, the idols of Maa were displayed.

Festive times always call for decorating with brass. Shine them well and arrange for floating flowers in an uruli.

Plants also look good in combination with brass. Another tip to enhance the decor is using these acrylic rangoli or kundan rangoli. You can either get readymade ones in store or also try and make them yourselves. The ones that you see here are made at home by me and my mom. 

You can use these ideas to decorate your home for any festival. Also, for more such ideas on decor, do follow sajavat on Instagram as well!

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