Sunday, December 28, 2014


The year 2014 comes to an end. It has been a fulfilling year for me ...Family wise and on the work front.

Pretty, pretty! ... full bloom

To reminisce, that Sajavat was born in the year 2008. It was Archana Srinivas of Rang Decor who inspired me to blog. She has amazing talent and her blog Rang Decor true  to its name, captures the colours of life. Along this road, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many co bloggers.

The layers, add to its beauty!

Archana Srinivas (Rang Decor)

Patricia Torres (Coloursdekor)

Sharon & Rekha (Keybunch)

Rajee Sood ( RajeeSood blogspot)

Deepa & Supriya (Aalayam Inspiration)

Anu Varma (Mydreamcanvas)

Lakshmi Arvind (Celebrations decor)

Bhawna Bhatnagar(An Indian Summer)

Priya (Once upon a tea time)

Laxmi Nagarajan (Dressyour home)....      are a few who have helped me discover the simple joy of blogging. Today I want to confess,"I  have been thrilled by the way you write, your photography skills ,the content and variety of your posts. There is a special connect I feel with all of you."

Pristine...Just like the ideas and concepts shared by my blogger friends...

Then there are others who joined the bandwagon recently.

A special note of thanks to Disha Mishra Dubey of  Design decor disha.( she knows why!) It is unlikely of me, to ask for help but at the drop of a  hat   mail, Disha was there to my rescue.

Some more beauties...

I admire the blogs of karishma Bannerjee (A treat for the senses), Sruthi singh (The eastcoast desi), Nayana Donga (cherish dream live) & Shalini Pereira (All things nice)

And of course all followers & readers of Sajavat, thanks a ton.There have been times when sajavat has taken a backseat, but its always been your love & support and word of encouragement, that  I have survived in this blogosphere.
special note of thanks to my readers...

Looking forward to a promising year. May 2015 have endless possibilities for all of you.

A very recent development...Sajavat is now active on Facebook too. Looking forward to connecting with you on FB as well.

 Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Homesake - Product & Website Review

About Homesake

Homesake started operations in the year 2014.Their products are largely inspired by vintage and antiques, at the same time adding a contemporary touch.The items are handcrafted, making them unique and they are handpicked  with focus on taste,quality and value.

Colourful votives  from Homesake

Product Range

Their product range includes crystal ware, wall mountings,vases, cutlery, photo frames, candle stands and hurricanes,votive, t-light holders, Jewelry and much more. Lots of product to choose from, during this festive season!

Little embellishments hanging from the neck of the vase...pretty!

Absolutely fell in love with these...cute danglers too!

Royal Blue Neck piece

Website Layout

The page  layout is simple & easy to navigate.It gives you a good peek into their collection. Further there is a clear segregation of products.They are grouped into Home decor, Tableware, Jewelry and Gifts. Also you can sort the products based on price, name and position.
By clicking on the product of your liking, you can get a quick view of the product.This in turn gives a clear description of the product.
Another notable feature is the Compare product.You can shortlist various products and asked them to be compared. Description and price wise comparison can be achieved.

 Payment & Delivery 

They accept all major credit cards.So there is no payment hassle. Also alternatively, they have a return policy if the shipment is received in a damaged condition.The usual turn out time for the product is within 4-7 days.All products above Rs 499/- are shipped free of cost.

Some of the other products that I really liked in their collection were....Have a look

They are lovely isn't it? Go ahead surprise your loved ones this year with these amazing gifts. Perfect for the festive season.They are sure to win hearts! To drool over the products and buy, go to 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ideal spaces at home to spend quality time with your partner

We all have our own ideas and choices for a perfect home. Similarly there are certain spaces in our home where we like to spend more time with our partner.

Some of these ideal corners can be …

    Morning tea/coffee time in the balcony

                     Imagine setting up a table for two in the lush greenery of your balcony. The warmth of the sun, company of your beloved and the morning tea… It’s an ideal way to start your day.

  Perfect reading nook

                        If both of you are avid readers then creating a special corner for reading and sharing can be a wonderful idea to spend more time together. The true beauty of a relationship lies in creating time for each other though; you may be carrying out your usual daily routine work.

                  Create a seating on the floor

                                 It would be a good idea to create a seating on the floor by using area rugs. Bring in some throws, cushions for that ideal setting. Also use of aromatic oils helps to elevate the mood. It also calms and revitalizes your mind. Fragrance is all about trying to communicate emotion. The emotion of Love!


                              For any couple, the bedroom is the most private space, where they get to spend their time with each   other. So always keep your bedroom devoid of any clutter. Make it look spacious. Frame a photograph of the best moment of your life and keep it at eye sight. Always spread clean bedspreads. Use a room freshener that you both love. Fragrance is an intangible element but is most effective to bring romance in the air. Place many cushions and pillows on the bed. This helps give a cozy feel. Have bedside tables to place all essentials like mobiles and table lamps.

Making dinner time special

                         If you are a working couple, it makes sense to make the meal times a special time. This can be achieved by foremost, taking care to choose a dining table that gives you that kind of intimacy. Restrict the dining table to be a 2 seater or 4 seater at the most. Then, lay the table runner, place some flowers in a vase, mood lighting, spray some air freshener and make the most of this time. Good food, endless conversation, lovely ambiance can help you to bring a perfect end to the day.  

Picture courtesy: All images are sourced from the internet

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Christmas and a Grand New Year awaits us.So let us make our home festival ready. Some tips to enliven our home and spread happiness.

 To know more read my post at Hometalk.Sulekha

Candles & Flowers... say it all!
Pic courtesy: Internet

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let's talk about warm mornings and cold evenings......

Winter is slowly setting in. Mornings are pleasant and most of my free time is spent in the balcony. The warmth of the sun, the greenery around, chirping birds,  all giving good company.

Random pics in and around home. I especially liked the images showing shadow play.Have a look.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Does the name VARNAM ring a bell? If not, then let me tell you about this marvelous store in Bangalore.

VARNAM means colours. And believe me, it's a riot of colours at varnam. They engage in reviving the age old craft of toy making which takes its roots in a small town called Channapatna,  Karnataka. This is an Eco friendly craft where there is little wastage of wood and any residual wood is also used in the incense industry. Also would like to bring to your notice that the colours used on all the products are from natural extracts and therefore non-toxic.

Karthik Vaidyanathan who comes from Chettinnad, Tamilnadu is the vision behind this one- of- a- kind store.
I have heard, known and followed Varnam since many years. Two days ago, a post from Varnam on facebook propelled me to share my love for Varnam with all of you. I will speak less and show you a glimpse of the wonderful art that they have created.

Varnam has won the 2013 Kyoorius Design award in two categories for Packaging Design and Design Craft. 

I have no words to describe the absolute simplicity of their products, which at the same time are so eye catchy and vibrant.Also Varnam has ensured that this craft of toy making goes beyond the boundaries of the kids room and makes its presence felt in the living space. All Varnam products have utilitarian value too.

Do visit their site and their facebook page.You are bound to fall in love with Varnam.
They have an exciting range of items lined up for Christmas too.

My greetings and good wishes to Mr. Karthik Vaidyanathan and the entire team of Varnam.

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