Monday, May 26, 2014

wall art-kitchen

I feel so happy when someone reads my posts, comments on it and today am very glad  that after reading my last post on wall art, a dear friend and a follower of SAJAVAT  has sent me her creation.

Meghana says"This was done on my kitchen wall using one single colour ...
Mainly I did this to hide the nail markings and some stains on the wall, till it waited for a colouring job... :)"

Meghana,the wall looks wonderful.
And what a brilliant idea to camflouge the flaw and instead make it look appealing!
Thanks for sharing dear.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 The Indian fashion icon Manish Arora's  Paris home is on the PORTICO site.

Some things like the caravane rug on the floor is an  interesting element added to the decor but usage of bold colours in the home is not my style though..The kitchen is designed subtly and the glass partition in various bold colours gives an overall balanced look .

The rest is for you to check out..
HOME can mean differently to different people..To me,it is..COMFORT WITH ELEGANCE.
Take me to your home.I'll love to be there..

Monday, May 12, 2014


Sometimes you come across art that has to find a mention.The beauty captivates  you and often at such times I wonder who the artists ,behind such amazing creativity might be.

I am inspired by the random clicks that I have taken at two different locations.Have you ever come across such art wherein the artist is unknown but the art speaks volume..

These two paintings are drawn on the walls of a eatery joint ..

This warli drawing outside a home in Bangalore..

Though am no great artists like them ,am trying my hand at something smaller.just to give you all an idea..a sneak peak.

I intend to paint in some of these boxes..may be something that is nature inspired..some thing that can go well in a balcony set up.yes this wall shelf is in my balcony..If any of you have any idea of what I can paint ,pls share.Also if you have painted or drawn or doodled let me know..I will be pleased to feature the artist behind them.

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