Friday, July 10, 2015

Home tour of a Duplex In Mumbai

Let me take you into the artistic abode conceptualized by Unmesh Bholay & Associates.

As per current trends, white interiors have become synonymous with elegance and good taste. That is why Unmesh Bholay, Principal Architect, Unmesh Bholay & Associates, was pleasantly surprised when his brief for a duplex house came with a firm request to refrain from using white!

 The challenge to create spaces with aesthetics that suit the client’s character, without compromising on functional aspects is what defines an architect. Keeping this requirement of the client in mind, the duplex has evolved beautifully with the extensive usage of wood. 

The home we are about to tour is a 3500 sq ft duplex in Mumbai. Mind you, this is going to be a image heavy post.So sit back with a hot mug of coffee and  enjoy the feel of this traditionally done up home.

This is the entrance to the residence. The door is beautiful with wood carvings and gives a rich feel.

As we enter the living area, is a wall unit which is classy yet does not crowd the available space.It is well utilized as a pooja unit.I especially loved the idea of hanging the brass lamps on either side of the unit. The uruli with the floating flowers lends a traditional touch.

The entire set up is done with wooden cladding on the ceilings. The wall colours fuse well with the wood work.This entertainment area is a good place to unwind and relax. The traditional and contemporary existing in perfect harmony...

I have a weakness for the niches that has been  provided in the walls. The area below the staircase otherwise is a dull one but here it  has been well utilized, in terms of adding  decor value to the  available space.

The tiled stairway leading to the upper floor is an interesting concept.

Lamps and lights brightens up the space.The overpowering wooden impact is made lighter by adding subtle shades of green by way of fabrics on the sofa and the arm chair.

This area adds lots of character to the entire home.Notice that just below the wood worked ceilings, runs a very intricate border design.This covers the entire stretch of this room which is the main area, where guests are welcomed and entertained.

The chandeliers add a warm glow and makes the space inviting. The design that occupies the central part of the flooring negates the need for a carpet or an area rug. Perfect for Mumbai weather, I must say!

One of the bedrooms of this duplex...Love the four poster bed.Gives the pleasure of reminiscing in  the days gone by. Especially the loved the feel of lying in the bed and gazing at the  ceiling which is again very thoughtfully designed .

 Below are the images of the rest rooms,well done with bathing cubicles. I love the mirrors with such ornate work on them and the bigger the size of these mirrors,the better it is!

The kitchen has ample ventilation, so the walnut coloured cabinets go well with the entire scheme of the home.

 This was a  home that has been well designed and executed with great detailing .

Hope you liked this tour as much as I  enjoyed presenting it to you.

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