Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ExclusiveLane - Store Review

A plethora of online decor shops have opened up in the last few years.Some have really created a niche for themselves.When a buyer shops online, there are various criteria by which one judges the store.
The collection of curated products, of course has to be outstanding. Apart from that, there are factors like  quality of products, range, variety available under each category, ease of navigation, payment mode, delivery time all of which  have to be taken into account.

ExclusiveLane is one such online decor and accessories store. I have a recent experience to share with all of you, regarding this online store.

I needed a table lamp for our bedroom. And, so my search began...Starting with some of our popular sites, I finally, landed at ExclusiveLane.

 There was an instant liking to the new site, that I had discovered. Wonder... why I say this?  To say the least, the home page is captivating. It makes you want to explore more. And it finally so happened that, not only I found a lamp, but also ended up, buying another accessory.

Let's have a look, from a buyer's point of view, certain criteria that compels us to buy products from an online store and my judgement about ExclusiveLane.

Design of the website: The layout and design of the site should be such that it holds you for a while and makes you take a peek at the collection.

    Here, the categories are mentioned on the top. Extra fields such as hot sellers,collection and deals are added, so that for those with shortage of time, can directly check them out and get a better idea.

Also, what attracted me towards their site was the large sized images of their collection displayed attractively on the home page. Also their is a separate section for the latest arrival.

This is how the home page looks...

Variety and Range of products: 

The main categories available with this store is Decor, lighting, Furniture & kitchen related goodies. I must mention that their furniture range is classy and on the premium side.

I would like to see an expansion in terms of corner stools and shelves. Although, as I am writing the review today there is an  addition in the wall shelves range.

Lighting..Yes, that is what I intended to purchase and they have a wide variety. It covers wall lamps, lanterns, floor and table lamps.. available in materials like terracotta and wood.
I was really impressed with the lamps section. Also the same lamp that I have purchased from ExclusiveLane comes at a discounted price. Thus,found it on the lower side when I compared it with the same lamp available at another popular online site.

I loved the parrot collection that are on display.For me it was something new. You can view it under Home>>collections>> Parrot collection.
In this category they have small organizers with drawers, tea light holders, condiment boxes,jar sets,lamps,photo frames and coasters.

Look here for more inspiration...

Fell in love with them instantly!

A large collection of Dhokra and warli decor is also available. Do check them out. Again, here I would want them to include more in garden and bath section. Not an impressive collection in this section.

Selection, Navigation & Payment

It is easy to navigate through the site. After selecting your item, you can get a good description and multi angled view of the selected product.Various details of the product such as its dimensions, rates, discount offered, colour, material can be noted down by just clicking on the item.
Payment is simple. You have all known methods of payment.Cash on delivery option is also available.

These are the products I chose for myself.

1.A 17 inch tree of life Parrot Lamp
2.A parrot Photo frame

Packaging & Delivery:

The delivery took 4 working days.It arrived neatly and snugly packed without any damage.
Once you place your order, you receive a confirmation through mail. Since I had chosen Cash On Delivery option, the day it arrived I received an sms, well in advance. so that I can keep the money ready.

Now I can vouch for the quality of the product.
The lamp is handcrafted and has the handmade appeal to it.The six little colourful parrots add to its beauty. The shade is a green coloured cloth wrapped around plastic frames. A complete Tree Of Life Lamp. Have a peek...

The parrot Photo frame is made of Sheesham wood .It is designed with  floral and leaves pattern engraved on the four sides. The four parrots add to its charm. It comes with a stand to be placed on the desk. It is a sure Decor Enhancer!

Completely satisfied with my purchase.

Parameters                         Ratings Of ExclusiveLane

Design of the website                                             *****

Variety and Range of products                              ****

Selection, Navigation & Payment                          *****

Packaging & Delivery:                                            *****


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