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The walls in our homes speak a thousand words. Highlight your walls and the whole ambiance at home, comes alive isn't it true?

The wall in my kids room was plain and bare except for a frame. My daughter often complained but somehow we never got the time to do something about it. I had very often heard of wall decals. At the same time I was a little wary of installing the same. I somehow had the impression that it would be a tedious task, what with sticking all the motifs with perfection on to the wall.

All these myths were dispelled,when I experimented with a wall decal from Kakshyaachitra.

KakshyaaChitra wall decals is one of those sites, wherein you are spoilt for choices. There were many decals that I truly fell in love with. We were actually scouting a befitting design for my kids bedroom but there were so many other awesome traditional designs that, I was prepared to search a wall for them.

Kakshyaachitra wall decals have various categories to choose from like Nature, traditional, kids, people, modern graphics etc.

Look at some of these amazing decals

Want to have a serene and calm setting at home? Ideal for study and meditating corner.

Ashoka vatika...Sita palying with the peacock.
 A simple one but sure to highlight the bedroom wall.

After much thought, I finally settled for one decal for my daughters room and yes, she was beaming!

Her room  wardrobe is done in  all greens and butterfly design. So we chose a design that would go with these theme. Birds and leaves decal

Now the process here is real simple, go to their site, place an order. You get a good description of the product you are about to buy. They have three sizes(small,medium & large) clearly specifying the dimensions. And a range of colours to choose from. Go for the one that will best suit your wall. Keeping in mind the colour of the wall, you can select the decal in a contrasting colour.

Payment is not an issue at all as they accept all major Credit cards, Visa and Paypal services too.
So I chose mine and was all  excited for my first decal experience.

My parcel arrived 4 days after placing the order. Meanwhile they had already provided me the details of the courier company and the tracking number to keep me updated with the status. It arrived neatly packed with an instruction letter and the best part was it contained a sample wall decal too.That was really helpful and thoughtful of them I must admit. 

This is how it arrived.

My suggestion to all those who are doing it for the first time, read the instruction carefully.The process is simple if you follow the guidelines.Use the sample decal first and if you are not sure, how it will turn out, install it on a wall that is least visible. 

As for me, the sample was pretty too. I wanted to utlise it, appropriately.
Typically there are 3 layers of paper in the decal.
The transfer paper, the design and the base paper.
 As you peel off the transfer paper, the base paper comes off whereas the design remains stuck to the transfer paper.

Now carefully position it on the wall of your choice and start peeling off the transfer paper, the design automatically gets transferred on the wall. you can use a card to smoothen the surface as you transfer the design on to the wall.

The idea of providing a sample is very helpful. This is the sample I recieved. After installing the sample design you are confident of doing the same with the actual design. Believe me it was super easy.

Also I had this impression that, the complicated the design, the tougher my job to place it properly on the wall.  But no....the whole design is on a single sheet and it gets transferred as it is. Not complicated at all..(smiles...)

After installation of the sample.


The next step was now super easy. I was in fact enjoying the process and so were my kids. This is how the wall looked earlier. Plain and boring to say the least.


If you have already selected the wall to be highlighted, the whole process, may be takes not more than 15 minutes to be precise.
Again, I would like to mention that with an helping hand,the process is simpler too.My sweet hubby helped me with this.

So this is the image of the wall after installation.
 We have positioned the decal behind the headboard of the cot in the bedroom.

A close up look of the decal. You won't be able to make out that there is another surface on the wall. The decals are fine and of good quality.

I thoroughly enjoyed the installation process. In fact, our study room wall needs some highlighting too. Couple of Lord Buddha decals on this site has caught my attention.They are in line for my next makeover .

If your walls need some decor therapy head over to

Kakshyaachitra Arts                  
Outstanding Designs... Amazing Results...
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Anonymous said...

Concept is excellent but prices are too high do some thing on pricing there is great potential in this market



Ranjana's craft blog said...

Looks great. Shall try something from Kakshyachitra. Thanks for sharing

KakshyaaChitra said...

Thanks for the good words Sangitha. It's great to know that you like the decal.

Yes, Kakshyaachitra decals are on the expensive side, we have tried to explain the reason to the home owners on our blog in this article:

Thanks again,
Team Kakshyaachitra

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Sangita ,
Yee-haw! You have got one more in the club of “Kakshyaachitra”!I realized that I was gobsmacked by the wee of owning beautiful brass decors sitting in the loft(“How to get creative with brass”)...I owe a big thanks for helping to bring out an amazing pot planter out of it ♥ ;)

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Unknown said...

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