Thursday, January 4, 2018

A home set in Earthy tones

Home tours are the most loved segment in sajavat. So let's start the New Year with another beautiful home, decorated with love and care!

This home is the love nest of Snigdha residing in Ghaziabad with her hubby and two wonderful kids. They have often moved places within India and therefore she has a strong inclination towards all things Indian. Something that i loved in her home is the earthy feel spilling all over!

The dark wooden textures combined with an aesthetic sense inclining towards natural living , the home is one where you would want to come back to, everyday, after a tiring day spent out!
After all every home should have that casting spell on you! what say?

The dark wood tones, hues of  orange and the greens all come together harmoniously. There is a visual continuity that strikes in this home. Every element is in sync with the other!

 Prints and patterns on the fabrics, wood grained textures from the various furnitures, the ceramics and pots with greens are the main elements that lend this Earthy tone in her space.For all those who love such homes pay attention to these little details to create a similar decor scheme.Going natural is another key to such homes.

Creating table vignettes: Importance is given to the accent pieces on the table and also to knicks knacks hung on to the wall which is at one's eye level.When you have an assortment of pieces, group them together taking a cue from Snigdha. The tray is used here to place jars and other table essentials together.This way the table does not seem crowded too!

Another trick to highlight a single frame on the wall, is to hang, other eye catchy elements that go with it! For example here Snigdha pairs a frame of deity with an equally stunning brass Ganesha deepam and a lotus incense holder..Similar stuff hung together!

Remember kitchen jars can be arranged on the bedside table as flower holders and planters too! Also, keep changing the vignettes on the bed side console and you create a new decor every time!

A very functional bedroom decor yet very classy!

What more do you need if you have a balcony, some greens around, a pretty sit out and a cuppa to go with it?Absolute bliss I say!

So, tell me did you like the home tour? I have tried my best to highlight certain decor tips, for all of you, from Snigdha's pretty home...Any other idea that comes across seeing her home, you let me know...

Thank you Snigdha for sharing your space with us.It felt awesome connecting with you.

And my dear readers, 2017 ended with a bang and I felt great on having won the 'Best Ethnic Decor Blogger' 2017 at the Lifestyle Influencer Awards by Social Samosa and Better Homes & Gardens.
Thanks to all the wonderful readers of sajavat.

And coming up this month is a tour of a fabulous mansion ...You stay tuned.I shall join you soon...


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Binda Patel said...

Easy and usefull tricks to do on decor home. thanks for sharing.

Congrattulations for winning Best Ethnic Decor Blogger.

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thank you Binda Patel.Glad you liked it!

Shanaya said...

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Sangitha Aanand said...

Thank you Shanaya,happy you liked my post.

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