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Outdoors…The place to lounge in winters

Now that we are into January, there is a nip in the air. You know this for sure when every morning you would ideally like to spend few more extra minutes in your bed cuddled inside a blanket. As such, on bright sunny days, one would really look forward to an idle weekend spent outdoors.

Either you enjoy the cold outside air or the warmth of the sun when Mr. Sun is not playing peek-a-boo! Any which way, one can enjoy outdoors, if the place is set right. Then the outdoors is the perfect place to lounge and also entertain your guests.

Create a setting

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It can be your garden, patio, backyard, terrace or a small balcony for that matter. Yes! You can have your brunch in the outdoors. As you arrange your indoors, for outdoor gathering too, you would have to set the place. One can lounge either during the daytime or in the evenings. Accordingly one has to make certain preparation. You have to account for the number of people invited, their seating arrangement, formal or informal setting, plan the menu and generally create an ambience for outdoor entertainment.


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Pay particular attention to all your plants. Pruning and trimming on a regular basis helps you save time on the D-day! Healthy plants are loved by all and a well maintained garden without weeds is looked forward to by all. The garden area should look inviting. Have a mixed set-up of plants. Flowering plants interspersed with ornamental ones add a unique touch. Also succulents grown in decorative pots are a sure thumbs-up sign for green decor. Use planters of various shapes, sizes and color. White stones can be lined up around the planters to create a border.
Space is never an issue. Your intention and efforts count. So even if it’s your backyard where you would be entertaining for the season, grow a small kitchen garden or a herb basket. It always works well .Plants in general are ideal conversation starters too! People also love the fact that the food prepared for them includes plants grown in your space. Believe me, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate Mother Nature’s abundance.
Fond of a water body? Go for it. These days market is flooded with mini versions of fountains too.


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The kind of furniture we would have indoors is completely different from the ones we can have outdoors. For outdoors the furniture needs to be sturdy as well as one that can brave the changing climatic conditions. Again one can have a wide range to choose from.
If the space is, your backyard, you can have an arrangement of wicker furniture and also have a hammock and further make it interesting with a swing. Not only the kids, adults too enjoy the occasional swing time and relive their memories as kids.
Even if the occasion is a very private romantic candle light dinner, wicker furniture can give you the required comfort.
If you are throwing a party for your friends on your deck or roof top, arrange for a mini bar and some tall stools. Play the perfect host when it comes to it!
You can even arrange for benches set against the walls, an Indian ‘charpai’ for that very casual look. Layer it with mattress and cushions and let the party begin!

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If its’ brunch or lunch on a bright afternoon, create a ‘canopy setting’ that is if you already don’t have an awning. If you only once in a while have outdoor entertaining, it's still lovely to have a spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or ‘chai’ in the evenings. Choose a weather-resistant material like a set of heavy metal table and chairs and do have enough seating to accommodate a few drop-in guests.
Always have extra stackable stools and folding tables &chairs that can be bought out as the need arises

Sparkle it up

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A night studded with stars can be an awesome place to enjoy with loved ones. At the same time having proper lighting arrangement is a must.
Apart from essential lighting, decorative lightings and mood lighting for the outdoors is also an option. You can set the tone for the evening by having twine or string lighting by wrapping them loosely around trees. Place candles on each table. To add more character to the space irrespective of its size, go for lanterns. It’s a very warm manner to invite your friends and family for a gathering. You can even hang small lanterns from branches of trees if you have a garden or simply provide hooks in the walls for displaying lanterns.

Add Glamour

To add style and glamour to your outdoors, accessories are a must. Some colorful cushions and throws to give a warm and inviting feel to the whole set up. An area rug just works fine too. Make your garden space look lively and welcoming!
Also various kinds of garden and outdoor entertaining accessories are now available online too. Shopping has never been so easy! 
Bird baths, sculptors, planters, metal wall hangers can make the area interesting. At the same time one need not spend heavily to achieve that look. I can give you many DIY ideas too!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

• Use worn out kettles and other not-in-use-anymore vessels for your succulents. Milk cans can also be used as planters.
• Want to have a wind chime, make one using either paper cups or newspapers.
• Go ahead and make your own rock sculptures. They are easy to make .you only need ideas. Add the very much needed personal touch.

Lastly arrange for good music. It can be a soft instrumental one, if conversing with the guests is your idea of a fun filled evening or a party music for those of you would love to shake their legs. Also provide for trash bins, so that there is no litter and after party effects does not give you a headache.
Everybody loves an outdoor setting. May be it’s because of being one with nature or due to the amazing feeling of being directly under the sky. Whatever the reason be, enjoy your winters and make it an enjoyable time for your guests too!

This post was written by me originally for Designerboard but as the time is ideal now ,I thought I might as well share this piece with all of you.


Ranjana's craft blog said...

I love these kind spaces outside. But we should have enough space. In cities, we should be happy with the balcony.

Sangitha Aanand said...

True that Ranjana but nevertheless balconies when well kept can also add to your entertaining area!

Kanchan Roy said...

All the arrangements are very beautiful, colorful and at the same time elegant too. i loved it.

Sangitha Aanand said...

Thanks Kanchan. Glad you liked the post!

Shyama said...

I love your ideas for outdoor furniture! Just the thought of slouching in the winter sunshine is a happy one!

World Bazaar said...

Beautiful post and cool ideas..

Paint Decors said...

Very beautiful outdoors which is well covered with your innovations. Kudos to your ideas! Seeing it colourful makes you sit back and relax your mind at peaceful way.


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