Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Prameela Nair's home part II

Prameela's AbuDhabi home is stunning to say the least! What, You haven't taken the tour of her abode yet? Head straight here

Now, for those of you who can't wait to barge inside, let's take a look at some of the other thoughtfully laid out spaces!

I loved her dining area.I can imagine the space becoming live with love, laughter and of course food ,as the family gathers together for a meal.The shade of yellow on the walls is just the right one to fill the air with  warmth and happiness. Bright, yet making a cheerful presence.Come, see it for yourself!

Many artifacts placed on the console but doesn't feel cluttered at all! Were you able to get a peep of the  multi coloured fabric upholstered console? That's a good take away idea!

 Yes, I can see, that you are trying to soak in all at one go! But one at a time we shall cover... The kettle collection on the console, the wooden swing with the kutchi embroidered rectangular cushion, the blue pottery and a glimpse of the wall mural all are just too good!
The design elements make the space cohesive with none overpowering the other. Isn't this true?

 Prameela feels, that the mural or Madhubani paintings done directly on the wall add a lot of character and aesthetic charm to  the room. She says,"The earthen pots or Bharanis I have grown up admiring. These were used my grandma and mom to make yoghurt and store pickles which is why I carry these in various sizes each time I visit my home in Palakkad, Kerala.
 I have come to realise that I don’t have much time since I have a hectic work life but that in no way has restricted me from pursuing my passion for interiors and decor. I infact use it as a means of therapy to unwind and to channelize my creative interests. "

These madhubani murals have been painted by Prameela's dear friend.When I saw them for the first time, I was curious why the major portion of the madhubani's have not been coloured as is usually the case with all madhubani but I guess for the very same reason it lends a very unique feel.

Let me just try to make the orientation of the mural walls clearer for you guys. The fish mural is on the swing side of the wall and the peacock mural on the dining side. One wall with murals on either side! Well conceptualized, I must say and easily a conversation starter!

The rest room is no less...Have a peek.

Leaving you with some more images of the various paintings,her library and frames that adorns her wall...

India captured in its true essence!

 I thoroughly enjoyed putting together this post for all of you. Prameela's home is a visual delight and is a testimony to the warm and endearing person she must be! I am truly captivated by all the images of her home and I sincerely hope that you find inspiration from these as well!

See you all real soon with an easy DIY...I hope you have  bookmarked sajavat for your daily dose of decor inspiration. Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings here by following sajavat on facebook as well!


Vijayalakshmi said...

A beautiful home exposed.thank you pramukha nair and special thanks to sajavatfor taking us around

Sangitha Aanand said...

Glad you liked the post!

Easy Inspiring Decor said...

That's a beautiful home. Each and very image is unique in its own way. Walls with different designs are looking stunning. So so beautiful. beautiful post.

Unknown said...

how refreshing to see the pictures. feel so happy imagine staying in the frames day in and day out.

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