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Riva carpets - Product styling and feature

Winters are here and what is that one decor element that can lend a cosy ambiance to your home? Something beneath your feet that gives warmth and character to your floors. Not going to puzzle you further but carpets and rugs are an essential decor accessory in every home.It adds depth,dimension and drama to your decor.

 Carpets can be alluring yet mystique because of the various elements identified with carpets that have to fall in place before you buy that piece of woven fabric.

Yes, I understand that there are terms like thread count, fabric, knots, colour, size and shape that can be confusing for the buyer but here am to make your task relatively simpler.

The brand that am going to present to you today is Riva Carpets.

The product range at Riva carpets include Rugs & Carpets, kid's rugs, accent rugs, runners, shaggies, bathmats, doormats etc.

As each home is different,keeping that in mind, Riva offers products in various dimension so that you have no reason to compromise.The products in rugs category range from large living room rugs to smaller sized area rugs perfect for the bedroom! 

Floor furnishings, especially rugs are the anchors of  a room which makes the room look cohesive, hence at Riva carpets they offer the customer a wide variety of designs to choose from, for the perfect fit for their homes. Riva Rugs are made from the best quality wool/viscose and designed to absolute perfection for your home.

For your bathroom:

Bath rugs are constructed using luxuriously soft yarns, ranging from natural fibers like cotton and cotton blends, to different blends of cotton and synthetics, such as acrylic, polyester and much more. Pamper your feet when you step out of the shower. It is recommended that bath room mats have high absorption rate and are anti - skid which is the primary focus at Riva. They offer a wide range of bath rugs that complement your bath room d├ęcor. Make your bath room an elegant space for luxurious living with Riviera Home™ bath rugs.

Product styling at my home studio

Now, let me show you a glimpse of the area rug I chose for myself.

It has a beautiful colour combination of blue, brown and green.It is soft to feel, made of 100% viscose fabric, has an appealing design that suits contemporary as well as the traditional Indian interiors.

Some tips for placement of  carpets:

1. You can either have all the furniture legs on the carpets or place the front two on the carpet and the hind legs on the floor.Depending on this choose the size of the carpet for the living area.

2. If you want to have an area rug for a comparatively smaller area and for adding that extra dose of colour and pattern to the area, it is also perfectly okay to have the area rug in the centre, without having any furniture legs on them.

3. For your dining area and bedrooms, it is advisable to have all legs on the area rug, such that the whole set of dining tables and chairs and the bed in case of the bedroom sits comfortably on the carpet or rug.

4.Now,however if you want one near the foot of the bed the golden rule is that the width of the area rug extends beyond the width of the bed to give a neat and balanced look to the room!

Carpet care

1. Do not beat while cleaning, sweep by vacuum cleaner every day if possible.
2. Do not bring into contact with objects with temperatures higher than 70 °C (hot tea or water iron etc...)
3. Do not wash carpet, clean by using carpet shampoo, after cleaning dry as soon as possible.
4. To dry carpet do not expose into direct sunlight for prolonged period of time.
5. Do not use detergents, bleaching agents, vinegar and similar chemicals for cleaning.
6. Do not leave heavy objects on the carpet for long time.
7. Do not fold, keep in humidity free areas.

Riviera Home Furnishings Pvt. Ltd India was founded in 1978 as a manufacturer of hand woven fabrics and rugs, selling to domestic distributors. From that point on there has been no looking back for them!

All products from Riva carpets are designed by designers based in USA & Europe in accordance with the trends in the industry. Each and every product is designed with extreme attention to detail and every product at Riva has a story to tell in terms of material selection & design.Every rug made at Riva goes through a thorough inspection at their testing and quality labs. They have certification of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX , Hohenstein. It is primarily to test that the carpet is environment friendly and causes no environmental harm to humans.

You can check more about the test & certification at the below link:

 You can check out their product range on Amazon, Flipkart, SnapdealFabfurnish (to name a few sites). Also, keep yourself updated with their products and offers at their Facebook page.

Now, you know where to head for, to own the piece that beckoned you! Go all out and get the one you love at Riva Carpets and rugs.I found mine,definitely you shall find yours too!

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