Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Restroom makeover

Makeovers are real fun to execute. First, you have to come up with a solid foolproof idea, then comes the planning stage which includes buying the required materials and finally the execution of the project. Recently, i did a small addition/ change to our common restroom and all those who have seen the 'Before' and 'After' have liked these changes.

The restroom appeared dark with black/brown coloured tiles on the walls. These tiled walls looked classy when we moved in  but soon with usage and water stains that refused to go away even after multiple attempts prompted me to take up this makeover.

 Some time back, i had transformed the window pane from 'boring' to 'interesting' which  I have shared here.
So, now lets start with this one...


 I chose these vinyl wall adhesives -Moroccan styled mosaics which are waterproof and especially designed for bathrooms and kitchens. My main aim here was to give a cheerful look to the space which i think is achieved with these colourful ones.

This is the link if you choose to buy the same.

I chose to place these adhesives in a random manner. I only, had to visualize which one to place where but you know that's the trickiest of all!

This is how it progressed. Then i felt, the window sill too looked ugly. So another one cut to size, peeled and pasted. Now the look is complete. Am at peace with myself now. I feel it has added the necessary vibrancy needed in the restroom. what do you think folks?  Let me know in the comments.

The final look...

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

'The story of my home' - Nehal

 Today, we have Nehal with us on the blog, who takes us thru her home. Join me friends and am sure you are going to have a virtual treat !

"We all have a story to tell. and part of the way we do this is through our homes"
- Nate Berkus

I’m unapologetically obsessed with home decor. Decorating my house to me is therapeutic. My home is my happy place and my creative outlet. And chances are, if you are here and reading this, you like home decor too, which makes me like you already :)

My happiness quotient is “joy in life is in the little things”. I am a strong believer of this mantra. My home resonates with all of the above :)

My husband’s work called for multiple relocations between countries and that gave me plenty of opportunities to venture into new home projectS. New county,new home,new project!! While a few may find the idea of multiple relocations crazy, for me, they were uber exciting! I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to it :) Now we are back to India, back HOME, and I am back to my new home decor project!

It will soon be a year since we moved to India...  

With years of travel and stay outside of the country, my home decor style has evolved... While my heart is still true to the warm and colorful palette of Indian colors, it melts to the neat furniture lines and the beige, grey and whites from the Scandinavian and western style. It was overwhelming what path to pursue when I first started thinking of ideas for my new abode. This is when I stopped thinking too hard and decided to let the creative juices flow naturally staying true to my natural style and instincts! As they say, true style has the chance to emerge when you stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, will think or might say... and do what makes your guts grin! Did exactly that!

I also think your home is a reflection of your personality and should be decorated in a way that it feels like a real HOME, one which can be actually lived in!! Have tried to achieve that.  
So here we are - Welcome to CAASA MIA - MY HOME :) 

PS: They are a zillion things that I already want to change in the house :) Till those changes happen, hope you like Version 001 of CASAA MIA :) 

Nehal, thoroughly enjoyed visiting your home virtually! Thank you so much for being a part of sajavat, my creative journey!

As a decor enthusiast, what struck me most was the vivid use of colours in Nehal's home. The plants, books, frames, rugs and other textiles like cushions, bed elements all add to the appeal without overpowering the other!
The flowers in a glass bottle/ vase,  stems of Chinese Eucalyptus on the shelf (if am not mistaken) and the fillers are little pretty things which actually helps turn a 'House to Home'

I find the lighting fixtures in the kitchen and living room worth a mention, which very well goes with her scheme of decor. Another very noteworthy feature is how the pooja room is done up with heavy wood work, the typical Indian way but how well it merges with the rest of the decor. That reinforces the fact, that decor is all about following your heart. Isnt it?
As someone wise said on the golden rule of decorating: 'Live with what you love!'


Sunday, July 28, 2019

Maadhumita's home in Singapore

I know, i shall fall short of words while describing this home, which belongs to Maadhumita, but i comfort myself, that indeed, the beautiful images  need no explanation!

Maadhumita's home boasts of a global appeal with its aesthetics deeply rooted in our Indian culture. Everything seamlessly falls into place.This is something I loved about her home. There is a perfect balance of comfort and style that makes the decor seem simple yet sophisticated! Every corner is well thought of in detail but it still doesn't seem to be decorated just for the sake of it!

Over to Maadhumita now...

"We have been living in Singapore for more than three decades now. This house has been our home for the last six years. It has three bedrooms overlooking a swimming pool and has a large living and dining area. The two balconies are small and but they nurture my plants.
You will notice I prefer white or pastel shades for my walls or furniture. The colours in the rooms come from the paintings, cushions, flowers, plants, and the carpets."

Adding depth into decor thru the textiles, wall frames n accessories

Love that dose of bright pink...
Little, pretty stuff that makes the dining area
 "I grew up watching my mother maintaining and embellishing a beautifully decorated home. There were always fresh flowers and a variety of plants that left a huge impression on me. I love antique furniture and artifacts. I still scout around for ancient items."

In love with those black n white frames

The hexagonal table with a marble top is an antique piece picked  up from a narrow congested bylane selling old items in Kolkata.

  Even simple things such as these door stoppers which have been stuck on the side of a bookcase add to the vibrancy of the home.

That Maadhumita loves antique pieces and she carries a charm of effortlessly working around them is evident from this image which houses her Chinese rice container and a lamp which are very old and are her prized possessions. The brass planter paan dan belonged to her grandmother and she says, it must have come down to her from the 19th century.

 She has used the rice container as a side table  and the ancient lamp and paan-daan atop that. It makes for a wonderful sight! Isnt it?

Simple Indian folk-art, nothing expensive used in her decoration
She goes onto mention, ' I even have a few Picasso prints picked up from one of my trips which hang in the guest bathroom. I used simple IKEA frames for them. We, meaning my husband, my daughter and I usually buy works of unknown artists. 
My husband and my daughter are the artists in the family. They speak through their films, art and writings. I have some of my daughter’s works on the walls. I am the one who just sits back and enjoys their work.'

Moving on to her bedrooms...

Bedrooms are also in muted and pastel shades. The master bedroom is mostly in black and white but the colour is from a Kandinsky print that they picked up in Amsterdam.

Her daughter's room...

 Guest bedroom... And these botanicals have been done by Maadhumita herself.

The kitchen, where she feels she doesn't have any set rules. I adored those quotes which add a quirk to the whole set up. It lends visual appeal to the space. Every corner is made interesting, just with the addition of kitchen essentials.

One day, Maadhumita plans to return to India and is currently trying to finish doing up her home in Kolkatta. And when that happens, it will be equally interesting to feature her home once again!

Thanks Maadhumita for being willing to be a part of my journey. Hope all of you enjoyed the house tour as much as I loved presenting it to you all.

For more such eye candy  images, you can hop over to her Instagram  handle.

More posts coming up soon, meanwhile also stay abreast with all happenings in Sajavat thru the Instagram page here
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