Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Outdoors…The place to lounge in winters

Now that we are into January, there is a nip in the air. You know this for sure when every morning you would ideally like to spend few more extra minutes in your bed cuddled inside a blanket. As such, on bright sunny days, one would really look forward to an idle weekend spent outdoors.

Either you enjoy the cold outside air or the warmth of the sun when Mr. Sun is not playing peek-a-boo! Any which way, one can enjoy outdoors, if the place is set right. Then the outdoors is the perfect place to lounge and also entertain your guests.

Create a setting

Image courtesy www.stevewilliamskitchens.uk

It can be your garden, patio, backyard, terrace or a small balcony for that matter. Yes! You can have your brunch in the outdoors. As you arrange your indoors, for outdoor gathering too, you would have to set the place. One can lounge either during the daytime or in the evenings. Accordingly one has to make certain preparation. You have to account for the number of people invited, their seating arrangement, formal or informal setting, plan the menu and generally create an ambience for outdoor entertainment.


Image courtesy: http://www.homemydesign.com

Pay particular attention to all your plants. Pruning and trimming on a regular basis helps you save time on the D-day! Healthy plants are loved by all and a well maintained garden without weeds is looked forward to by all. The garden area should look inviting. Have a mixed set-up of plants. Flowering plants interspersed with ornamental ones add a unique touch. Also succulents grown in decorative pots are a sure thumbs-up sign for green decor. Use planters of various shapes, sizes and color. White stones can be lined up around the planters to create a border.
Space is never an issue. Your intention and efforts count. So even if it’s your backyard where you would be entertaining for the season, grow a small kitchen garden or a herb basket. It always works well .Plants in general are ideal conversation starters too! People also love the fact that the food prepared for them includes plants grown in your space. Believe me, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate Mother Nature’s abundance.
Fond of a water body? Go for it. These days market is flooded with mini versions of fountains too.


Image courtesy: http://www.luvne.com

The kind of furniture we would have indoors is completely different from the ones we can have outdoors. For outdoors the furniture needs to be sturdy as well as one that can brave the changing climatic conditions. Again one can have a wide range to choose from.
If the space is, your backyard, you can have an arrangement of wicker furniture and also have a hammock and further make it interesting with a swing. Not only the kids, adults too enjoy the occasional swing time and relive their memories as kids.
Even if the occasion is a very private romantic candle light dinner, wicker furniture can give you the required comfort.
If you are throwing a party for your friends on your deck or roof top, arrange for a mini bar and some tall stools. Play the perfect host when it comes to it!
You can even arrange for benches set against the walls, an Indian ‘charpai’ for that very casual look. Layer it with mattress and cushions and let the party begin!

Image courtesy: http://www.decorfox.com

If its’ brunch or lunch on a bright afternoon, create a ‘canopy setting’ that is if you already don’t have an awning. If you only once in a while have outdoor entertaining, it's still lovely to have a spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or ‘chai’ in the evenings. Choose a weather-resistant material like a set of heavy metal table and chairs and do have enough seating to accommodate a few drop-in guests.
Always have extra stackable stools and folding tables &chairs that can be bought out as the need arises

Sparkle it up

Image courtesy: http://www.sheknows.com

A night studded with stars can be an awesome place to enjoy with loved ones. At the same time having proper lighting arrangement is a must.
Apart from essential lighting, decorative lightings and mood lighting for the outdoors is also an option. You can set the tone for the evening by having twine or string lighting by wrapping them loosely around trees. Place candles on each table. To add more character to the space irrespective of its size, go for lanterns. It’s a very warm manner to invite your friends and family for a gathering. You can even hang small lanterns from branches of trees if you have a garden or simply provide hooks in the walls for displaying lanterns.

Add Glamour

To add style and glamour to your outdoors, accessories are a must. Some colorful cushions and throws to give a warm and inviting feel to the whole set up. An area rug just works fine too. Make your garden space look lively and welcoming!
Also various kinds of garden and outdoor entertaining accessories are now available online too. Shopping has never been so easy! 
Bird baths, sculptors, planters, metal wall hangers can make the area interesting. At the same time one need not spend heavily to achieve that look. I can give you many DIY ideas too!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

• Use worn out kettles and other not-in-use-anymore vessels for your succulents. Milk cans can also be used as planters.
• Want to have a wind chime, make one using either paper cups or newspapers.
• Go ahead and make your own rock sculptures. They are easy to make .you only need ideas. Add the very much needed personal touch.

Lastly arrange for good music. It can be a soft instrumental one, if conversing with the guests is your idea of a fun filled evening or a party music for those of you would love to shake their legs. Also provide for trash bins, so that there is no litter and after party effects does not give you a headache.
Everybody loves an outdoor setting. May be it’s because of being one with nature or due to the amazing feeling of being directly under the sky. Whatever the reason be, enjoy your winters and make it an enjoyable time for your guests too!

This post was written by me originally for Designerboard but as the time is ideal now ,I thought I might as well share this piece with all of you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Prameela Nair's home part II

Prameela's AbuDhabi home is stunning to say the least! What, You haven't taken the tour of her abode yet? Head straight here

Now, for those of you who can't wait to barge inside, let's take a look at some of the other thoughtfully laid out spaces!

I loved her dining area.I can imagine the space becoming live with love, laughter and of course food ,as the family gathers together for a meal.The shade of yellow on the walls is just the right one to fill the air with  warmth and happiness. Bright, yet making a cheerful presence.Come, see it for yourself!

Many artifacts placed on the console but doesn't feel cluttered at all! Were you able to get a peep of the  multi coloured fabric upholstered console? That's a good take away idea!

 Yes, I can see, that you are trying to soak in all at one go! But one at a time we shall cover... The kettle collection on the console, the wooden swing with the kutchi embroidered rectangular cushion, the blue pottery and a glimpse of the wall mural all are just too good!
The design elements make the space cohesive with none overpowering the other. Isn't this true?

 Prameela feels, that the mural or Madhubani paintings done directly on the wall add a lot of character and aesthetic charm to  the room. She says,"The earthen pots or Bharanis I have grown up admiring. These were used my grandma and mom to make yoghurt and store pickles which is why I carry these in various sizes each time I visit my home in Palakkad, Kerala.
 I have come to realise that I don’t have much time since I have a hectic work life but that in no way has restricted me from pursuing my passion for interiors and decor. I infact use it as a means of therapy to unwind and to channelize my creative interests. "

These madhubani murals have been painted by Prameela's dear friend.When I saw them for the first time, I was curious why the major portion of the madhubani's have not been coloured as is usually the case with all madhubani but I guess for the very same reason it lends a very unique feel.

Let me just try to make the orientation of the mural walls clearer for you guys. The fish mural is on the swing side of the wall and the peacock mural on the dining side. One wall with murals on either side! Well conceptualized, I must say and easily a conversation starter!

The rest room is no less...Have a peek.

Leaving you with some more images of the various paintings,her library and frames that adorns her wall...

India captured in its true essence!

 I thoroughly enjoyed putting together this post for all of you. Prameela's home is a visual delight and is a testimony to the warm and endearing person she must be! I am truly captivated by all the images of her home and I sincerely hope that you find inspiration from these as well!

See you all real soon with an easy DIY...I hope you have  bookmarked sajavat for your daily dose of decor inspiration. Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings here by following sajavat on facebook as well!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Riva carpets - Product styling and feature

Winters are here and what is that one decor element that can lend a cosy ambiance to your home? Something beneath your feet that gives warmth and character to your floors. Not going to puzzle you further but carpets and rugs are an essential decor accessory in every home.It adds depth,dimension and drama to your decor.

 Carpets can be alluring yet mystique because of the various elements identified with carpets that have to fall in place before you buy that piece of woven fabric.

Yes, I understand that there are terms like thread count, fabric, knots, colour, size and shape that can be confusing for the buyer but here am to make your task relatively simpler.

The brand that am going to present to you today is Riva Carpets.

The product range at Riva carpets include Rugs & Carpets, kid's rugs, accent rugs, runners, shaggies, bathmats, doormats etc.

As each home is different,keeping that in mind, Riva offers products in various dimension so that you have no reason to compromise.The products in rugs category range from large living room rugs to smaller sized area rugs perfect for the bedroom! 

Floor furnishings, especially rugs are the anchors of  a room which makes the room look cohesive, hence at Riva carpets they offer the customer a wide variety of designs to choose from, for the perfect fit for their homes. Riva Rugs are made from the best quality wool/viscose and designed to absolute perfection for your home.

For your bathroom:

Bath rugs are constructed using luxuriously soft yarns, ranging from natural fibers like cotton and cotton blends, to different blends of cotton and synthetics, such as acrylic, polyester and much more. Pamper your feet when you step out of the shower. It is recommended that bath room mats have high absorption rate and are anti - skid which is the primary focus at Riva. They offer a wide range of bath rugs that complement your bath room d├ęcor. Make your bath room an elegant space for luxurious living with Riviera Home™ bath rugs.

Product styling at my home studio

Now, let me show you a glimpse of the area rug I chose for myself.

It has a beautiful colour combination of blue, brown and green.It is soft to feel, made of 100% viscose fabric, has an appealing design that suits contemporary as well as the traditional Indian interiors.

Some tips for placement of  carpets:

1. You can either have all the furniture legs on the carpets or place the front two on the carpet and the hind legs on the floor.Depending on this choose the size of the carpet for the living area.

2. If you want to have an area rug for a comparatively smaller area and for adding that extra dose of colour and pattern to the area, it is also perfectly okay to have the area rug in the centre, without having any furniture legs on them.

3. For your dining area and bedrooms, it is advisable to have all legs on the area rug, such that the whole set of dining tables and chairs and the bed in case of the bedroom sits comfortably on the carpet or rug.

4.Now,however if you want one near the foot of the bed the golden rule is that the width of the area rug extends beyond the width of the bed to give a neat and balanced look to the room!

Carpet care

1. Do not beat while cleaning, sweep by vacuum cleaner every day if possible.
2. Do not bring into contact with objects with temperatures higher than 70 °C (hot tea or water iron etc...)
3. Do not wash carpet, clean by using carpet shampoo, after cleaning dry as soon as possible.
4. To dry carpet do not expose into direct sunlight for prolonged period of time.
5. Do not use detergents, bleaching agents, vinegar and similar chemicals for cleaning.
6. Do not leave heavy objects on the carpet for long time.
7. Do not fold, keep in humidity free areas.

Riviera Home Furnishings Pvt. Ltd India was founded in 1978 as a manufacturer of hand woven fabrics and rugs, selling to domestic distributors. From that point on there has been no looking back for them!

All products from Riva carpets are designed by designers based in USA & Europe in accordance with the trends in the industry. Each and every product is designed with extreme attention to detail and every product at Riva has a story to tell in terms of material selection & design.Every rug made at Riva goes through a thorough inspection at their testing and quality labs. They have certification of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX , Hohenstein. It is primarily to test that the carpet is environment friendly and causes no environmental harm to humans.

You can check more about the test & certification at the below link:

 You can check out their product range on Amazon, Flipkart, SnapdealFabfurnish (to name a few sites). Also, keep yourself updated with their products and offers at their Facebook page.

Now, you know where to head for, to own the piece that beckoned you! Go all out and get the one you love at Riva Carpets and rugs.I found mine,definitely you shall find yours too!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Home tour - Prameela Nair's AbuDhabi abode part-I

Let us start the first post of the year with an amazing home tour.Today, we shall cover the lovely home of Prameela Nair based out of AbuDhabi. I came across some images of her home in a common community of which we are members of! I could gather from those few images that her home is one which belongs to decor magazines! To be precise, absolutely stunning, drool worthy and inspirational! You will soon see this for yourself! I requested her for a home tour on sajavat, and she sweetly obliged !
Be aware, this is going to be a picture heavy post and you are going to spend a lot of time on each image, am sure about that!

Prameela says,

"My home is the place that I call my “inner space” which is an extension of who we are as individuals. My husband Rahul and I have created our home with  lot of care since we both have equal passion for decor and art.  we seem to have collected many pieces from our various travels to different parts of the world. We always bring back something from our travels to remind us of the time we shared together.

My home in Abu Dhabi is truly Indian in every sense and the decor style I would like to call it as vibrant, eclectic and warm ……very much and true to the way we are as individuals. UAE is such a welcoming and beautiful country….and with so many Indians living here it is truly a home away from home. I have always wanted to retain the Indian aesthetics as it is my way of staying bonded to my place….and my roots."

There are statement pieces to the house right from the furniture which are all made from rose wood and bought from stores bought locally in the UAE. This sofa as you can see has lovely hand carvings These are made in Pakistan by a very reputed furniture store who deals in quality furniture which are unique with intrinsic work that stand apart.

If you carefully observe the above pics, you will notice multiple seating arrangements created in one room! This is such a thoughtful space and perfect for entertaining. Isn't it?

 Collecting traditional art has always been her passion. The Tanjore paintings are antique pieces which she carted with a great deal of effort from an  art collector  in Palakkad that works on restoring and maintaining old art pieces from the villages of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

"We have always bought our items with the view of owning them for life so the plan is to take these back home when we do move back to India one day. I love adding colour using silk cushions, brass artefacts and some green elements."

Lets shift our focus to some close-up shots...

Do you notice the red door frame there? I fell in love with it...

She tells me that the  red door is  done by a renowned artist called K R Santhana Krishnan
http://www.doorpaintings.com .(Check out the link folks)

Prameela's plan is to buy more doors in various sizes and colours and have one wall only of different doors...That would make it a gorgeous wall Prameela!

Such a beautiful assortment of brass and bronze artifacts!

The home is a melange of colours! I love her use of embroidered cushions & textiles and the brass artifacts interspersed in the decor creates a very ethnic vibe to the space.
I have a weakness for traditional decor and I love the fact that Prameela has so beautifully created a very Indian space for herself and her family outside India!

There is more to see ofcourse! and that I have saved for another post which will cover her dining area, the murals painted on walls and other spaces.
Stay tuned in..We shall see each other soon!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tiles that make a difference

Homes  are spaces where everything just fits right into its place and you feel safe and secure.
Each and every one of us has a specific requirement and desires for his dream home.Some may want a luxurious or a stylish home, others would prefer comfort and there are others for whom convenience is the major deciding factor.

No matter which room or corner of the house it is, tiling shall always remain the most prominent feature of any home. And needless to say, every kind of home owner would like to lay the best tiles available in the market. If your tiling is appropriate for the space, it completes the decor and gives every room its distinct personality. It is also not wrong to say that the kind of  tiles used in decor determines the overall look of the space to a large extent! Isn't that true?

One such name in the tiling industry is Oasis Tiles India and they have come up with an admirable range of tiles for floors, walls, staircases and the outdoors.With every collection you will note how the room comes to life!

When you implement tiles in your decor scheme, there are various factors to be considered.Apart from your lifestyle, budget, local climate, maintenance etc. other feature to be noted are glossiness, stain free surface, shine,strength, non-slippery,durability,scratch resistance and designs.

Oasis Tiles India has a wide range to choose from, that meets all the requirements. Today let us talk about the following three variety that has been recently introduced.


The Maxima range- Gives a luxurious feel to homes and commercial spaces

Oasis  Tiles  India recently launched its exclusive range of high value Double Charge Vitrified Tiles - MAXIMA. It is the largest range of Double Charge Vitrified Tiles in India. With a stylish and sophisticated look coupled with great strength, Maxima not only caters to domestic requirements but is also a perfect fit for commercial spaces. These are wall tiles and floor tiles available in the sizes of 1200x800mm and 800x800mm. Oassis is the pioneer of the 800x800mm type in India. Great Strength, More than 90% glossiness, nano coating and stain free are the major features of Maxima.

 High Gloss

Adds the 'oomph' factor to your decor with its classy appearance!

A thin layer of glaze gives superior brightness and shine to this range of tiles. Suitable for interior wall and floor in residential as well as commercial complexes. Due to its high gloss, durability and scratch resistance, this series can easily replace the Italian marble.  The available sizes are 1200X600mm, 800x800mm and 600x600mm.


This is a series of ceramic wall tiles. Being ceramic tiles, they are heat resistant and can be cleaned easily. In various colours and patterns, these tiles are available in Glossy finish, Satin finish, Rustic and Matte finish.

The brand also offers tiles well suited for the outdoor space.A high-tech finish, perfect sizes, alluring design and texture on every piece makes the digital outdoor vitrified tiles and the digital parking vitrified tiles absolutely refined and inimitable.

perfect for the outdoor space !

Oasis Tiles India has versatility in design and size.These are tiles that can maintain their appearance over time, handle heavy traffic thus their area of usage is limitless indoors as well as outdoors.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Online marketplace for all your decor needs! - Myiconichome

An elegant home with amenities that makes your life easier is the need of the hour. If one can achieve this at the click of a mouse with an assurance that the product ordered is going to be genuine and the experience of buying online as satisfactory as that of buying in person, what can get better than that?

Presenting, Myiconichome, an online portal that is an answer to all your decor needs!

The items are well segregated into various fields or tabs like Decor, Kitchen, Dining, Electronics, Bed & Bath, Furniture, Housekeeping, Lamps & Lighting. You can find a variety of items under each category .Of course you can use filter selection and browse the items according to price range and brands. Once you select a product, all the info regarding the size, colour, material, availability etc are displayed so as to make your task of decision making easier.You can zoom the product selected for a bird's eye view.

They have all regular payment options in place and EMI's are also available for high value products.COD is operational for items up to Rs 5000/-

A couple of other features that I noticed and found appreciable are

1. Curtains can be customized to your needs.
2. Bespoke mattresses are also available

While we are talking about Mattresses, let me also tell you that myiconichome takes pride in maintaining that they are the best place to "buy a mattress online".

According to them ...

We have all the leading brands like Kurlon, Sleepwell, Centuary, Nilkamal, SpringAir listed on our platform. Apart from offering the best price we also offer the quickest delivery of these products across the country. Also, we have personalized the mattress selection based on the material used. We also have an option where the customer can call us and we provide an expert opinion on the best mattress that is suitable for the customers as per their needs. Also if a customer has a non standard size mattress requirement, they can contact us and we will get in touch with the company and get the mattress made according to their  requirement.

Isn't that wonderful?

I sincerely feel that comfort and convenience comes much before all fancy decoration in a home.The various types of mattress available are Spring matttress, foam, coir and therapeutic mattress.

They have  provided all necessary instructions and guidelines to be followed before you zero in on the kind of mattress you would want to purchase online, which I felt was really helpful.

Apart from mattresses, the furniture range and kitchen essentials are also something that  caught my eye! Check them out here and here

I know, many of you haven't got the chance to buy gifts for your loved ones.What with an impending vacation planned, arrival of guests during the festival times ahead and  loads of work to be finished before you can literally put your legs in the air and have a good time, so just pick your choicest stuff from Myiconichome and take it easy!

See you all real soon!
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