Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mirrors as show stoppers

How often, we go over board while sprucing up our homes with various decor accessories but sometimes the most simplest accessory can do wonders in creating an everlasting impression and as such I found our humble mirrors adorning many a homes with panache and grace like none other! And you cannot deny their utilitarian value too!

 A niche styled with mirrors creates an inspiring decor. Stumbled across so many such vignettes & well designed, highlighted spaces that comes alive with mirrors incorporated in their decor scheme. 
I have mirrors in my home purely for its practical needs.These images are my inspiration and soon I intend to create one for myself as well!

Come on, join me in this visual delight of decorating with mirrors!

Some of these homes have been much talked about for their impeccable style of decorating. The next one has been photographed by Tushar Rao and has been on the 'An Indian summer' blog
This huge mirror covered wall has all my heart.The colour and the size lends an overall unique appeal  to the room!
Ideal brass elements to go with the golden rimmed mirror and the mustard wall makes a class statement! What say?
Equally good is this rustic textured one!
Sruthi singh of 'The east coast desi' blog featured Kanthi Prasad's  Bengaluru home and this mirrored beauty with drawers is an ideal vignette with or without the other stuff placed on them !
Sanskriti Lifestyle in Pune has all these drool worthy products.Grouping mirrors together is eye catchy and makes for an impressive decor.
This is our very own Preethi Prabhu's home of ‎ IndyaKaleidoscope.
And while I do admire the above pic, there is another from Preethi's studio which has been in my wishlist since long!These are kutchi leather framed mirrors against the black wall. Every time I look at them I marvel at her ingenuity
Again this vignette from Sia Krishna of the blog Monsoon Spice has me completely hooked and convinces me further to use mirrors in my decor scheme. An unusual shape! Wonder where she got it from?
A tiny winy wood framed mirror styled in Shivani Dogra's project.An ensemble of various knicks knacks along with the muse of our post completes the look !
Are you inspired to try out something similar or perhaps give wings to your ideas and create another stunning decor with mirrors for us to gasp and rave about?
Meanwhile, all this inspiration forced me to assimilate a DIYed Mirror on my side table for the time being. Until I find interesting mirrors I will have to do with this.

Are you scrolling back and forth and trying to take in all the beauty? Carry on, for am doing the same!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Kishkindha Bonsai Garden

This post is for those plant lovers  who will agree, when I say that growing healthy lush green plants is an art and one needs to invest tremendous time and energy to have  beautiful and well maintained greens.

Now, when it comes to Bonsai, the effort and patience required just doubles up. And therefore when I visited a Bonsai Garden recently I was left dumb found!
Bonsai is the art of involving miniaturizing plants and growing them in pots or trays.
'Bon' means tray and 'sai' means tree.It is said that this art took its root in China and then came to Japan.
Interestingly, there is also a mention of a miniature forest in the Ramayana.It is the 'Kishkindha Vana’ developed by Dadhimukha, the maternal uncle of King Sugriva. Kishkindha was the name of a mountain. The word is also used to signify ‘a narrow space’, or  ‘a compact space’.
These are the snippets from the information board that I read at Kishkindha Bonsai garden Mysore.

The Bonsai Garden is a part of the SGS Ashrama and has an exquisite collection of more than 450 carefully shaped and aesthetically pleasing miniaturized trees.

Come on, let me not make you wait...Join me on this Bonsai garden tour.

I noticed that  trees like ficus, peepal, banana, jade, gooseberry,tamarind, drumstick etc were developed into Bonsai. The shape, size and the form of these Bonsai trees were amazing.Over a period of time with due human intervention these trees were no less than a masterpiece!

For trees to form a Bonsai it takes good to around 40-50 years. Fruit bearing trees like these gooseberries looked stunning with their bushy appearance.

What do you think about this beauty? It is a drumstick tree.It somehow looks like a deer with a horn to me.
Then, on  display were a variety of Jade plants.You can see in one of these images how the stem have been passed through a spiral spring like tube and as the stem develops it will follow a similar pattern

 Not only the Bonsai, but the entire garden was well landscaped.I could even gather few tips that i can follow even in my small terrace garden.

Tip : Place small figurines in and around your green space.It immediately enhances the look of your space. They can be small idols of your favourite Gods or say a laughing Buddha

Notice how skillfully and aesthetically a small Ganesha has been placed within the hollow space of the stem with a stair leading to Him. Interesting isn't it?

 Tip: You can combine plants in a single tray or pot.When you do so let it be a combination of a bushy plant and a long one. Adds drama to the entire set up.

Again a jaw dropping tangled beauty!!! I could simply be there,do nothing and spend hours if not for the time restrictions

Tip: Place an idol / figure in the pot and manoeuvre the plant around it, just like in the image above.Again, it creates oodles of drama!

Have you heard about the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi. If not head over to this post for my understanding and interpretation of it. Meanwhile the pot with the jade protruding out of it is the perfect Wabi-Sabi for me. And here you have my next tip...

Tip: Many a times we have such partly broken ceramic or earthen pots. Think of ways to incorporate them in your garden decor. Believe me,though damaged, if used wisely they can become your 'conversation starter' buddies!

Leaving you with a blooming image of a bonsai frangipaani. Hope you enjoyed this post...Stay tuned folks..More interesting stories coming your way!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Home Canvas -your home decor buddy!

When the home is your canvas, you sure want to paint a beautiful picture, right?

Our homes are our priced possessions and when we start out to decorate our cosy nest, we would want to go for the best! All said and done, in today’s fast paced life we are sometimes short of time and at various times find ourselves a little helpless on the decor front with multitude of choices. Whether to go for the decor that is eye catchy or to follow the trend or be a tad bit different from the rest is actually like a maze where one tends to get lost!

But here is where Home Canvas can come to our rescue. Home Canvas is an online discovery platform for the best in furniture and décor. There are experts out there in Home Canvas who curate stores, artisans and suppliers from all over the country. Their expertise lies in bringing together furnishings, furniture and accessories that range across styles, materials and price to deliver the world of décor right into your living room and mind you, all this can actually happen over the click of a mouse.
All this started when Sandeep Sridhar and Radhika set out to do up their abode and faced challenges in locating the right store for the kind of décor they had in mind! That led Sridhar to set up the online space Home Canvas.
Sridhar says, “ whether you are doing up only a room in your house or setting up a new home, we are a one-stop destination to help you discover furniture collections, find styles that resonate with your tastes and lead you to finding products in the easiest and most convenient manner possible. We have searched the length and breadth of the country and curated the most exquisite and lust worthy products, so you can have fun discovering perfect pieces- that you would have never been able to find before.”

Now, as I closely look up the site of Home Canvas, the kind of products and stores on the list are impressive and it is only growing up by the day!

The home page is very easy to browse through and is divided into two major sections.

1.       Products

The products are sorted category wise, room wise and according to the prices as well! That definitely makes the task easy. You have all the known brands and more on their list like Gulmohar Lane, India Circus, Address home, copper, H2H shop, GoodEarth, Nicobar, The décor Kart etc

Some products across the page of Home Canvas that caught my eye …

2.      Collections
Now, in addition to product wise listing, Home Canvas also has another option tab ‘collections’. This is again a very useful one. You just have to decide the theme for your home.
Whether you would want to go with a quirky décor or give a very ethnic feel to your home, accordingly in the collections section they have teamed up products to suit the theme.

Boho chic, seaside, tropical, pastels, vintage chic, farmhouse décor, heritage the options are many! The products in the collections act as a reference for you to easily visualize and feel the overall look!

Do you get the idea now? Whether you are searching for glass décor or wood weaves, one can find them grouped under one heading.

So, come on now let your dream of having a stunning and breathtaking home become a reality!
You can have a look at their website here
For updates from HomeCanvas visit their social media pages thru

I spotted some pretty artwork and rugs while creating this post and am straight away heading to Home Canvas... Do you want to join me too??

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Basket chronicles

A little while ago, I had posted a corner of my living room, decorating with baskets as planters on Sajavat's Facebook page, Instagram and other decor groups  aaannd it was hugely appreciated!

Here are these lovely baskets, used as planters, one from our very own Assam and the other from world market which mentions it to be from Indonesia...

It was then that I noticed that many parts of my home are adorned with such baskets and yes they make a great style statement! These are little, colourful, woven treasures which if used thoughtfully can make  lasting impressions. So here am with a post on baskets and how one can put them into good use in cosy nooks and corners of our home.

This one is from Assam and as you can see I have converted it into a spice box. I love how the blue -beige weaves merge beautifully with the greens in the kitchen.
I have always emphasized on getting  the right souvenir from travels. Whenever you buy anything, just think how you can incorporate it in your decor/ home.
That way the memory of the trip taken, always stays with you.

I fell in love with this beige coloured basket. It has a very unusual shape and I knew I had to get this back home. It is a little treasure from Srilanka. It has taken upon the duty to store my onions and potatoes.Yes, yes you are hearing it right...Something as ordinary as these veggies but it sits right on my kitchen table top along with the spice basket and makes for an interesting conversation starter.

The next one is pretty old but has a fine conical shape and that attracted me to it.I had no idea how to use it effectively while buying but now its found its place. On my bedside table holding little essentials that a lady often needs...

Did you spot the basket.It somehow reminds me of tea pickers of Darjeeling and Assam who carry such baskets on their back while picking tea leaves.

Yet another one from Dubai, it serves as a magazine holder. Placed right beside my work space, it helps me get lost in the world of decor and travel magazines.Energizes me, so that after a fruitful break I can get back to the work in hand!

Did this make for an interesting post. Did you like my ideas? Try incorporating the usual, in an unusual way.It can bring a lot of cheer to the otherwise monotonous routine. 

We are already half way though this year...Many more engaging posts in the coming months to follow.So stay tuned and enjoy your weekend.
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