Monday, March 11, 2019

Wild aesthetics

When the corners you style look beautiful,
Not with glamorous bouquets,
But with precious finds; from your morning walks.
Then you can proudly wear the badge of an aesthete! 

There is an order in the chaos they say,
As there is beauty in the untamed blooms.
If there is creativity within you and passion to decorate;
Even a bunch of wild flowers seem no less than a floral art!

Modest attempt at writing something close to a poem!

But these are heartfelt. Do you feel the same too?

If you style your home with love and warmth, you create the perfect hygge!
An atmosphere of well being and cosiness, where you feel at peace and are able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life by just being in the moment!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Home tour: Shalini Jain of Creative kalakari

We have Shalini Jain today with us and we are going to take a tour of her home.  She is a digital marketer expert by profession in a reputed real estate company in Gurugram for the last 11 years.
Shalini and her family reside in Faridabad, in what she calls her ‘Dream Home’ You will soon notice that she is very creative and hosts a hashtag by the name  #creativekalakari on instagram. She attributes her creative skills to her mother who practiced sewing and embroidery. The painting and sketching classes that she took up as a hobby in her childhood and the creative genes passed on to her by her mom  has shaped her into the person that she is today!

Her house is a riot of colours. In her words…

My home is my canvas and I am obsessed with colors so you shall notice that I have incorporated all colours in my home!   I love to take up DIY’s.  So much passion, warmth & love go into each piece I create, and that gives me extreme satisfaction! I love the fact that many of my artworks are part of my d├ęcor.”

I am fond of vibrant cushions & I think one can easily give new look in their space simply by inclusion of beautiful cushions covers & beautiful bedspreads. I really check cushions online & try to select the unique & vibrant cushions for my home.

This wired seater is from her mom in law’s collection. Shalini is only too happy that she didn’t give it off but has used it well in her guest room.

Shalini has used stenciling on her walls in the living room and is happy with her choice of colours. Bright pink walls with pretty motifs and another wall in a lighter shade has these paisley motif that is real eye catchy!

Time to catch a glimpse of all her DIY’s. I really loved the way she has transformed old bottles and given them a new look. ‘Trash to treasure’ is what I would like to call it ideally!

Another noticeable art are these wall art in her kitchen. 

Some images from her bedroom…

Shalini says, “Go Green to Breathe Clean” Have a look at her indoor plants collection.

To sum it all up she says,
“My career is not from art field, but crafting, decorating, reading about art, designing & decorating gives me inner happiness. For me art is a real stress buster. So recently, I have launched my own website.” 

Have a look … 

It was wonderful collaborating with you Shalini. Thanks for being a part of sajavat. Simultaneously, Shalini also has covered my home in her blog. Do take out  time, to check that on her site as well!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Plants in your decor

There is no such thing as too much greenery. Ask me, the more the merrier! Most of us do whatever it comes to accommodate plants at home , for the rest I have only one advice...Bring these life givers into your lives, home decor takes a whole new turn with greens around!
No dedicated space - bring them indoors.
Small balcony - use available spaces like window sill, area near the kitchen sink,  rest room shelves( yes, don't spare them either)

Let me show you some inspirational visuals...

Rain drenched greens...

Create a partition with plants!

On the window...

As I said, have them in your 'rasoi'

Calmness assured!
That cluster out there on the wooden bajot has my heart

Hanging them in pretty pots is always an available option.

Sitting inside but staring outside the window? Well, the greens outside sure does that to you!

Can sit here and gaze for about you?

Even a small sit out comes to life...

A quiet corner...

A very simple arrangement but for the extra dose of colours!

So, when are you sprucing up your home with plants?
Image courtesy: Pinterest

Monday, February 18, 2019

Ideal positioning of the mirror in bedroom

Hello folks, this is the first post of the year and today i want to emphasize on the point that, we remain a learner through out our life.
No, this is not some philosophy that am starting the year with, also considering that one month has just zoomed past!

Okay, so I will straightaway jump to the point. We moved to our current house almost 5 years back on Valentine's eve. We had entrusted all the carpentry work to a fellow, whom we already knew. The ideas were mine but he executed them and he did it well!

In the master bedroom, the wardrobe has a very simple design but there was just this one request from me. I had these Dhokra frames and I wanted them incorporated on the doors.The space allowed us to have two double door wardrobe side by side and another single one.
I suggested that the single door should have provision for a mirror as well.

There as you can see is the wardrobe.

From the start the carpenter was apprehensive. But I couldn't really fathom the reason. He did not want to provide for the mirror. But whenever I asked him he would give me some lame excuse. And since, I had no other wall to spare, I did not give up. He agreed and as you see in the image, the mirror was fixed. You can also see how the mirror is right next to the window.

We slowly settled in our new home, all happy and geared to start the new innings. The first time I stood in front of the mirror, I couldn't see my reflection properly. The sun shone brightly on it. I thought I should fix the curtains asap...

You are thinking where is all this leading to! Read on...
The curtains were hung.A floral white one but since it was not a thick one, the problem remained the same. I could not see my reflection on the mirror properly because of the sunlight streaming right thru the curtain as well!

Then, I hung a real thick one which blocks all the light in the room but alas the problem remained at the core. Now the reflection is still okay but  as I stand in front of the mirror the edges of the curtain pose a hindrance.You cannot stand in front of the mirror and drape a saree or comb your hair because the sides of the curtain do not let you work without bothering. They always brush against you.
I should think of blinds next! What do you feel?

Now, this is where the learning part kicks in. I called the carpenter after a few unsuccessful attempts and then he says that he was reluctant  because of this exact reason...oops!! Sometimes, we should just give in and listen to these fellows. They are really good at their craft. If only I could have been a little more trusting.

Well, a few days later, I found my own solution.Shifted a cane mirror from our guest bedroom to the master bedroom. This is called making peace with the situation!

Lessons Learnt 

1. Mirrors should be placed such that there is ample space on either side of it, so that it doesn't restrict our movement.

2. Always consider the lighting factor in the room before placing the full length mirror

3. Those subtle hints that the carpenter gives you is of utmost importance. Sometimes prodding them a little more, only works to our advantage

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Styled with warmth & passion-the home of Swetha Sajjalgud

 We have come to the end  of yet another year and let us bid adieu with a bang! How about a visual treat  covering the home tour of Swetha's home.

Swetha Sajjalgud and her husband Mayank, live in Bangalore with their 16 month old baby girl in a 3 bhk apartment. She works as a product manager in an MNC and states that with a full time job and a toddler, giving time to the house and its upkeep becomes challenging.

But, you will soon realize that Swetha has managed to create a cosy heaven for herself and family in spite of being time challenged and this can happen only when you have an underlying passion for decor.

The living area where we entertain guests and spend most of the time is the cynosure in Swetha's home is what I believe.

She has sent us some images of her drawing room over a period of time. Just a little variation in  the arrangement of cushions and decor accents, and you can make out how it never ceases to impress!

I loved the earthy tones in her home. The solid wood furniture and the warmth extended thru the various fabric shades keeps you gazing at the cosy set up.

Minimalistic , functional and user friendly furniture with the right dosage of decor elements thrown  around, in a brightly lit space is the safest route to a splendid home! And Swetha seems to have decoded this mantra!!!

Swetha says, "My inspiration for my design sense and aesthetics comes from my mom. She has always had this great taste when it comes to doing up a home and as a child i would watch wide eyed as she would go scouting for upholstery or knick- knacks for the home. Her design sense is mostly Indian and our home used to be mostly setup in bright earthy tones. Even today, when I visit my parents in Pune, i end up shamelessly stealing some brass knick knacks from my mum's place.
I would also like to mention that I am hugely inspired and in awe of some talented Indian decor bloggers Archana Srinivas (Rang Decor), Shruti Singh ( The east coast desi), Chandan Dubey (I am fortunate to own some of her creations), Shivangi Dogra  and Kamini Raghavan ( Saffron and silk) its a pity she doesnt blog as much nowadays, but she is a huge inspiration."

Let us hear what Swetha's has to share about her design sensibility...

"I have been very fortunate to have a husband who supports my passion for decor. He is the man behind the lens who takes these great shots of our home.We love travelling a lot and i make it a point to get something for the home wherever we go.Our home has a lot of pieces we picked on our various travels in India and across the globe. I generally lean towards warm and earthy tones, because that is the kind of setup i grew up in and it reminds me of my parent's home. My design inspiration is mostly Indian and we have invested in dark solid wood furniture sourced from Fabindia and Mother earth across the home. I believe it tends to give the home a warm and cozy vibe. I tend to keep the upholstery neutral, so i that i can play around with colorful accents. The antique bench at the entry way is from Oshiwara in Mumbai. It was a huge task having it transported from Mumbai to Bangalore given that it was antique and I had my heart in my mouth when the packers unpacked it as i was so afraid that it would have been roughly handled in transport and it would be damaged ! The Pichwai painting was a gift and i totally love the colour combination and how it makes a plain white background stand out.The pictures above the sofa are prints of the tholu bommalata ( leather puppet art) which i picked from Karnataka chitra kala parishat in Bangalore. The brass vessels belonged to my grandparents which i have converted into planters.
The hanging bell and lamp are brass which my mom gifted . The angels are from Netherlands and Prague . The Gouri mukut is from Chor bazar in Mumbai."

Every corner adds to the overall character of her space

 It is  relatively easier to collect beautiful, heartwarming knick knacks for your home but requires passionate effort to display the same in a manner that entices all.

wonderful addition to any coffee table

where reflections are captured...

Vignettes that have been placed lovingly in Swetha's home...

  The  white and blue bedroom is this guest room and the three small paintings above the bed are water color postcards from Pondicherry.

The master bedroom cum study is also blue themed with blue pottery from Jaipur above the side table and ceramics from Prague.
This is the third room which is work in progress where in Swetha is trying to create a fun room for her baby girl.

This yellow trunk in the patio is a DIY and it gives a nice bright feel coupled with the greens.

I have some more pics from her home that will be up on sajavat's Facebook and Instagram page. Are you following me there as well?
Now folks, what do you have to say about this beautiful abode?

Every corner is done up amazingly well and gives an overall cheerful vibe. 
The conclusion i make from this home tour is, that if one wants to have a traditional Indian inspired home, earthy colour tones and finish can never go wrong!
Thank you so much Swetha for being a part of sajavat.

We started 2018 with Snigdha's home tour  (click to view ) and conclude the year with Swetha's space.
Any decor related  resolutions that you have made for this year? I want to add one more permanent seating area to my existing space. Have to really brain storm in this regard. Let's see how it works out! Well, you tell me yours, its fun and interesting to note the changes and improvisations that others make. Isnt it?

Happy New beginnings my sajavat family.Let our tribe of creative people and ideas grow !

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