Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A home where re-purposing is a way of life!

As a blogger, i have always enjoyed covering homes that have a distinct character of its own.The home tour of this month is supposed to be just that! A sailor's home and how the wife lovingly takes care of the brick and mortar and turns it into a dream abode for the family, is what draws and pulls me to feature it on my blog.

Ankita... The name behind this lovely home is travel inspired and many of the corners at her home adorns the souvenirs, she has fondly collected during her travel with her sailor hubby.
She is the mother of a toddler, 2 furry babies and in numerous plants. Around 35 years old with just some renovation in the wiring and flooring, the rest of the house is untouched as Ankita and her hubby appreciate the love and sweat gone behind constructing the home by their parents and would like it to exude the old world charm.

 Ankita says, she loves playing with colour schemes and you will notice the same corners being styled differently in each image. I love this passion in home owners who try and give a new look to their homes every now and then. To tell you all, her home caught the fancy of another popular home decor blogger who has already featured her home. To keep the freshness alive, Ankita went ahead as suggested and changed the soft furnishings and other decor elements to give a whole new look to her living space.
Here, Ankita shares a little secret with us. She has used nails on the walls such that she can easily switch frames and other artifacts whenever needed.

 Let me take you all to her living area. The colour scheme for the moment is all pink and blue as opposed to the earlier one which had a tinge of rust in it.The furniture is cane which is durable, lightweight and relatively easier to maintain.

I shall also share the image of her earlier decor scheme, so that one can  observe the change and notice how a mere change of furnishings can entirely alter the look and feel of a given space.

Earlier...Decor scheme with earthy orange

Ankita feels she canot stick to any one particular decor style but loves changing her home decor according to festivals and seasons. At the same time, modern homes with false ceilings and fixtures is a big no to her.

Now for the image, that captivated me to get in touch with Ankita for a home feature.

The blues and whites remindes me of waves and fluffy clouds...a sailor's companion­čśŐ

 Tell me folks, isn't that four poster bed just too inviting? This room radiates the perfect dose of class and calmness essential in a bedroom. Wont you agree with me here?

I think being a sailor's wife the colour blue holds a special meaning for Ankita, as you can see some corners and a wall decorated with blue.

The striking blue wall gives the perfect backdrop to all the cherished artifacts

Breath taking...

Greens enhancing the corner

As is evident from the pictures, Ankita loves plants. She has been adding more and more of them in her decor to bring liveliness and happiness around home. She adds that, spending time with the greens is her favourite activity and she loves doing this with her kiddo.

Moving on to the staircase gallery wall which is the most talked about wall in her home, establishes the strong influence of a sailor's life in the decor. "It has so many memories of different port cities, we have visited during sailing" says Ankita

Delightful to look at!

The staircase landing made special with thoughtful knick knacks

In Ankita's words, "Art is my passion which you can see in my decor as well. I love watching DIY videos and implementing them in my home. Re purposing old stuff and giving them a new lease of life is something am genuinely fond of!
I have used window frames to enhance vertical gardens, old bottles are used to propagate new plants and this headboard from my mother in laws cot, adds visual interest to this wall, when placed alongside the jharokas.Nothing goes waste! Reusing and re cycling is the mantra i follow always!"

Love the framed DIY

Fab idea!

Elegance at it's best!

The other bedrooms...

Creating vignette around home give us a scope to exhibit our skill as a "Decorista". Aren't you all with me on this?
Some more wonderful styling from Ankita's place.

With this, we come to the end of this home tour. Hope this taste fully done abode, inspires and gives you many ideas, to do your home!

Homes tours not only let us peep into the lives of like minded people but influences us to create cozy and well maintained spaces for our loved ones too!

Thanks a ton Ankita for inviting us to your favorite place- A place simply called "HOME"

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Homes that inspire - Gayatri Goswami's cosy abode

Hi lovely folks, posting after a little break but am back with a home tour that you guys are going to enjoy for sure.

It is a home in our country capital and one that reminds me of Ghulam Ali gazals playing in the background.Wondering what I mean by that? Well, imagine a cosy setting with soft lighting and a  relaxed ambience, now aren't you expecting some soul soothing music to go with this?

Gayatri Goswami 's home is all this and more. She has sure won the  hearts of the Instagram community thru her thoughtful and elegant styling.

A quick hello from her side and she says,

'I am a freelance editor, working full time from home, while my husband works in advertising. We’ve been living in a rented apartment that’s roughly 1200 square feet for about four years now, and like all other old rental homes in any city, this flat too, comes with its own quirks and charms. 

Our house was constructed in the eighties, and since then, it has barely undergone any renovations. For us, this has translated into a certain sense of nostalgia which we both cherish, especially in a city like Delhi, where builder flats with a clinical approach towards space utilisation can be found everywhere.'

Extending positive vibes....

Do you see the connect with Ghulam Ali gazals thru this image?

It is a perfect setting for long chai sessions and hot spicy gupshup. Her home re instills the fact that you only need few thoughtful decor accents like some cushions, plants, lamps ,books, candles etc to complete the whole look.

The house has a living room, a dining space, a kitchen, two large bedrooms, each with its own attached balcony, two bathrooms, and a big terrace overlooking a park. In fact, the terrace was what drew them both to the house. She and her husband  have grown up in small-town India, and it was almost impossible for them to visualise a home without open balconies and terraces. 

She says that as silly as it might sound, the fact that they could have their morning cups of tea out on the terrace, amidst the plants and the birds that flock the amaltas tree that stands just beyond their terrace, sealed the deal for both of them.

Evening glow thru lamps and candles

There never can be too much of plants! what say?

Notice the DIY...the plant hanger...Brilliant idea!

Gayatri's sense of design and aesthetics have been inspired by her mother.

Collection of frames creates a focal point

Beautifully assembled ceramic ware

Gayatri further states that,
' My mother taught me that one does not need to spend more and more money in doing up a house. Transforming a rental apartment into a home that you love has very little to do with money, and more to do with you investing your own self into the space.' 

That grey  wall and yet another set of frames

That piece of fabric runner that hangs from the wardrobe...Attention to detail is key in styling spaces

The earthy hue lends warmth to this space

 I can imagine the calmness one can feel in a space like this. Everything just beautifully falls in its place and that gives a  cool, collected vibe to this home.

Moving on to the bedrooms...

Peaceful living...

Use of  various fabrics extends colour and texture to the room

colour co-ordinated look

Yet again...layering of fabrics, a simple trick to add depth

Apart from natural elements like plants, the botanical frames like these gives life to the bedroom

Simple but eye - catchy!

Corners that breathe life!

Cue to take home- layering works well!

Am not sure whether I will be able to work here...Admirable decor!

I have added my views on each image thru captions. Do give a read, it might be helpful to you when you do up your own space. In short, my take away decor tips from Gayatri's home are:
  • Living elements like plants and flowers breathe life to your space...There can never be too many of them!
  • Fabrics in the form of curtains, table runners, mats, rugs, bedspread, runners, cushions and throws no doubt lend colour but also texture and helps to have a collected look through out the space. Layering is fun and looks cool in the whole scheme of things 
  • Earthy colours and wooden furniture are always in trend. Investing in sturdy furniture is for a lifetime
  • Lighting is a factor that should never be ignored. Apart from basic fixtures, mood lighting thru lamps and candles is always a good idea
  • Last but not the least personalize your space. Enjoy doing up your home!
Listen to what Gayatri feels about decorating her space...
'Over the years, I have come to believe very strongly in cultivating a sense of peace and calm in our home. Our lives otherwise are so chaotic and stressful that I wanted our home to be like a literal beacon of tranquillity at the end of each day. While I am a maximalist in terms of style, I don’t believe in filling a space up with things bought mindlessly. I put a fair amount of thought and consideration into every purchase that I make for our home, be it big-ticket items like furniture, or smaller ones like linen. Creating a sense of flow is also of great importance to me, which is another reason why I believe in mindful buying. Every little thing contributes to the idea of maintaining peace and not upsetting it in any way.
My house keeps evolving and changing. I keep shuffling things around—lamps, side tables, rugs, accent chairs, linen, art, plants, etc. My palette is almost entirely neutral, but I do add pops of colour, depending on my mood and on the season. Plants form a big part of my d├ęcor, peopling almost every single corner my house. It’s quite a task when it comes to watering them, but it’s well worth the effort when you see them thriving and filling your house with the purest form of energy.

A home always serves as an anchor. It’s a place you always circle back to. And that is what I always work towards—creating a home out of a house.'

And it can't be summed up in any other better way!

Thanks so much Gayatri for being a part of Sajavat.

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