Wednesday, May 19, 2021

DIY : Packaging material converted to a tray

I always try to judge the recycling/ upcycling potential of stuff that we sometimes receive as packaging material for the items that we buy. Such was this light weight wooden box that held  my son's toy blocks.

For many years, I just held on to it, in the hope of upcycling it and one fine day during this pandemic, it finally happened.  

Pichwai painting has always captivated me. Cow and some lotus motifs is what I had in my mind. Traced out the design, painted it and applied a coat of varnish. That's it! Am using it as a tray but this can also be hanged on the wall and used as a pretty shelf.

Let me know, do you like it? How have you been spending your time these days. Creative pursuits amidst all the chaos is good for the brain, I tell you!

Keep inspiring and be inspired! Life is all about these little pleasure.  Have a great day👍😊

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