Friday, December 23, 2016

Online marketplace for all your decor needs! - Myiconichome

An elegant home with amenities that makes your life easier is the need of the hour. If one can achieve this at the click of a mouse with an assurance that the product ordered is going to be genuine and the experience of buying online as satisfactory as that of buying in person, what can get better than that?

Presenting, Myiconichome, an online portal that is an answer to all your decor needs!

The items are well segregated into various fields or tabs like Decor, Kitchen, Dining, Electronics, Bed & Bath, Furniture, Housekeeping, Lamps & Lighting. You can find a variety of items under each category .Of course you can use filter selection and browse the items according to price range and brands. Once you select a product, all the info regarding the size, colour, material, availability etc are displayed so as to make your task of decision making easier.You can zoom the product selected for a bird's eye view.

They have all regular payment options in place and EMI's are also available for high value products.COD is operational for items up to Rs 5000/-

A couple of other features that I noticed and found appreciable are

1. Curtains can be customized to your needs.
2. Bespoke mattresses are also available

While we are talking about Mattresses, let me also tell you that myiconichome takes pride in maintaining that they are the best place to "buy a mattress online".

According to them ...

We have all the leading brands like Kurlon, Sleepwell, Centuary, Nilkamal, SpringAir listed on our platform. Apart from offering the best price we also offer the quickest delivery of these products across the country. Also, we have personalized the mattress selection based on the material used. We also have an option where the customer can call us and we provide an expert opinion on the best mattress that is suitable for the customers as per their needs. Also if a customer has a non standard size mattress requirement, they can contact us and we will get in touch with the company and get the mattress made according to their  requirement.

Isn't that wonderful?

I sincerely feel that comfort and convenience comes much before all fancy decoration in a home.The various types of mattress available are Spring matttress, foam, coir and therapeutic mattress.

They have  provided all necessary instructions and guidelines to be followed before you zero in on the kind of mattress you would want to purchase online, which I felt was really helpful.

Apart from mattresses, the furniture range and kitchen essentials are also something that  caught my eye! Check them out here and here

I know, many of you haven't got the chance to buy gifts for your loved ones.What with an impending vacation planned, arrival of guests during the festival times ahead and  loads of work to be finished before you can literally put your legs in the air and have a good time, so just pick your choicest stuff from Myiconichome and take it easy!

See you all real soon!

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