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Sajavat has earned a mention in some popular blogs and magazines ! Truly humbled by these recognition. Thanks a ton!

  • An interview with India's first influencer marketing platform & blogging community that engages bloggers and brands - Blogmint!
Read the interview here...

  • Sajavat's post' The Japanese art of Wabi-Sabi' mentioned in  Homesake magazine. Read the E-Magazine here.

  • Sajavat tips for Personalised decor  on Ezebee Magazine. 14/09/15


  • Social Samosa

So excited...Sajavat is included among the list of influencers that can help transform your home into a space, just like you imagined it.

List of Influencers         Dated 04 june 2015

A beautiful home is a reflection of us, a happy place that we can go back to everyday. Several factors need to be looked into to create a dream – choice of colours, space utilisation, Art and craft works, use of light, suitable furniture. It can...

Homesake: Handicrafts and Home Decorating Ideas

Homesake included sajavat among India's 10 Best Home Decor Bloggers dated May 10 2015.

In their words...

This blog was started in August of 2008. Since then, this place has been a testimony to all kinds of good things in life related to art, interiors and home d├ęcor.

Sajavat is handled by Sangitha Aanand. Although she has done post graduation in engineering, she still chose to be a design enthusiast. This lady believes that she gets inspiration from all the beautiful things and this is the reason she tastefully does designing of home and jewelery. Simultaneously, she addresses the online destinations for shopaholics. Her blogs also discuss different kinds of Indian handicrafts like embroidery, pottery, Madhubani, Pattachitra, Warli, etc.

  • Femina  dated 31/10/2013 & 01/11/2013

Femina is an Indian Lifestyle magazine owned by Worldwide Media, a 50:50 joint venture between BBC Worldwide and The Times Group.

Transformation of bare walls to happy decor spaces has been featured by them on two separate articles. Read them here & here.

  • Design Mena is a Dubai based Architecture, Interiors & Industrial Design magazine. dated 08/08/2011


Sajavat was spotlighted as an Indian Eco Friendly design blog. It says, "Sajavat means ‘decoration’ in English and is the blog of Mumbai-based Sangitha Aanand, who enjoys green design. Her posts cover various interior design accessories such as pots and vases. She also gives tips on recycling through design.

“So much is always said about conservation of our resources, or rather wastage of resources. Well, we may not always be in a position to set everything right but why not start at our level?" Well that's my thought that the magazine seems to echo out loud!

Sharon of The keybunch, blogs about my Reduce,Reuse,Recycle post.

 Patricia Torres of Coloursdekor was sweet enough to  blog about  my warli painted wall!

Sajavat was featured as one of the 9 best Indian Interior Design blogs by Blogadda

Sajavat is  among a few good Indian design and decor blogs as per Bhavna of An Indian Summer.


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