Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Home Tour- Vibrant home of Shilpa Kulkarni

On a rainy evening as I lay, curled up on the couch with the laptop and the mandatory coffee, skipping and hopping from one blog to another, I came across the blog 'A sprinkle of this and a dash of that' That was the first time, when I lost count of  time in her blog and I read one post after the other.She has a way with her words and I absolutely fell in love with her posts.

Not only her words but her decor style too,caught my attention.Very Indian, simple yet mesmerizing if I have to describe her taste...She is' Shilpa Kulkarni', a journalist , blogger, freelancer and a doting mother of two kids.Today we are going to invite ourselves to her lovely and lively abode!

There are so many corners and countless vignette to which I want to draw your attention upon,that I finally decided to do a two post story of her home.Without much ado,lets just get inside...

Her living room lends a very warm Indian appeal.

I love homes,where you can sense the passion of the home maker and if you look closely enough every vignette will speak its own story.

At the entrance...

The pillar is her lucky find from 'Chor bazaar'
Oh ! how we all love paintings of our very own Dithi Mukherjee
And this work is Shilpa's tribute to Dithi
Shilpa loves to paint and to fulfill her childhood dream ,she has also taken to kathak recently.This is what I meant when I said 'Passionate'.To put your heart and soul into anything you take upon whether it is dancing, painting or for that matter decorating one's space .Her home fully resonates her belief in the rustic and ethnic form of decorating.

The curtains are customised to suit her tastes!

The 'thallaiaatu bommai' or the dancing doll

I noticed that her space is filled with an interesting mix of traditional art work in varied hues. Souvenirs from her trips across the country are lovingly displayed. Her hubby jokingly calls their home a mini 'dastkar mela'. But jokes apart, Shilpa's home amazingly carries the tag of 'Indianness' in true glory!

Let me take you on a ride through the various vignettes she has created around her home.

One of her drawing again!

Shadow art!

A teak window that displays her jhumkaas

DIY: Lights on a bamboo stick

 The kitchen too is adorned with knick-knacks that one would simply love to gaze at. Have a peep...

It simply says..."Welcome to the kitchen"

Eye catchy assortment of tin cans,brass dabbas ,boxes and kettles
We are yet to uncover her bedrooms and her green space but that I think shall save for the next post.Do you like what you see? I would love to hear from all of you.So be generous with your comments, folks and I shall see you soon with the second part of Shilpa's home tour soon.


GeetaMadhu said...

This post is really amazing, loved all the vignettes especially

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks Geeta

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